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Use JivoChat’s live chat web app to increase sales and improve customer support.

Live Chat for Sales & Support in Your Web Browser

JivoChat web app brings all your communication channels to one dashboard and gives you the flexibility to access them from any device. Additionally, productive messaging tools improve your team’s performance and response time.

All your chat channels, only one app

Managing conversations on multiple channels - such as email, social networks, and your site - affects the speed and quality of your responses.

JivoChat makes it easy to track and manage conversations by bringing all your channels to the same app.

After connecting all channels to your Jivo account, your messages will become more timely, relevant, and effective.

Access your chats from any device

To make your chats as accessible as possible, there’s a JivoChat app for every major device and operating system - including Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

The mobile apps bring your chats with you wherever you go - giving your team the flexibility to move around without sacrificing performance.

And don’t worry if a device with JivoChat isn’t close by. With the live chatting web app, you can access your account directly from a web browser.

Craft the perfect message on the spot

With multiple conversations happening at the same time, there’s usually no time left to create the perfect message from scratch.

With JivoChat, you can select and edit one of your premade templates. In addition to saving valuable time, templates make the quality of your messages more consistent.

Set up automated actions

Set up smart triggers to perform actions automatically - send messages, make proactive invitations, display forms, and much more. You can also customize the conditions that must be met to activate an action.

Besides making chatting more efficient, smart triggers open up numerous possibilities to engage, support, and convert your visitors.

Websites Manage Their Conversations with JivoChat

Countless brands have discovered the power of live chat to improve their customer support and sales performance. Whether your goal is to boost conversions, provide quick help, or lower staff costs - JivoChat is here to help you make it happen.

Ready to give your customers the personalized
experience they crave?

This is an outstanding live chat application. Installed easily with no issue, very intuitive to use and offers flexibility in how you will use it.

Customer engagement via our website has been terrific; customers have been able to readily get more information on particular instruments and accessories which has assisted them greatly in making informed purchasing decisions online, or has seen them come into the store to play an instrument for themselves.

Highly recommended!
Barnett Products
Jivo Live Chat has been increasing our conversions with its proactive chat feature (automatically inviting visitors to chat based on triggers we set, such as time on page). The ability to transfer a chat from one agent to another has been great. Installation was simple and we love being able to run Jivo Live Chat from a windows application, a browser, or an android app.
The Modern Bazaar
This tool is a MUST-have! We design/manufacture/sell personalized jewelry and the ability for website visitors to speak with us immediately and ask questions is crucial to our future success. Jivo is responsible for increasing our sales from the second we installed it. Support is very helpful and "live" using their own technology. If you're on the fence about installing Jivo LIve Chat - don't be. Install this app now and see your conversion rate drastically increase!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the design of the chat box on your website?

Of course! You can change the color of various elements, edit the font, change the header pattern, and much more - without writing code!

Do you offer a trial period for the premium plan?

Yes, we offer a demo. You can try it free for 14 days!

How much does the chat app for web browser cost?

Jivochat offers two plans, basic and professional. The basic one is free, and the professional plan costs $13 per month.

How many agents can you add to JivoChat?

You can connect up to 200 agents to your account.