How to monitor JivoChat events with Google Analytics

Dear customers! In addition to the ability to view statistics in your personal account, you can track and analyze JivoChat events in Google

Tracking JivoChat Events in Google Analytics

Configuration is not necessary because events are sent automatically. In this case, events are passed to the new Universal Analytics as well as in the old version of Google Analytics.

To view events:

1. Sign-in to Google Analytics.
2. Go to the tab "Behavior" → "Events" → "Top Events."
3. In the event categories choose "JivoSite".

You should see the following:


Description of events available in Google Analytics.

Chat established
A dialogue was established between the visitor and the agent. This event is recorded when the agent accepts the chat request on his desktop.
Chat requested
Chat requested – Chat requested by a visitor. Occurs after the visitor sends the first message on their own (not in response to a proactive invitation)
Proactive invitation accepted
Proactive invitation accepted – The visitor accepted a proactive invitation by writing a message in response
Proactive invitation rejected
The visitor closed the proactive invitation window by clicking on the "x"
Proactive invitation shown
The proactive invitation was sent to the visitor
Offline form shown
The contact form was shown to the visitor when there was no agents online
Offline message sent
The visitor sent an offline message

Using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

If you use Google Tag Manager to control Google Analytics and you do not see the JivoSite events, then check the following settings in the Google Analytics container and make the necessary changes.

1. Go to the settings of the Universal Analytics container.
2. Expand "Advanced settings" → "Advanced Configuration" and put a tick in the "Tracker Name" and leave the field next to it blank.

We also recommend that you enable the Enhanced Link Attribution as it is desirable to use for events such as the chat established.


Setting goals for JivoChat Events in Google Analytics

If you want to analyze events such as JivoChat conversion, you can create goals in Google Analytics.  For example, you can use a number of goals for the analysis of leads through the chat widget or send offline messages if the intervals of the events is not enough.

To add a goal:

1. Sign in to Google Analytics and click the "Administrator" tab.
2. Select the desired account, go to resources and performance and select "Objectives"
3. Click on the red "+ target" button, then choose "Select" and then "Next".
4. Enter the name of the target (for example, "JivoChat offline message") and choose "Event" as the type.
5. Add conditions for the event 
    a. Category = JivoSite
    b. Action = One of the transmitted JivoSite events in Google Analytics (in this example, "Offline message sent"). A complete list of available events is provided above.
6. Save the goal.



Now the created target will be available in the "conversion" report, as well as in the reports of "Real Time" → "Conversion." If desired, you can use the same instructions to add all the available events.