Chat with colleagues in a reliable team messenger

Chat one-on-one, create groups, send messages and files, manage access to business conversations in JivoChat team chats.
More secure than a group in a messenger
Using conventional messaging apps for team chatting may compromise your business. Those apps usually store chat messages and files on the employees’ devices, forever. JivoChat takes a different approach. It stores all chats on secure servers, keeping employee access rights under the company’s control. Retirees and lost phones are no longer a threat.
JivoChat comes with all business communication essentials
Manage access rights
Add employees groups, appoint admins, configure and block access
Notification settings
Choose the notifications you want to receive
Call out to a specific colleague, online employees, or all group members
File exchange
Send files in a chat
Unlimited groups
Create private, department or company groups and informal chats of course
Cross-platform support
Chat with your teammates anywhere - in a mobile app or on a PC
GIF & emoji
Inject a splash of emotions into your conversations
Connect JivoChat team chats for free
Team chats are already included in all JivoChat versions and do not require extra fees
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