Get closer to your customers on WhatsApp

Connect WhatsApp to Jivo to sell ​​products and services in your customers' favorite messenger
Official integration

Add your company to the customer's contact list before competitors do!

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world. Connect WhatsApp to Jivo to process requests faster, monitor their progress, and store all messages in the customer card rather than on employees' phones.
Quick replies
All messages from WhatsApp appear in Jivo and are distributed between agents. This means that clients will get an answer to their question faster and choose your company over competitors.
Security of correspondence
All messages are sent not through the employee's phone, but from Jivo. This means that data is stored in the company's account. If an employee quits, they won't be able to access these messages.
Execution control
Assign tasks in Jivo and distribute clients among agents. You will have access to messages with clients, and if something goes wrong, you can improve the output.

Handle customer requests

The client clicks on a button on the site or writes a message in WhatsApp using the phone number that you put on the site or in social networks. All messages will appear in the Jivo app and agents can work with them immediately.

Check details and increase sales

If the agent needs to clarify the details of the order, send documents, or show photos of the product, he can send a WhatsApp message right from the Jivo application.

Use all the features of WhatsApp and Jivo

Unlike a regular application, WhatsApp connected to Jivo allows all of your employees to work through one phone number, quickly resolve customer issues and take full advantage of Jivo's functions.
WhatsApp with Jivo

All messages are stored in the Jivo app. Access to it can be limited at any time

Several employees can work with the client at once

Statistics on the speed and quality of responses for each agent

One number in WhatsApp, which is convenient to use in all channels

Ability to use templates for messages

Integration with your CRM

Quick replies

WhatsApp without Jivo

All messages are stored in the employee's account. Upon dismissal, he can carry away correspondence with him

Other employees do not have access to chats

Impossible to track how well and quickly the agents respond to customers

One employee gets one number. The client does not have a company contact in WhatsApp

Choose the pricing plan

You can pay for every message in chats or pay a monthly fee.
Pay per each message
Pay per monthly active customers


Session message


Template message


Monthly fee


Template message