11 Ways to Make Online Recruitment for Ecommerce

updated May 26, 2023
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Through online service platforms, some operational functions - and even the supervisory or management level - lose the local recruitment requirement. Some of the key advantages in this model are the removal of the need to expand offices, as well as cut costs with transportation from the employees, allowing them to work remotely from their homes. With these online collaboration tools, the process of working on the web becomes even more agile. There are several ways to find this type of professional and communicate with them. In this text, we will show you not only sites, but also tools that will help you in the selection process :)

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1. LinkedIn

Social network aimed at professionals, functioning as a sort of "online resume". LinkedIn has been the main source for recruiting online, serving all types of business. Its operation is quite simple and does not escape from the conventional one practiced by other social media like Facebook, although it demands more elaboration of the profile on the part of its users. If in doubt where to start looking for professionals, LinkedIn is a solid kick-start. Access LinkedIn through the link.


2. Lensa Fast Talent

Lensa Fast Talent home page

Lensa Fast Talent is an advanced platform designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process. It allows companies to effortlessly post job openings and connect with candidates through its intuitive interface.

With features like advanced search capabilities, real-time candidate insights, and analytics, Lensa Fast Talent ensures informed recruiting decisions. It is a valuable resource for businesses seeking a streamlined and effective way to find top talent. Explore Lensa Fast Talent to discover the most suitable candidates for your company without hassle.

3. Freelance.com

As its name implies, this portal is intended for the supply and demand of professional freelancers. Working similarly to traditional job portals, it is possible for companies to open a job offer, while freelancers search for and apply for them. Because the service is provided remotely and those who generally use it work in this scheme, the chances of finding someone with the desired profile are good. The site is mostly in English, but also has slots for Portuguese or Spanish speakers. Click here to access Freelance.com.

4. HomeRun

Unlike LinkedIn and Freelance.com, HomeRun is a platform that allows you to create a special page for online recruitment on your site. It gives absolute control to customize what you want, from background colors to fonts and visual identity, among others. This allows you to work better on your brand image and make your vacancy offer more inviting. The service is paid, with a monthly plan that charges by active offer in the site, preventing unnecessary expenses in times of low hirings. Learn more about HomeRun in their website.

5. Betterteam

While the online recruitment tools described so far serve the purpose of offering your position to professionals, Betterteam helps you in the process of creating your ad. This means that it has functions such as automating the process of creating bids and their respective distribution between offer and demand platforms.


You can also use it on your careers page. Access Betterteam to know the other features of the platform.

6. Proven

With a proposal similar to Betterteam, Proven also allows users to submit their vacancy offer to numerous sites to avoid publishing them one by one, saving a lot of time. In addition, it allows you to organize the received responses in one place and categorize them in the way you prefer. The first vacancy is free, with the following costing $ 10 each.Clique here to know more.

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7. Rapportive

An extension to the Google Chrome browser that connects to Gmail, Rapportive presents a very simple yet streamlined communication solution. When typing a contact's email address, the extension displays some details about this person on the side of the page, using data from their profiles on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Although simple, Rapportive avoids switching from tabs to reminiscing of important information to mention in an email interview, for example.


8. Google Hangouts

Some simple applications that are not necessarily focused on online recruitment can be great allies in this area. For users of Google services, Hangouts can be the ideal tool for conducting video interviews. You can make these calls and meetings from both a computer and a mobile device. Click here to use the sevice.

9. Skype

If you prefer the services offered by Microsoft, Skype appears as the alternative to conduct online interviews, either by audio or video. One of Skype's advantages over Hangouts is the ability to invite larger groups of people to a meeting if they choose to interview with groups of candidates. Skype can be downloaded from your their official page and also counts with apps for Android and iOS.

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10. Spark Hire

Similar to Hangouts and Skype, Spark Hire is also a tool for meetings and online interviews, but with an exclusive focus in these areas. What makes it different from a free service like the ones mentioned above is the possibility of not being present during the interview. That is, it is possible to record the questions and send the candidates, whose answers are also recorded and can be viewed at a better time. The service has a monthly subscription of $ 99 and can be accessed through of the link .

Spark Hire

11. VidCruiter

This online recruiting interview platform allows a more professional look at your conversations. VidCruiter does this by allowing you to insert your company logo somewhere on the screen, along with some customization tools.

It also has recorded questions and answers, but there is a feature called "Record Under Pressure," which does not allow interviews to re-record their responses. The service is paid but quoted according to your business. It has apps for Android and iOS and has a free trial period on your site .

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