Don’t miss a single client from Instagram

Respond faster to DMs, reactions and mentions on Instagram, as well as messages from other messengers
Generate sales using a chatbot
Let the chatbot automatically handle the most repetitive questions like product qualities or checking order status. Create product quizzes on Instagram
Don’t lose customers in the message feed
Use keywords search, filters and put tags in the JivoChat app
Work with customers together with the team
Add the right specialist to the chat at any time. Check the information with colleagues if needed. In doing so there is no need to share your Instagram password with anyone
Official integration
JivoChat gets access to Instagram messages through the official Messenger API for Instagram. This ensures stable work of integration with no risks to your Instagram account
Less time on your phone.
More messages answered
Use saved replies, search messages by keywords, answer questions from other messengers through one all-inclusive JivoChat app
No client will be missed in Instagram DMs
Search messages by keywords, put tags, add reminders and always be aware of the status of each customer’s deal.

The customer base from other messenger is also conveniently organized in the JivoChat application.
Don’t miss a single message.
Even at night
While you are resting and spending time with your family, the JivoChat bot will respond to your customers
Monitor the agents’ work
Now you know exactly how your team works. Track the response speed, the number of chats missed, the agents’ workload and much more
Only you have your Instagram password
You no longer have to give your Instagram password to staff and worry about the security of your account. All communication takes place through the JivoChat app.

You can connect colleagues to chats or restrict access at any time.
Work as a team even more efficiently
Assign responsible agents to work with requests from Instagram. Automatically sort out chats between specialists from different departments. Seamlessly redirect chats to quickly resolve any customer issue
Sell more through Instagram Ads
You won’t miss important messages as JivoChat will hide emoji reactions in Instagram DMs. Chat starting buttons will increase the Ads response
Connect your Instagram to JivoChat
and elevate your customer service
How can I connect Instagram to JivoChat?
If your Instagram business account meets all Facebook integration requirements, connect JivoChat in three easy steps by following this instruction:
What formats of Instagram messages does JivoChat accept?
You will be able to receive and send text messages and photos, reply to mentions of your account in the subscribers’ Stories, and check customer reactions to your Stories.
What are the requirements for an Instagram account to connect to JivoChat?
Facebook Instagram integration rules allow only verified business accounts to integrate with JivoChat. Your account must be linked to a Facebook page.
How do I convert my personal Instagram profile to a business account?
You can find more information about setting up a business account on Instagram here
How to connect a chatbot?
Select a provider on the chatbot page Set up a chatbot and connect it to an Instagram channel in the JivoChat application.