Looking for the best Tidio live chat alternative?

Is your team’s budget being drained by a chatbot that doesn’t bring you the conversations and customers it promised? It should NOT be like this.

JivoChat allows you to create an unlimited number of automatic messages for free without having to pay for visitors reached.

Why Businesses Choose JivoChat over Tidio for Live Chat

Because the pricing is clear — one price to get all of the features. No more juggling between plans, and definitely no more limits on outgoing messages leading to massive bills at the end of the cycle.

Because our support is 24/7. We are always here to help you, even though the UI is so intuitive that you’ll hardly ever need us.

Visitor monitoring
Business hours
Customizable widget
Agent’s message editing
Branding removal
From $13 per month
From $55 per month
Integration with
WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack
Integration with Apple Business Chat
Language translator
Built-in CRM
Admin panel language
English only
Team chat
Customer support
Business hours only
Basic version - Free forever (up to 5 agents), Pro version - from $13/month
Basic version - Free forever
(up to 3 agents),
Chatbots plan - from $15/month
Communicator plan - from $15/month
Email marketing - from $8/month
Limits on number of outgoing messages
Limits on unique reachable visitors

The JivoChat Advantage

Here’s why so many teams have already switched to JivoChat.

One straightforward price
for all the features you need

JivoChat doesn’t torment you with endless pricing plans, and it doesn’t restrict you with limits on outgoing messages. You can choose to stay on the forever-free version or get all the features at one, simple pricing plan. Moreover, unlike Tidio, in JivoChat you can show your automated messages to all of your visitors, without having to pay extra.

For example, in Tidio, if you have a “welcome” message, every visitor who sees this message will count towards your limit. More visitors - higher price. JivoChat doesn’t do that — you pay one price and that’s it.

Customize JivoChat for all your websites

If you’re an agency or have several websites on different domains, JivoChat allows you to configure them with individual setups to get the most out of your live chat.

Set up different welcome messages, agents, designs as required. More importantly, you can use JivoChat on as many websites as you want— no limitations.
Had used a few different apps prior to this. Hands down best mobile application and desktop app available. Being able to customize every piece is a great bonus too. Tech support has been great when needed. All around happy to have bought a full license for the next year.
Lighting Trendz

Get support 24/7

We understand that sometimes you can be lost in new interfaces and products. That’s why we’re always here to help you — not just during regular working hours, but always, 24/7.

Our friendly and professional support will help you with any issue you may face and answer your every question. They’re also happy to give you tips and advice for making your live chat even more profitable. JivoChat is a live chat that is actually always live!

Use live chat that is already integrated with the tools you use

Integrate JivoChat with all the tools you need and use - messengers, CRMs, CMS. JivoChat has ready-made integrations with all popular platforms and products like WhatsApp, Slack, Apple Business chat, Facebook, Prestashop, Wix, Zapier and much more.

Go beyond standard integrations — add a callback option to a JivoChat widget and connect your phone number with IP telephony to make sure you’re engaging across all communication channels.

Enjoy a workflow created to optimize team performance

JivoChat helps you and your agents work as a team. Transfer chats between agents, assign specific agents on different chats, create departments and talk with your team in the same app.

Your team works faster, but with more comfort. No visitor is ignored, no client is missed, no agent is overwhelmed.

Never miss a prospect thanks to the built-in CRM

Keep all your visitors’ information organized in one place with JivoChat CRM. Keep their data front and center during your interactions with them, add tasks to ensure follow-up actions and close deals in one built-in CRM.

You’ll never miss a single prospect again, and your visit to purchase conversion will experience a nice upward curve.

Use a widget that loads instantly

We’ve made the JivoChat widget as lightweight as possible. The JivoChat widget doesn’t interfere with your website loading time. And unlike Tidio, Jivo’s widget shows up on your website fast.

Loading speed is an important factor that also affects Google search results. That’s why we’ve optimized our tool to provide your customers with the best experience possible.

JivoChat users get access to 24/7 support

You can always rely on us.
If you need something, we will be here to help.

Trusted by 280 000+ Companies

Available On All Devices
Don’t chain yourself and your agents to the computer.
Be flexible with apps available on every device and popular operating systems.