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Luciano Larrossa
Luciano Larrossa
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Working with online chat requires a lot of repetition. This happens because most requests made by visitors and customers of a virtual store are similar, forcing operators to give the same answers several times during a work day. Although a Q & A page is highly recommended, this does not mean that these questions will no longer be questioned.

To do this, JivoChat has the function ** Pre-Defined Answers **, which allows you to save answers given during the service. That is, each given response can be saved by an operator and used by all of its sales staff. In this way, you can adjust teamwork by using the examples below to record the pre-defined responses. We have separated the three best answers for each question usually made in every type of virtual store, which you can see below.

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1. Are you a robot or a human?

** Answer 1 **: No, our team is comprised of actual attendants, who will listen to your request, understand it and respond personally.

** Answer 2 **: No, our team has real operators that serve the visitors and clients from Xh to Xh.

** Answer 3 **: No, my name is Luciano Larrossa and I am from the JivoChat service team, how can I help you?


2. Where is my order?

** Answer 1 **: Let's track it. Could you tell me your name and the order number?

** Answer 2 **: We will check for you. Can you give us the order number to track?

** Reply 3 **: Your request for XXXXX number is located in [city] and the delivery forecast is for the day mm / dd / yyyy

3. My order arrived defective!

** Answer 1 **: Could you tell us the order number to request a new one?

** Answer 2 **: Would you like to request the reshipment of a new one or the return of the amount spent on the purchase?

** Response 3 **: Can you send us a picture of the problem?


4. I can not remember my password. How do I proceed?

** Reply 1 **: To recover your password, go here [link to the password recovery page] and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you with instructions to create a new password.

** Answer 2 **: You can recover your password through this link [password recovery page link].

** Response 3 **: Could you inform me the email to send the recovery instructions for your password?

5. My account has been blocked!

** Response 1 **: This happens after X login attempts. In order to recover your account, could you inform me of your [Security Data 1] and [Security Data 2]?

** Response 2 **: Could you confirm us with your data so we can recover your account?

** Response 3 **: Blocking is a security measure that happens after successive login attempts with wrong information. To recover your account, please answer the security question you left logged. [Security question]


6. I can not confirm my order!

** Answer 1 **: Are any error messages appearing?

** Answer 2 **: Could you send us a photo of the error?

** Response 3 **: Our store is currently experiencing technical issues. We anticipate that it will be working normally by the XX o'clock and we will contact you as soon as they have been reinstated. Sorry for the incovenience.

7. My discount coupon does not work!

** Answer 1 **: Could you tell which discount coupon you are trying to use?

** Response 2 **: We currently have no active discount coupon on our site.

** Reply 3 **: This discount coupon is no longer available, but we have the "XXX" and "XXX" coupons to take advantage of our store discounts! Pergunta7

8. How do I buy product X?

** Response 1 **: Just go to this page [link to the product page] and click the buy button. From there, you will be directed to the shopping cart to enter the payment and shipping information for delivery. Finally, click on the ** Finalize Request ** button to confirm your purchase.

** Resposts 2 **: Just go to this page [link to the product page] and click the buy button. From there, you will be directed to the shopping cart to enter the payment and shipping information for delivery. Click the ** Checkout ** button to confirm your purchase. Do not worry about the chat window, it will stay active throughout the process.

** Answer 3 **: You can let me guide you personally during the whole process. The window will remain active throughout the process and the chat will not be lost. First, click on the product link [link to product page].

9. What is the address of the store?

** Answer 1 **: Our store has several branches throughout the country. In which city do you live?

** Response 2 **: Our store is at [store address]

** Resposts 3 **: We do not have physical stores and we only use the internet. How can I help you?


10. Where can I find [product type]?

** Response 1 **: Unfortunately, we do not sell the type of product you are looking for.

** Response 2 **: This type of product can be found in category XXX. Access the page through this link [category link]

** Response 3 **: The product you are looking for can be found here: [product link]

How to enable Predefined Answers in JivoChat?

To enable the ability to save predefined responses to JivoChat, follow the steps below:

** 1 - ** Open the JivoSite application on your computer;

** 2 - ** Enter your email and password;


3 - Go to Settings;


4 - Turn on the Tips during message typing to activate Predefine Messages.


From now on, every time your operators start typing a message, the list of predefined answers will appear as you type, streamlining your work and allowing you to better serve your customers.

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