Looking for the best Live chat alternative?

When using a live chat platform, you expect
prospects to be able to reach you anytime.
But if you have to put up with constant glitches,
abruptly-terminated sessions and a pretty steep
price, you definitely want to look for an alternative

Why Businesses are
Choosing JivoChat Over Live Chat

Because, why pay more (or at all) ?

With JivoChat, you can get all of the Pro features (100+) for a simple, flat rate of $13/month - no hidden expenses. There's also a forever-free plan packed with amazing features that can carry you till the time your business needs to scale.

No more compromising between price and features. Now you can get the best of both worlds.

Customizable chat widget
From $16/month
Permissions-based on roles
From $16/month
File sharing
From $13 per month
From $33/month
Visitor tracking
From $13 per month
From $16/month
Business hours
From $13 per month
From $50/month
Pre-chat & post-chat surveys
From $13 per month
From $33/month
Built-in CRM
From $33/month
Automated greetings
Unlimited (from 13$ per month)
1 greeting (from 16$ per month)
Agent’s message editing
From $13 per month
Language translator
From $13 per month
From $13 per month
From $33/month
Branding removal
From $13 per month
Agent-to-agent chat
Basic version - Free forever
(up to 5 agents),
Pro version - from $13/month
Starter plan - from $16/mo
Team plan - from $33/mo
Business plan - from $50/mo

The JivoChat Advantage

Here’s why countless teams have already switched to JivoChat.

Keep using JivoChat for free when it’s low-season

We know that traffic fluctuates due to seasons, holidays and even unexpected events such as Covid-19. During such periods of reduced visitor activity, you might feel the need to cut back on some extra features.

Don't worry. We're totally cool with that. At JivoChat relationships are top priority, so we'll happily switch your account from the Pro to the Free version for as long as you see fit. JivoChat was created to help you increase conversions, not costs.

Don't get disconnected from your customer

Sometimes you’re in a chat with a visitor, they get silent for a while, and then they return to the conversation. It's actually a pretty common scenario, and JivoChat has your back when that happens.

With JivoChat, you can chat with multiple visitors at the same time, and there’s no timeout for inactive chats. Your visitor's chat will be waiting for them to come back, ready to pick up exactly where you left off. No need to start explaining things all over again.
Had used a few different apps prior to this. Hands down best mobile application and desktop app available. Being able to customize every piece is a great bonus too. Tech support has been great when needed. All around happy to have bought a full license for the next year.
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Remain reachable even when you’re offline

We’re all human, and we all need to rest. But business never sleeps. That’s why it's crucial to keep the flow of information from your visitors constant, even while offline.

JivoChat's offline contact forms will collect visitors' information while you’re away, so you can contact them as soon as you're back online. You will also be notified about every new conversation so that you never miss a thing, even if Jivo is in standby mode.

Give each client a personalized experience with the built-in CRM

Having all of your prospect’s data clearly organized is definitely an asset, moreso having it at your fingertips while interacting with the client. That’s why a built-in CRM has become a non-negotiable necessity.

Keep all of your data in one place, create tasks to ensure timely follow-ups with your lead, and assign them to the right person in your team. Monitor the whole process as a Kanban board and close every deal with a wave of your hand.

Mobile apps that match the power and flexibility of a desktop application

Lots of platforms boast about providing a mobile app. Then you try it out, and find out it's missing a ton of features from the desktop version. That's called a "bait and switch", and it's really not cool. This is even worse when it comes to live chat apps.

JivoChat mobile apps offer the same experience, power and flexibility of our desktop app. They allow you to see what your visitors are doing on your website, and talk to them. You can also talk to your team and have all the functionality you need to use live chat on the go. Jivo mobile apps are also optimized for performance to make sure you never miss a conversation.

JivoChat supports you 24/7

A professional support team that's here for you anytime,
to answer any question

Trusted by 280 000+ Companies

Available On All Devices
Earn the trust, loyalty and business of your (and your competition's) customers by always being there for them.

JivoChat is available on all popular devices and operating systems.
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Businesses use JivoChat to provide a better customer experience and optimize workflow.

Your next customers are a message away, and JivoChat can help you send the right one.
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