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Free Live Chat App for Android

Use JivoChat’s free live chat app to increase sales and support customers
right from your Android device.
Omnichannel Sales & Support on Your Android Device
Today’s customers want answers now, not later.

With JivoChat’s live chat app for Android, your customers are always a few taps away. Within seconds, agents can access all your channels and conversations - improving the performance of both sales and support chat efforts.
Oh, and forget about the stress of constantly checking for updates. Just enable the customizable notifications, and you’ll never have to worry about missing a word.
One Android app to rule them all
Managing Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, email, live chat, and countless communication channels simultaneously can be overwhelming.

Our Android live chat app takes this weight off your shoulders by bringing everything together. The result? Less unnecessary resistance, improved work output, and fast response times.
Keep track of who is on your site
Wondering who’s browsing around your website? With our live chat app for Android, you’re always in the know.
Increase conversions and make the most of each opportunity by reaching out to people. Relevant visitor information is automatically displayed to help you personalize your answers.
Access conversations wherever you are
The Android live chat app makes support in real time a breeze by providing immediate access to conversations and full chat history at any time or place.
Say the right words on the fly
Typing on your phone and picking the right words while on the fly has never been this easy. Thanks to fully customizable templates, a few taps are enough to send comprehensive messages.

Pretty convenient, right?
Additional Live Chat Features for Android Devices
One-click callback
Give your customers the option to call you within 30 seconds or less. When we say JivoChat is designed to provide support in real-time, we mean it.
Facebook Messenger integration
Manage conversations from Facebook Messenger and other social networks without switching apps. Get rid of unnecessary steps in your workflow that impede agents from doing their best.
Automatic actions
Set up triggers that activate under specific circumstances. This lets you automatically perform pre-created actions - sending messages, displaying forms, and more - at the perfect moment. Because live chat should be easy, efficient, and effective.

Websites Use JivoChat

JivoChat is much more than an app. It's a game-changing system for effective customer interactions. Revolutionize support and sales by establishing efficient work processes that encourage meaningful conversations with customers.
More than 285,000 websites have discovered the true potential of live chat to boost their sales and modernize support.

Ready to give your customers the personalized
experience they crave?

This is an outstanding live chat application. Installed easily with no issue, very intuitive to use and offers flexibility in how you will use it.

Customer engagement via our website has been terrific; customers have been able to readily get more information on particular instruments and accessories which has assisted them greatly in making informed purchasing decisions online, or has seen them come into the store to play an instrument for themselves.

Highly recommended!
Barnett Products
Jivo Live Chat has been increasing our conversions with its proactive chat feature (automatically inviting visitors to chat based on triggers we set, such as time on page). The ability to transfer a chat from one agent to another has been great. Installation was simple and we love being able to run Jivo Live Chat from a windows application, a browser, or an android app.
The Modern Bazaar
This tool is a MUST-have! We design/manufacture/sell personalized jewelry and the ability for website visitors to speak with us immediately and ask questions is crucial to our future success. Jivo is responsible for increasing our sales from the second we installed it. Support is very helpful and "live" using their own technology. If you're on the fence about installing Jivo LIve Chat - don't be. Install this app now and see your conversion rate drastically increase!
Download the live chat app for Android and access your conversations anywhere, anytime.
The notifications (if enabled) will pop when you receive messages, ensuring every customer request is addressed on time.
Get Live Chat for Android Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JivoChat’s Android app free?

There’s a free, basic plan and a $13 monthly professional plan. The Windows, browser, and Android app are all included in the free plan.

Which customer communication channels does JivoChat support?

JivoChat lets you manage conversations from multiple channels on the browser, desktop, and Android app. Supported customer communication channels include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, email, and Viber.

How do one-click callbacks work?

When callbacks are enabled, visitors can request to talk with an agent within 30 seconds by clicking a button. Each request triggers all your agents’ phones to ring until someone answers.

Does the Android app include a language translator?

Yes. A translator for 90+ languages is included in the professional plan. This feature is available for the mobile app and every other JivoChat app.