E-Reading Essentials: 8 Tips for a Seamless eBook Experience

updated January 22, 2024
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Many iPad and iPhone owners who are avid readers have likely experienced reading an ebook on their devices. Although it doesn't fully replicate the experience of reading a physical book, it offers advantages such as cost-savings and avoiding the inconvenience of carrying a physical book. We have prepared our own list of e-reading hacks that will help you enjoy reading and minimize inconvenience.

Tips for a Seamless eBook Experience

1. Navigate With Bookmarks

If you use an ebook without bookmark functionality, you're doing yourself a disservice. Bookmarks in ebook readers function just like bookmarks in physical books, but with ebooks, you have the freedom to create an infinite number of them.

Bookmarks allow for immediate navigation to any bookmarked location, offering a much easier reading experience. Despite modern ebooks having interactive tables of contents, there are specific sections within chapters that may require repeated reference. For example, I utilize bookmarks to mark pages featuring maps, enabling me to easily return to them when needed.

2. Use Text-To-Speech Features

Most eBooks lack immersiveness, a crucial aspect for online learners. Traditional methods rely on reading and imagination, which can be challenging for those lacking creativity. However, music can serve as an invaluable tool.

By incorporating background audio, sound effects, and audio narrations, eBooks can become more interactive and engaging. Rather than reading dialogue about eLearning characters, consider providing voice-acted dialogue.

Some reading apps for iPhones even offer spoken text. With a reading app like FictionMe, you can read and then continue listening to books when your eyes get tired or you want to relax with your eyes closed. Moreover, FictionMe offers a large collection of books, including hidden gems that have not yet been appreciated around the world.

3. Use Dark Mode

Ebook readers offer a menu for adjusting the book's theme, with options resembling actual paper or featuring soothing earthy tones for extended reading.

Most ebook readers, including Books, enable readers to switch between Light and Dark themes, based on the default setting on their iPhone or iPad. Activating Dark Mode reduces eye strain caused by excess light and is particularly suitable for reading in low-light conditions.

4. Control the Brightness

To minimize eye strain while reading in low-light conditions, adjust the screen brightness accordingly. Increase the screen brightness when reading in well-lit areas to enhance visibility.

5. Take a Screenshot or Underline a Favorite Quote…

Sometimes, preserving an exceptional passage or page for future reference becomes necessary. If you are using an Amazon Fire Tablet or a Nook, you can capture a screenshot by holding the "down" volume and power buttons simultaneously, much like how you do it on a phone.

If you have a Paperwhite, just press and hold either the top left/bottom right or top right/bottom left corners. To emphasize a remarkable line or a meaningful moment, press and hold as if you are "highlighting" it.

6. Change the Font and Font Size

When reading, pay attention to any strain in the muscles around your eyes. If you do experience strain, it could be due to the font size being either too small or too large for you. Look for the "Aa" symbol on your ebook reader; it should provide options to adjust the font size.

Furthermore, it is recommended to explore the font options available on your ebook reader. Take your time to go through them patiently, and you may come across a font that is more comfortable for you compared to the default one.

For users of the Books app, you can easily modify the font and font size from the "Themes & Settings" section. Simply tap on the menu button located in the bottom-right corner, then tap on the larger or smaller "A" to increase or decrease the font size accordingly.

If you wish to change the font itself, tap on "Options" in the "Themes & Settings" menu, and adjust the "Font" setting to your preference.

7. Adjust the Ambient Light

Your external or ambient light will be the final matter we address concerning light. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Make sure excessive external light does not cause glare or reflection on your screen, as it may strain your eyes.
  • Experiment with different light temperatures to determine your preference. Cooler light tends to appear bluer, while warmer light appears yellower.
  • Dimmer light is generally more favorable. Since you are reading on an electronic device with its built-in light, natural light is not necessary.

8. Take Notes

When you are deeply engrossed in a book or engrossed in a brilliant new idea, a remarkable word or suggestion can make a lasting impression on your mind. However, we often experience the frustration of having these great ideas overshadowed by other thoughts in today's age of information overload.

To counteract this, taking a moment to sit down with a traditional "diary and pen" allows you to jot down these great ideas instantly.

If you are tech-savvy and enjoy reading eBooks, you can also use your device to take notes. Whichever method you prefer, adopting a meticulous approach to pause, reflect, and store the valuable insights you come across during your reading enhances the overall experience.

9. Turn On Focus

To prevent distractions and reduce interruptions on your device, enable the Focus feature. iOS and iPadOS include a dedicated Reading Focus mode.

To access it, navigate to Settings > Focus, tap the plus (+) button in the top-right corner, choose Reading, and customize your preferences accordingly. To activate it in the future, open the Control Center, press and hold the Focus button until a menu appears, and select Reading.

Furthermore, the Focus mode will notify individuals attempting to contact you through specific apps such as WhatsApp or iMessage that you are currently unavailable. You can also configure your Reading Focus mode to allow notifications and phone calls from specific apps and contacts.

10. Try Landscape Mode

You can improve your reading experience by tilting your device into landscape mode. This not only shortens your vertical reading length but also allows you to fit more words into a line. It's particularly beneficial if you tend to lose track when moving to the next line.

If you're using an iPad, reading in landscape mode is recommended. iPads have sufficient width to accommodate the length of an iPhone. This arrangement provides longer lines and a reasonably lengthy page.


Reading e-books as opposed to paper books offers some significant advantages. There are additional functions, the ability to customize fonts, make bookmarks, read text, etc. It cannot be said that e-books are better than paper books; they are designed to complement each other. However, in some aspects, reading e-books provides a unique experience.

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