How to assign licenses to agents in JivoChat

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In this article, we’ll show you how to work with the new section in JivoChat - “Teammates”.

Employee management is available to the account administrator in the JivoChat app- section “Manage” - “Teammates”.

This section displays a list of your team members who have been added to your account, which roles each of them performs, and access to employee settings:


Operator role

Operator - an employee who can respond to incoming customer requests (chats, calls, emails). Operators are indicated by the symbol - ✨. The operator has access to the “Incoming” tab in the Conctat Center section, as well as the ability to start a chat with the client in the “Visitors” section.

Employees without operator rights can use the application to communicate with colleagues in team and group chats, make outgoing calls and, if they have administrator rights, outgoing communication with clients. However, the Inbox section will not be available to them.

In order to assign an employee as an Agent, you need to activate the settings switch as shown below:


An unlimited number of employees can be assigned as agents, but your license determines how many of them can simultaneously work with customer requests. If the maximum available number of agents is already authorized in the application, then subsequent agents will not have access to the Inbox section, and upon entering the section they will see a prompt:


To log in as an agent, you can open the “Team” section and send a message to the administrator asking to increase the number of licenses, or write to a colleague operator online and ask him to free up a workplace for you (they will need to logout).

Administrator rights

Administrator - an employee who has access to account settings, statistics, list of clients and history of dialogues, etc. Also, the administrator sees All dialogues of employees, sees and can change all tasks of employees. At the same time, employees without administrator rights see only their dialogues, tasks and their clients (where the operator is assigned as Responsible).

You can give an employee administrator rights by clicking the “Settings” button on the right.

Combinations of employee roles:

Proper distribution of roles is the key to productive and successful teamwork. Do not postpone these settings until tomorrow;) If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you in the chat.

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