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Free Live Chat App for Windows

Use JivoChat’s windows live chat app to increase sales and improve customer support.

Connect With Customers
Wherever They Are

Today’s empowered customers are impatient, selective, and demanding. They want immediate
answers, and they expect brands to provide them through their platform and device of choice.
Meet JivoChat’s live chat app for Windows.
An all-in-one Windows chat app to engage, promote, and support your
audience, wherever they are, in real time.

All your channels in one place

It’s as easy as opening the app, and all your chats will be at a click’s reach. Conversations are neatly organized in a side panel, and navigating the interface is a piece of cake.
Eliminating this resistance boosts your team’s work output, improves response times, and lowers costs - all while enhancing your overall customer support quality.

The easiest way to provide first-class support

Forget about choosing between advanced functionality and ease-of-use. With JivoChat, your team can have both.

Experience a neat, minimalistic interface that feels intuitive for your team. Its short learning curve translates to lower training costs and better performance.

Set up automated messages and boost sales

Customer support is just a small part of what JivoChat is capable of. To truly get the most out of live chat, get marketing and sales on board.

Our Windows live chatting app lets you set up automated messages to encourage visitors to purchase or stay. As simple as it may seem, a short message can make the difference between lost traffic and a happy customer.
As simple as it may seem, a short message can make the difference between lost traffic and a happy customer

Access your Windows live chats from mobile and web

Computer isn’t nearby? Phone battery dead? Rest assured, JivoChat’s got your back at all times.
All your Windows live chats are connected automatically to the mobile and web browser versions of the app. There’s always a convenient way to access your customers.

Access your Windows live chats from mobile and web

A platform with everything sales and support teams need to leverage the power of live chat. Your customers need to hear the right words at the right time to advance through the buying cycle. That’s where JivoChat steps in.

Ready to give your customers the personalized
experience they crave?

This is an outstanding live chat application. Installed easily with no issue, very intuitive to use and offers flexibility in how you will use it.

Customer engagement via our website has been terrific; customers have been able to readily get more information on particular instruments and accessories which has assisted them greatly in making informed purchasing decisions online, or has seen them come into the store to play an instrument for themselves.

Highly recommended!
Barnett Products
Jivo Live Chat has been increasing our conversions with its proactive chat feature (automatically inviting visitors to chat based on triggers we set, such as time on page). The ability to transfer a chat from one agent to another has been great. Installation was simple and we love being able to run Jivo Live Chat from a windows application, a browser, or an android app.
The Modern Bazaar
This tool is a MUST-have! We design/manufacture/sell personalized jewelry and the ability for website visitors to speak with us immediately and ask questions is crucial to our future success. Jivo is responsible for increasing our sales from the second we installed it. Support is very helpful and "live" using their own technology. If you're on the fence about installing Jivo LIve Chat - don't be. Install this app now and see your conversion rate drastically increase!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Windows live chat app free?

Choose between a forever free basic plan and a powerful pro version starting at $13 per month.

Can you connect multiple domains to JivoChat?

For sure! You can connect an unlimited number of domains to JivoChat and access them from one place. You can also set rules to automatically assign chats from a domain to certain agents.

Does JivoChat support visitor monitoring?

Yes, you can track your visitors in real time and see the messages they’re typing even before they hit “send“.

What if I can’t be online at all times?

JivoChat gives you a few options if your agents are offline. For example, you can set up an automatic “away” message, or even hide the chat box in the meantime.