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Advanced Jivo features for companies with 10 and more agents
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Per agent per month if billed annually
Reduce your support team’s load and boost your sales with advanced Jivo features

Per agent per month if billed annually
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Respond to customers both in the chat and messengers
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To increase sales and
attract customers
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For responds on the
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Integrations with social media and messenger channels: Viber, Apple Business Chat, Telegram
Instagram Direct
*may have additional charges
Proactively start targeted chats with smart triggers
Pre-chat buttons
Advanced stats on chats and agents’ activity
Google Analytics Integration
Distribute chats based on visitors' locations
Multiple departments
$ 6.99 per month
$ 6.99 per month
Complete visitor info with IP addresses, region and visit source
Service quality ratings by customers
Canned responses with an automatic helper
Spelling checker
Editing messages after sending
Pointer tool to direct visitors throughout the site
Message sneak peek
Real-time visitors monitoring with an opportunity to start chat
Send files to visitors
Spam protection
Chat transfer between agents
Multi-agent chats
Agent business hours schedule
Export reports to Excel
JavaScript API and Webhooks for integration with your software
One click integrations with CRM and CMS providers
Integrations with chatbots
Translator for 90+ languages
Chat history storage period
2 months
$33/month per operator
$33/month per operator
Unlimited chats and websites
Customizable chat widget in 25 languages
Chat widget mobile version
Integration with email
Offline contact form
Consent form for processing personal data (GDPR and similar)
Pre-chat or in-chat contact info collection
Accept orders from an online store or web-form on your website
Desktop, mobile and browser agent apps
Simultaneous login on PC and mobile device
Basic stats on chats and agents’ activity
Daily performance email
Agent’s photo in chat widget
Send GIFs and emojis
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Frequently Asked Questions
How many websites can I install JivoChat onto?
You can install JivoChat onto unlimited websites for no extra fee.
What will happen when the 14-day demo expires?
You can buy a license to keep the professional features, or you can continue to use the chat in a basic free mode with less functionality.
Do you provide customer service agents?
No, we do not – we only provide the software for your agents to use.
Can my visitors chat with me from their mobile devices?
Yes, all modern mobile browsers are supported including Google Chrome and Safari.
What are the available payment methods?
We accept credit cards and PayPal.
If you cannot pay with these options, please contact us for alternate payment options.
Can I stop using the paid version at any time?
Yes, absolutely!
There are no contracts to sign so you can downgrade to the free version anytime.
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