The platform to connect
with customers

Build an excellent support service through messengers
businesses trust JivoChat
in the world by amount of users
chats per month
Your customers are already
active users of messengers
Bring all the contact channels to one location:
live chat, social media, messengers, and phone calls.
Engage with clients using their preferred channel
API for developers
Use the already developed code to embed the chat solution on your website or web app.
Integrate JivoChat into your CRM or any other software
Save your support staff’s time
JivoChat chatbots can be integrated with
the websites, messengers and social media
Let chatbots respond to the frequently asked questions and allow your live operators focus on the complex customer needs
Combine all your messages into one all-inclusive app
Let your customers contact you in a way that’s convenient for them.
Give your team the toolkit to provide quick and helpful responses.
65k+ live operators communicate with customers using
JivoChat daily
«Since JivoChat chatbot integration, the number of leads has increased by 70%, and lead-to-deal conversion rate has increased by 15%. Now we do not miss a single message from customers even during
Head of Customer Service, Renaissance Life
Protect your business
Take control of the communication between your staff and customers.
Ex-employees and lost phones are no longer a cause for concern
Bring all your contacts to a safe location
Store personal data in JivoChat, not in your staff's phones
No need to share passwords with staff
When a staff member gets access to your social media, you run the risk of losing access to your account if the employee is let go. Let your staff communicate to clients through JivoChat app with no access to the actual social media account
Take control of
the correspondence
Monitor the communication quality
by reviewing the saved dialogues
Social media and messenger accounts
are your property
It is easier to prevent client data leakage than to cover the damages after it takes place
«After switching our Instagram account to JivoChat, the sales increased by 32% in the first month and the customer loyalty improved notably. At the same time, the access to the account is securely protected: our live operators respond to messages through the JivoChat app, and only senior staff know the account passwords»
Head of Internet Marketing, Avilon
Upgrade the customer service quality
Access the current statistics and analytics for each stage of the sales funnel
Monitor the work
of your live operators
Review the response time, working hours, and employee activity
for KPI analysis
Review the leads’ sources
Analyze where the inquiries come from and which channel
is the most effective
Quality of service
Consider your customers' feedback to maintain
a high level of service
Sales funnels
Find the weak spots at each stage of the pipeline and optimize the entire workflow to ensure the sales growth
We are trusted
Using JivoChat chatbot, 90% of requests are now resolved automatically, and deal conversion rate increased by 15%.
Head of Customer Service, Renaissance Life
websites around the world use JivoChat
Thanks to JivoChat, we can now easily contact our clients, and not disturb them with undesired calls.
Development Director, Peplos
With JivoChat, our operators now process more requests, since calls can only address one client’s need at a time, while with chats, the operators can communicate with up to 5 clients simultaneously.
CPO InDriver
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