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What’s better than free chat?
Free chat that’s easy to set up, customize and use,
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Why Businesses Choose JivoChat Over Tawk.to for Live Chat

JivoChat is user-friendly and functional, without compromising power and flexibility. Setting up JivoChat is a breeze. And thanks to its intuitive UI, everything you need is at your fingertips.

JivoChat is not 100% free, but neither is Tawk.to - you still have to pay for add-ons. JivoChat’s forever-free plan gives you everything you need for your team to hit the ground running:

And when you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can get 20+ additional features from $13/mo, regardless how many sites you use it on.

Customizable chat widget
Business hours
Visitor tracking
(JivoChat PRO)
Offline contact form
Built-in CRM
Support quality ratings
(JivoChat PRO)
Ready-made integrations
(FB, Whatsapp, Telegram, GA, etc)
Transfering a chat to other agents
(JivoChat PRO)
Agent’s message editing
Language translator
(JivoChat PRO)
Permissions based on roles
Branding removal
(JivoChat PRO)
$19 per month
Agents working time chart
Agent to agent chat
Basic version - Free forever
(up to 5 agents),
Pro version - from $13/month
Free, Add-ons from $19/month

The JivoChat Advantage

Here’s why so many teams have already switched to JivoChat.

Get centralized messaging with Omnichannel support

One convenient dashboard for all of your messages from live chat, social, messengers and even phone calls. JivoChat can be connected to Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Apple Business Chat. You can also connect a phone number for calls and SMS.

Make your customers feel valued by responding to their requests instantly. Earn their trust and undying loyalty.

Handle multiple chats at the same time

How do you manage multiple conversations at a time while ensuring high standards in every response? How do you deal with a queue of chats without losing clients?

With JivoChat — that’s how.

All of your visitors are intuitively organized, with their personal information easily within reach. Timely notifications keep all agents on track. Essential tools such as customizable templates for answering FAQs, boost your team’s efficiency.

A thoroughly optimized workspace is the key to success!

Collect visitors’ data even when you’re offline

Everybody needs a rest, especially agents, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on customers!

When you and your agents are not available, JivoChat is there to collect all the info about your visitors via offline contact forms. Collect names, emails and phone numbers, reach prospects later and don’t worry if there’s no one online for a while.
Had used a few different apps prior to this. Hands down best mobile application and desktop app available. Being able to customize every piece is a great bonus too. Tech support has been great when needed. All around happy to have bought a full license for the next year.
Lighting Trendz

Close every deal with a built-in CRM

Keep everything under control by having all of your clients’ data in one place. See what’s going on with every visitor, take the action when needed, and watch visitors turn into customers.

A well-organized CRM can dramatically increase the percentage of closed deals. Statuses, tags, deals, comments and reminders make your sales and support much easier and much more efficient.

Jivochat seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use

You shouldn’t have to adjust your current environment to your live chat solution - Jivochat will adapt to it.
Jivochat offers out-of-the-box integration with Slack, Wordpress, Shopify, your CRM, and many other industry-leading platforms. Get all your data from Google Analytics and straight into the Jivochat app. Connect your number to call users with our IP Telephony solution.

Jivochat was built to seamlessly fit into your working processes.

Transfer chat between agents

Alex is perfect when it comes to technical questions, but Jo is a master of upsales, and Kami knows everything about the product.

Don’t make them answer every request they get. Let your agents answer questions they are experts in. Customer requests will be addressed faster and customers will be happier. Chat transferring makes support even more effective!

JivoChat users get 24/7 support

Got a question, suggestion or just want to talk?
We’re here for you anytime.

Trusted by 280 000+ Companies

Available On All Devices
Give your team the flexibility to move around while maintaining superior customer service.
JivoChat is available on every device and popular operating system.
Industry-Leading Mobile Customer
Support App
JivoChat is the Top-Rated
Customer Support App
on the App Store
Businesses use JivoChat to provide a better customer experience and optimize workflow.

Your next customers are a message away, and JivoChat can help you send the right one.
JivoChat’s App Store rating since July 2020:
Proud to be an industry leader
We receive the highest reviews out of some of the other popular customer support apps.
As of December 2019, here are the ratings of some of the other apps’ on the AppStore: