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Free Live Chat App for Mac

Increase sales and improve customer support with JivoChat’s Mac live chat app.

Live Chat for Sales
& Support, Now on Mac

With Jivo’s chat app for Mac, all your channels come together in one place. Seamlessly manage
conversations and say bye-bye to constantly switching between apps.
Use built-in tools such as canned responses, smart suggestions and typing insight to provide lightning-fast responses. Optimize agent performance, make customers happy, and boost the ROI
of your live chat efforts.

Use any device to access your chats

Having access to your chats from any device or operating system gives your team the flexibility to move around and leave their desks.

Our app is available on Windows, Android, iPhone, and Mac, - and syncs all your conversations in real time.

Send detailed messages with a few clicks

With JivoChat’s customizable templates, you don’t have to start from scratch each time you send a message.

Even lengthy, difficult questions are a piece of cake for agents with a template at hand. This improves their efficiency, and the quality of your responses becomes more consistent.

Boost conversions with automated messages

Some people are a message away from becoming customers.
Proactive invitations start a conversation by greeting visitors with a custom message. The process is fully automated and can easily double or even triple the number of chats you have with visitors, which always leads to a better conversion rate.

One app to manage all your channels

When your customers interact with your brand through innumerable channels, keeping track of them and providing timely responses becomes difficult.

With the Mac live chatting app from JivoChat, you can manage all your conversations from the same interface. This takes the unnecessary work out of the way, letting your team focus on what really matters.

Websites Choose JivoChat

Businesses love JivoChat because it provides them with an easy way to manage live chat conversations. This helps sales and support find the right words to guide visitors through the buying process.

Ready to give your customers the personalized
experience they crave?

This is an outstanding live chat application. Installed easily with no issue, very intuitive to use and offers flexibility in how you will use it.

Customer engagement via our website has been terrific; customers have been able to readily get more information on particular instruments and accessories which has assisted them greatly in making informed purchasing decisions online, or has seen them come into the store to play an instrument for themselves.

Highly recommended!
Barnett Products
Jivo Live Chat has been increasing our conversions with its proactive chat feature (automatically inviting visitors to chat based on triggers we set, such as time on page). The ability to transfer a chat from one agent to another has been great. Installation was simple and we love being able to run Jivo Live Chat from a windows application, a browser, or an android app.
The Modern Bazaar
This tool is a MUST-have! We design/manufacture/sell personalized jewelry and the ability for website visitors to speak with us immediately and ask questions is crucial to our future success. Jivo is responsible for increasing our sales from the second we installed it. Support is very helpful and "live" using their own technology. If you're on the fence about installing Jivo LIve Chat - don't be. Install this app now and see your conversion rate drastically increase!
Get Live Chat for Mac Now!
Increase workflow efficiency and help sales and support teams perform at their best.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jivo Mac chat app free?

JivoChat offers two plans. Yes. The basic plan is free, and the professional plan costs $13 per month.

Can you manage multiple domains from the same account?

JivoChat interface is available in more than 20+ languages. Our premium version includes a language translator for 90+ languages.

Can you use JivoChat in a web browser?

Yes! If you don’t have a Mac or another device with Jivochat installed, you can use a web browser. Your mac live chats sync in real time with the web browser app and every other JivoChat app - making it painless to switch between devices if necessary.

Does JivoChat support calls?

Of course! JivoChat’s one click callbacks let visitors start a call in less than 30 seconds. When callbacks are enabled, users can click on the call button (displayed on your chat box) to ring all your agents’ phones at once. You can also connect your phone and make and receive calls right from your JivoChat app.

Can you export and download your Mac live chats?

All JivoChat apps let you export visitor contact information, but not the full chat history. If you need to share a conversation with a visitor, you can send the latest chat log via email directly from JivoChat.