110 Job Knowledge Performance Review Phrases

updated September 1, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Job knowledge performance review phrases can help you to communicate better when you need to give feedback to an employee or a team member.  It's important to let people, who you manage or are under your leadership on a project, know what they are doing well and the points where they can improve.

It's essential for a good leader to know how to communicate, and avoid misinterpretations by being assertive. During performance review meetings, plan what you are going to say, remember to recognize each employee's qualities, and when pointing out some mistakes, emphasize you are there to help, and continuous improvement is something everyone should be looking for.

You will see the way you communicate can change your whole team's performance, and encourage them to give their best. Check out the article to discover some phrases that are going to be very useful. 

Overall Performance Review Phrases

The image shows a group of people in a work meeting. A man is presenting while the otheres are sat around a table looking at him.

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

1 - You show attention to detail and deliver work of an exceptional standard. You are a strong team player and have conquered the respect of both your colleagues and senior stakeholders.

2 - Respond admirably to changing and sometimes challenging situations, always retaining his professional demeanor and positive attitude.

3 - Despite operating in a demanding and high-pressure environment, (Person's name) has proactively sought opportunities to grow and learn new skills.

4 - (Person's name) is self-motivated and strives to complete all (his/her/their) tasks on time. 

5 -  Shows commitment to the job, is always looking for improvement, and helps others to do the same. 

Needs Improvement

6 - (Person's name) seems to be struggling to grasp and adapt to some of the requirements and expectations of (his/her/their) role.

7-  ​​It is recommended that ( Person's name) engage in some training and mentoring support to assist (him/her/them) in building the skills and capabilities (he/she/they) lacks.

8 - ( Person's name) does not show a sense of urgency in meeting deadlines and delivering work of a high standard.

9 - Work is often left unfinished and of poor quality. Your timekeeping is somewhat haphazard, and you seem reluctant to follow procedures.

10 - Fails to perform the required duties, and needs to engage more with the tasks assigned. 

Performance Review Phrases About Quality of Work

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

11 - Detail-oriented and results-driven.

12 - Settle only for delivering services of high quality to customers.

13 - The quality of the results delivered has contributed to the company’s reputation.

14 - Be trusted to deliver high-quality work on time, every time.

15 - Be committed to always finding new ways to deliver better value.

16 - Set exceptionally high standards.

17 - Committed to producing the very best work at all times.

18 - Complete tasks thoroughly and beyond expectations.

19 - Proven to be a top performer.

20 - Carefully devises strategies that deliver results.

Needs Improvement

21 - Delivers an inconsistent quality of work.

22 - Fail to respond to colleagues’ requests or customer complaints.

23 - Expect others to finish incomplete tasks.

24 - Leave work before all agreed tasks are completed.

25 - Hasn’t been performing according to the expectations set.

26 - Prefers to stay in their comfort zone and work in conventional methods.

27 - Needs to learn and update skillset 

28 - Work does not comply with the required output stand

29 - Fails to spend sufficient time to check the work before submission.

30 - Overlooks key requirements given.

Performance Review Phrases About Taking Initiatives

The image shows a group o teamworks sitting around a table, two women are standing and one of them shake the hand of another woman sitting in front of her.

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

31 - Proactively seek out new tasks to work on.

32 - Work well without any supervision.

33 - Be able to set goals and priorities and accomplish them.

34 - Find new, creative ways to overcome challenges.

35 - Always on the lookout for new ways to improve and deliver value.

36 - Always on the go to learn, improve and grow.

37 - Confident and knowledgeable enough to start working without instructions.

38 - Requires minimal supervision.

39 -  Takes initiative in overcoming obstacles and finding a resolution that meets everyone’s needs.

40 - Has innovative ideas and effective working methods. 

Needs Improvement

41 - Require constant supervision, or else specific tasks do not get completed.

42 - Hard to inspire to take on new challenges.

43 - Rarely add value to projects beyond the basics of what is required.

44 - Has difficulty adjusting to new or unfamiliar tasks or circumstances.

45 - Shy away from making decisions.

46 - Often start projects without thorough upfront planning.

47 - Lacks the desire and passion to learn new skills.

48 - Don't go out of their comfort zone.

49 - Lacks the skills in planning and following up to achieve results.

50 - Doesn't seek out opportunities to learn and grow inside the company.

Performance Review Phrases About Knowing How to Communicate

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

51 - Keep all stakeholders up to speed on projects’ status.

52 - Take and share notes and updates regularly.

53 - Ensure questions are clarified before taking actions that will impact outcomes.

54 - Communicate effectively and clearly with direct reports so that they always know what is expected of them.

55 - Ensure that everyone understands the goals of a specific project and shares regular updates.

56 - An effective listener who takes time to understand what others are saying.

57 - Be able to articulate complex, technical concepts in plain language.

58 - Both oral and written communication skills are highly effective,

59 - Regularly gives constructive feedback.

60 - Handles conflicts constructively and diplomatically. 

Needs Improvement

61 - Gets defensive if questioned or given constructive feedback or criticism.

62 - Fails to keep team members updated on important project developments.

63 - Doesn't know how to ask for help when needed. 

64 - Is not adept at documenting verbal communication.

65 - Should communicate project status updates more frequently.

66 - Many of his coworkers see (person's name) as unapproachable.

67 - Needs to improve listening skills, and pay attention to others.

68 - does not return communications in a timely manner.

69 - Works well with members of their own team, yet has an "us" against "them" mentality when it comes to others within the company.

70 - Needs to learn how to communicate their necessities. 

Performance Review Phrases About Teamwork

The image shows three people sitting around a table working together, and laughing,

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

71 - Encourage idea-sharing and initiative.

72 - Always ask what the team is doing to ensure everyone is engaged.

73 - Always congratulate team members who do well.

74 - Is a positive influence on all team members and leads by example, which improves the team’s morale.

75 - Cooperate with other team members.

76 - Exhibits willingness to help others. 

77 -  Makes new employees feel welcome.

78 - Shows a high level of team spirit and cooperation. 

79 - Is considerate of everyone's feelings.

80 - Respect and value others' ideas and opinions.

Needs Improvement

81 - Fail to listen to what other team members have to say.

82 - Interrupt people when they are talking.

83 - Doesn't have a good relationship with team members, and refuses to accept their opinion. 

84 - Doesn't understand how to share tasks.

85 - More suitable for an individual-focused environment than a group-work environment.

86 - Doesn't get along with other team members.

89 - Does not demonstrate accountability when a problem arises.

90 - Publicly criticize team members and make them look bad.

Performance Review Phrases About Being a Leader

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

91 - Establishes a corporate culture of reliability and caring.

92 - (Person's name) is very helpful when mentoring entry-level staff getting used to their jobs.

93 - Creates a culture of dialogue.

94 - Recognizes people for a job well done.

95 - Allocates tasks appropriately based on the prior assignments.

96 - Understands people and the different ways to motivate them to get the job done.

97 - Facilitates team members to voice their ideas and opinions.

98 - Involves co-workers in the decision-making process.

99 - Promotes a culture conducive to understanding and learning.

100 - Show empathy to people experiencing personal or professional challenges.

Needs Improvement

101- Fails to explain tasks clearly to their team members.

102 - Gets frustrated easily with new team members and fails to offer any support.

103 - Sends mixed signals to his team regarding goals and day-to-day activities.

104 - Rarely shows any recognition to his team.

105 - Lacking effective planning.

106 - Needs to recognize individual efforts and appreciate them.

107 - Should be more approachable and friendly. 

108 - Does not set a positive example through their actions and words.

109 - Monopolize the conversation during meetings and do not invite team members’ ideas.

110 - Don't listen to the team members' ideas and feedback. 

Use the Job Knowledge Performance Review Phrases on Your Reports

Now that you have seen multiple job knowledge performance review phrases for different contexts, see the ones that fit better in the situation you need to give feedback to your team. You can enjoy them writing performance reports, and communicating clearly what each employee succeeds at, and the points for improvement.

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