85 Live Chat Script Examples

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Creating live chat scripts can save you time during customer assistance, and can serve as a base for the agents to give them a satisfactory answer and help customers solve their issues.

You can use the live chat script in different situations, such as a proactive invitation to initiate a conversation, asking why a client left an abandoned cart, and offering benefits to convince them to complete a purchase.

What Are Live Chat Scripts?

Live chat scripts are pre-written messages to facilitate the interactions with leads and customers, and save time. There are scripts for multiple purposes, such as proactive invitations, promoting sales and discounts, solving frequently asked questions, encouraging customers to complete a purchase, and much more.

85 Live Chat Scripts Examples

Greeting Website Visitor Scripts

Live chat example

1 - Hi there (customer name)! Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m (your name), and I’m here to assist you with anything you need.

2 - Hi (customer name)! What can I help you with today?

3 - Hi (customer name)! We’re here to help answer any questions you may have. Fire away!

4 - Hi there, thanks for contacting (company's name)’s support line. Feel free to ask me anything!

5 - Good morning/afternoon/evening/day. Welcome to (business name). What can I help you with today?

6- Hello (customer name). I am (your name) and I‘ll be helping you today. Please tell me what I can do for you.

7 - Hey there! We appreciate you using (Service Name). We’re happy to help you with any questions you have. Don't hesitate to ask.

8 - Hello, thank you for contacting our live chat support. May I have your name, please?

9 - Hi! 👋 We are glad to welcome you to our website. Should you have any questions, I’m here to help.

10 - Hi! Feel free to ask me anything. I love questions!

Live Chat Scripts to Pick Up Conversations

11 - Welcome back! Do you want us to pick up where we left off?

12 - Hello again! I just wanted to follow up and check if you experienced any problems with (the previous issue).

13 - Hi there! Did you face any problems with the (earlier issue) again? I’m at your disposal to assist you in the best way.

14 - Hello again (customer name). Can we start from where we left off earlier?

15 - Hi, (Customer Name)! Welcome back. Did you run into more trouble with the (Earlier Issue)?

16 - Hi again! Excellent that you come again. Do you need to clarify some other details concerning (the question a customer previously had)?

Live Chat Script for Proactive Invitations

17 - Seems that you are visiting our site frequently but not making a final purchase. Can I help you decide on the right choice?

18 - I know the information on this page may be a lot to take in. May I assist you?

19 - Hey, I just wanted to know that there’s a huge deal available right now. Want a quick lead-in?

20 - Hello! My name is (agent name). I am the regional representative for (country/region/city) How may I assist you?

Scripts to Use in the Pricing Pages

Live chat example

21 - Hi there! Do you want to learn more info about our pricing?

22 - Hi there! Thanks for your interest in (product name). Let's schedule a time to learn more about your company and use case.

23 - Hi. Can we schedule a call on (date) to discuss how our product can work best for you and your team?

24 - Great choice! Customers who purchase (product name) also often buy (product name)]. Are you interested in knowing the product?

25 - Hi there! Let me tell you this (product name) is a worthy investment. (Present the product benefits).

26 - Hi there! Are you still in two minds about (the pricing plan/product)? Don’t worry, I’ll help you choose the best one for your needs.

27 - Hey there! If you have any questions about our [subscription/pricing/plans/product), drop me a line ✍.

Scripts For The Checkout Page

28 - Hi, I noticed you struggle to finalize your purchase. Can I explain our current offer?

29 - Smooth sailing through checkout! Is there anything you need assistance with at this final step?

30 - Your order is almost complete! Do you want to add anything else before you check out?

31 - Hi, I noticed you haven't finalized your order. Can I help you with anything?

32 - Hi there if you have any doubts about the checkout process, I can guide you through each step.

33 - I noticed you gave up on completing a purchase in the checkout process. Is there any problem that I can assist you with?

Scripts For Announcing Sales and Discounts

34 - Hi! It looks like you’ve unlocked and offer (explain the discount)! Enjoy it by using the promo code (discount code).

35 - Hi! I just wanted to let you know (product name or service) has a special price today. If you’d like to enjoy it, follow this link (insert the link)

36 - Hey, I just want to let you know we have a sale coming soon on (date). Save the date and shop all your favorites with incredible discounts.

37 - Save big on your next purchase! We’re offering you a limited-time discount with this code (code).

38 - Our (sales' name) is going on NOW! Save up to (X%) on your purchases.

39 - You’ve unlocked free shipping with the items in your cart. Complete the checkout.

40 - Hey. Are you aware of our (sale's name)? Don't waste time and enjoy it while it lasts!

41 - Hey, we have a great sale running today on one of our most popular products. Do you wanna know more about it?

42 - Hello (customer name), can I explain the special discounted price for the (products/services name) you are interested in?

Scripts to Thank Customers for Waiting for a Response

43 - I’m sorry I kept you waiting. Thank you for your patience. How can I assist you today?

44 - Thank you for waiting. I really appreciate your patience. How may I help you?

45 - Hi there, I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I’ll be back to assist you in a few moments.

46 - Hi there! It’s peak season for us! Please allow me a couple of minutes to respond to your inquiry and offer you my full attention.

47 - Sorry for keeping you waiting and thank you so much for holding. We are now available to help you.

48 - We appreciate your patience for holding and apologize for the wait time.

Transferring the Conversation Scripts

JivoChat app interface to pass the chat to another agent

49 - Would it be ok if I transfer you to my colleague (agent's name) who specializes in (area of expertise)? He/she/they will be able to quickly help you with your query.

50 - I’d like to transfer you to my colleague (agent name) from (department name). He has your file on hand and you won’t have to repeat the issue to him/her/them.

51 - Our [responsible department] team is more equipped to answer this issue. Please wait one moment as I transfer the conversation to them.

52 - Thank you for providing these details. I’ve shared them with (department specialist name), who is experienced in this topic and will help you from here.

53 - Please hold while I transfer you to the right agent.

54 - Sorry for the inconvenience. But (agent name) from (department name) is the right person to solve this issue. Can I transfer you to him/her/them?

55 - Thanks for reaching out! I’ll connect you with my colleague, (agent name), who’s the best person to help you. Would you mind waiting a couple of minutes while I explain the situation to him/her/them?

56 - I’m sorry, but this question is out of my expertise, but (agent name) from the (department name) can help you. Would you like me to connect you with him?

57 - Based on the information you’ve provided, I believe (agent name) will be able to assist you and solve your issue. Can I transfer you?

58 - I’m afraid I can’t address your request. However, (agent’s name)is a pro and would happily assist you. Is it okay if I transfer you?

Apologizing Live Chat Scripts

59 - (Customer name), I apologize for the error on our end. I’m going to look into this for you right away. Thank you for your patience.

60 - Thank you for explaining the issue, (Customer name). I am very sorry for the problems it caused to you. Please, give me a minute to make things right.

61 - I am really sorry to hear about your negative experience, (customer name). We’ll take this issue as our top priority to get it solved for you.

62 - We take full responsibility for our error, and we are extremely sorry for what you had to go through. Let us make up for our error by (offer a solution).

63 - I’m sorry this hasn’t worked out as you expected. I will work on getting this right for you immediately.

64 - I understand your frustration and I’m really sorry about that. Tell me what happened, and I will do my best to help you.

65 - I’m sorry about your poor experience with your purchase. We will make things right away.

Scripts to Thank The Customers

66- Thank you for reaching out to us. Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

67 - Thank you. We hope we solved your issue to your utmost satisfaction. Have a good day.

68 - Thank you so much for using the (company name)live chat. We hope to hear from you soon! Have a good day.

69 -It was a pleasure talking with you. Thank you for choosing our services and trust in our work.

70 - We appreciate your business and hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for chatting.

71 - Thank you for taking an interest in our brand! We appreciate it. Have a nice day! 👋

72 - Thank you for visiting our website! We are looking forward to helping you!

Feedback Request Live Chat Scripts

73 - Thanks for using our live chat service. Would you mind leaving us a quick review on (insert a link)?

74 - I’m glad I could assist. Do you have a couple of minutes to take our survey and share your feedback?

75 - If you have a moment before logging off, please answer our survey here: ( insert link). Your feedback helps us continue to improve.

76 - Thanks for contacting (business name) support. How would you rate our service on a scale of (scale)?

77 - Thanks for reaching out! A brief satisfaction survey will pop up when the live chat session closes. Please consider taking it. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

78 - Can you spare a minute to share your feedback on your support experience?

79 - Your feedback matters. Could you take a moment to share your thoughts on the support you received?

80 - Your insights are crucial. How would you rate your overall experience with our (product/service)?

81 - Your feedback is gold to us! Can you share your thoughts on how we can improve our services and customer support?

Scripts to End the Live Chat Conversation

82 - Thanks for reaching out to us! Enjoy the rest of your day.

83 - Thanks for visiting our website. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with before closing the chat.

84 - I'm glad we managed to sort that out! Have an incredible day.

85 - If any other questions arise, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thanks so much for using our live chat service. It was a pleasure talking to you.

Personalize the Live Chat Scripts According to Your Brand's Identity

You can take the live chat examples and adapt them to keep your brand's tone of voice. Analyze the main situations that occur in the live chat conversations, and develop the scripts. However, it's important not to have a dialogue with only script answers. It's important to personalize each conversation and develop it organically.

With the JivoChat live chat app, you can easily trigger proactive chat invitations based on the customers' actions. Also, you can enjoy the Google Analytics integration and identify how to improve the scripts and enhance your service.

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