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Free Live Chat App for iPhone

Use JivoChat’s iPhone live chat app to improve support and close more sales from your mobile device.
Omnichannel Sales & Support on Your iPhone Device
Stay in touch with customers round-the-clock.

Introducing JivoChat for iPhone, a mobile app that carries all your conversations with you, wherever you go. Transform your sales and support operations by making live chat accessible and efficient.

No more tracking conversations and switching platforms. All your channels are brought together in one app - guaranteeing fast responses and best-in-class performance.
All your chat channels, one app
Unload weight off your team’s shoulders by keeping conversations from different platforms in one place.

This makes it easy to stay organized, as you don’t need to constantly switch between apps to manage chats from visitors.

JivoChat can be connected to Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp Business, Email, Telegram and Viber.
Chat with visitors while on the go
Busy day? Out of the office?

Don’t leave potential leads and customers without an answer. Jivo’s iPhone app gives you the flexibility to move around freely by keeping your chats at hand - anywhere you go.
Track visitors and send personalized messages
Keep an eye on who is on your site to never miss out on any opportunities.

Featuring a neat list of your visitors in real time - with relevant personal information and full chat history.

When sales and support teams see the pages your visitors are browsing, your answers become timely, relevant, and on point.
Automatically send messages with smart triggers
JivoChat lets you start a conversation with every visitor on your website by displaying a chat widget with a question relevant to your business. Use it to mention your current discounts or offer some help.

According to research conducted by the American Marketing Association, visitors who engage with your business using live chat are 3 x more likely to buy.
Additional Live Chat Features
for iPhone Devices
One-click callback
What if customers could start a call with your agents in less than 30 seconds?

With the click of a button, visitors can trigger all your agents’ phones to ring at once until one of them responds.

Enable one-click callbacks for a customer experience that exceeds any visitor’s expectations.
Save time with custom templates
Typing a detailed message on a smartphone can be difficult - especially while you’re on the go.

Our live chat app for iPhone makes this seem easy.

Thanks to its customizable templates, your agents can provide detailed responses with a couple of taps.
Integrate your CRM to gather chat data
Connect your CRM with JivoChat to improve support and increase sales conversions.

Integrate popular solutions such as PipeDrive and Zoho CRM directly or use Zapier to connect it with any other popular CRM system.

Got your own CRM solution? No problem, just use JivoChat Developers API.
JivoChat is the Top-Rated Customer Support App on the App Store
Businesses use JivoChat to provide a better customer experience and optimize workflow.

Your next customers are a message away, and JivoChat can help you send the right one.
JivoChat’s App Store rating since July 2020:

Websites Use JivoChat

JivoChat is much more than an app. It's a game-changing system for effective customer interactions. Revolutionize support and sales by establishing efficient work processes that encourage meaningful conversations with customers.
More than 285,000 websites have discovered the true potential of live chat to boost their sales and modernize support.

Ready to give your customers the personalized
experience they crave?

This is an outstanding live chat application. Installed easily with no issue, very intuitive to use and offers flexibility in how you will use it.

Customer engagement via our website has been terrific; customers have been able to readily get more information on particular instruments and accessories which has assisted them greatly in making informed purchasing decisions online, or has seen them come into the store to play an instrument for themselves.

Highly recommended!
Barnett Products
Jivo Live Chat has been increasing our conversions with its proactive chat feature (automatically inviting visitors to chat based on triggers we set, such as time on page). The ability to transfer a chat from one agent to another has been great. Installation was simple and we love being able to run Jivo Live Chat from a windows application, a browser, or an android app.
The Modern Bazaar
This tool is a MUST-have! We design/manufacture/sell personalized jewelry and the ability for website visitors to speak with us immediately and ask questions is crucial to our future success. Jivo is responsible for increasing our sales from the second we installed it. Support is very helpful and "live" using their own technology. If you're on the fence about installing Jivo LIve Chat - don't be. Install this app now and see your conversion rate drastically increase!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the JivoChat’s app for iPhone free?

JivoChat offers two plans. The basic one is free forever, and the professional version costs $13 per month.

How many languages does JivoChat support?

JivoChat interface is available in more than 20+ languages.
Our premium version includes a language translator for 90+ languages.

Are there any chat limits for the free and professional plans?

No, both plans include unlimited conversations and messages.

Does the free plan include the web and desktop apps?

Both plans include the web, desktop, and iPhone agent apps - and sync them in real time.

Can I transfer chats between agents?

Yes, the professional plan supports chat transfers between agents as well as multi-agent chats.

Can visitors provide feedback?

Yes, JivoChat’s professional version lets customers rate the support they’ve received after finishing a conversation.