ChatGPT vs. Human Writers: Comparing AI with Essay Writers

updated August 31, 2023
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The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has greatly changed almost all sectors of our lives. These changes are because AI allows us to automate many routine and not-so-routine processes while maintaining quality.

But, as AI is developing faster and faster every day, it poses a growing threat to traditional professions. There is growing tension in society that AI will completely replace humans and leave many people unemployed.

Given ChatGPT's impact on content writing, many copywriters/writers/authors worry that it will put them out of work.

Today, students value essay writers for creating impressive essays. Some essay writing services in the case of Essay Tigers even regularly provide different incentives and gifts for them to keep them motivated. But all this could change drastically if ChatGPT takes the writer`s place. So, will ChatGPT replace human writers?

What is artificial intelligence?

AI is a relatively new technology that helps automate work processes. At first, it seemed impossible, but today it has become a reality thanks to constant technological innovations.

This technology is designed to free humans from tedious and routine tasks. That is why its introduction is happening everywhere and encourages more and more companies to automate their activities.

The goal of AI is not only to make tasks easier but also to perform them with higher accuracy and speed than humans.

The role of ChatGPT in essay writing

The role of artificial intelligence in content writing is constantly increasing. In its early days, no one thought that AI could come into the realm of text writing. But as technology has evolved, it has shown that it can simplify the job of text creation.

Today, AI uses specialized technology to create texts according to certain requirements. This technology is called natural language processing (NLP), and it allows AI to write essays on various topics.

Using NLP algorithms, the artificial intelligence reads and understands the requirements of the essay. This gives it the ability to create an essay based on the source material and still ensure that it is readable.

What can't ChatGPT do in essay writing?

ChatGPT can write hundreds of texts in one day, but they always lack the human touch. An essay written by a robot cannot convey feelings and emotions. They are very important for high rates, and very often, their presence in the text demonstrates the student's professionalism.

This is one of the main disadvantages of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence lacks the skill of conveying feelings and emotions in writing texts. This is why it cannot compete with humans. The art of storytelling is only possible when you know what feelings must be shown in the essay. The use of algorithms or any other automation methods cannot replace this.

How are professional essay writers better than artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can never replace the unrivaled creative value of professional essay writers. In-depth knowledge in certain fields, proper structuring of texts, and conveying emotions are the advantages of professional essay writers over ChatGPT. This is why essays written by ChatGPT need to be further vetted by students themselves.

ChatGPT can mimic intelligence, but it cannot mimic the creative presentation of information. Today, you can't completely rely on ChatGPT to provide personalization and express empathy.

Human writers typically have a more profound understanding of grammar, syntax, and language nuances. They can ensure the essays are well-structured and free from grammatical errors, whereas ChatGPT might occasionally produce grammatically incorrect sentences or struggle with sentence coherence.

Both human writers and AI systems can have biases, but they manifest differently. Personal beliefs and experiences influence human biases, while AI biases often arise from the data used for training. ChatGPT may produce biased or inaccurate content, especially if it has been exposed to biased data during training.

Professional writers have a skill that is not available to ChatGPT - storytelling. Given the ins and outs of textual information presentation, compelling storytelling is something AI can never achieve.

Human writers can better understand the context, nuances, and emotions behind a topic. They can tailor their writing to meet specific requirements, such as the purpose and tone of the essay. ChatGPT may struggle to fully grasp the subtleties of context, leading to responses that might be off-topic or inappropriate.


Given the rapid evolution of AI, it is difficult to predict its capabilities in the future. But one thing is certain: AI will try to match the level of human writing. Studying the peculiarities of emotions and empathy is still a pipe dream for AI.

Writing quality essays requires three elements: creativity, emotion, and unconventional storytelling. Teachers are looking for them in essays. AI is rapidly evolving, but it still has a long way to go to surpass professional essay writers.

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