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Roberto M.
Jivochat is our biggest communication funnel right now, most of our leads will contact us first through our chat, and the flexibility of sharing and transfer information between our people, we cannot see ourselves without it now…

I have been using Jivochat for a couple of years already and I must say that it became an essential tool for our day-to-day business. We love the options of seeing what the user is typing before pressing send, the connection to many third-party tools, and the continuous improvements in functionalities that Jivochat keeps bringing to the table, it makes it the perfect sales tool. Roberto M.
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It is a very easy platform both to install and to handle and use, which allows me to interact in real time with customers and I can close sales much faster. It has an amazing design quite adaptable, being able to be compatible with mobile devices and It works with many operating systems, browsers and if desired through a mobile application. It allows me to enhance marketing actions, through timely calls to action and proactive messages.
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Evan McLemee
We absolutely love Jivochat and have never looked back since we added it to our website. We have used other chat systems in the past and nothing beats Jivochat. It is fast, easy to use, and even has an app for it! It also sends you alerts and every chat log so you are able to keep an eye out on employees. They are constantly doing updates to make it even better.
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It is a software that I personally love because I can track all of the clients instantly, I can perform call routing, record calls, JivoChat has a very friendly interface. The work teams maintain communication through Jivo Chat because it is easier to organize our chats and find previous conversations more easily, it is really much easier to share documents and relevant information about our work.
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Tried different chat apps on shopify, some didn’t load, some were buggy. Jivo chat was like an allrounder. It has almost all the features I needed for both the mobile and the desktop versions. Would recommend people to try it 
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