6 of the Many Ways to Boost Morale and Performance in the Workplace

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Our workplace is like a second home to most, and if you’re doing a regular 9 to 5 job it probably takes up a third of your day. No matter how interesting, exciting, daring and challenging work can be, motivation is something you can never pin down.

It changes constantly, varies, has its ups and downs, and is rarely predictable. This can prove to be a real issue if you have several employees and the whole workload depends on how invested (read motivated) they are to do it on time.

So, in the text below, we’ll discuss some ways to boost morale and improve the performance of the workforce in the workplace. Read on!

Recognition and Appreciation

Humans are beings of feelings and emotions. Reinforcing good behavior is usually linked to rewards of a more materialistic nature. From a young age, we often connect good behavior with a gift or present our parents will buy us, maybe money or maybe even a trip if we get straight As at school.

But, as we grow older and wiser we start to appreciate things that money cannot buy. All of a sudden rather than money, watches, shoes, and other gifts we look for positive reinforcement in the form of kind words, a tap on the shoulder, a smile, or public recognition.

This is something we can "take advantage of" in the workplace, it doesn’t cost us anything and it can make all the change in the world. The key is simply to regularly appreciate the good work your team is doing.

For example, if a couple of members did well, you and everyone else can give them a standing ovation by clapping and kind words. They’ll appreciate it and everyone else will see it as an example of how they should act as well.

Professional Development Opportunities

Most employees keep changing and shifting jobs because they feel after a certain time their abilities and their contribution to the job lead nowhere as they have the same position as 5 years ago.

Offering constant opportunities for your employees to have the chance to "upgrade" to a new post, doing something else while still being part of the same family, is most employees' dream.

So, consider offering unique employee incentive ideas such as personalized coaching sessions, mentorship programs, or sponsorship to attend several different conferences or even an internship abroad. All these changes and opportunities give your employees the feeling that the company is growing and that they can grow with it as well.

Clear Communication

It’s a bit of a cliche to say it but communication is the key to success. Again and again, team leaders and employees simply have a hard time transmitting their messages in the right manner.

Sometimes it’s because the thoughts are not articulated properly or because the company as a whole has strict policies on what they can and cannot say which can feel restrictive for the employees. So, make it as transparent as possible and allow the expression of ideas, thoughts, and concerns.

Provide feedback to your employees and make sure to avoid harsh words or criticism with a negative connotation. Clear communication is like oil in an engine, it keeps the engine going smoothly.

The image shows four women working in an office. They are sat on a table, two of them are using a laptop, an the other two are reading a paper.

Work-Life Balance

Flexibility is a broad term, and though we understand not all companies can offer their employees flexible working hours or the chance to work remotely from whichever location they choose, it’s still important to consider the personal needs of your employees and to balance life and work.

So, we suggest having agreements and arrangements with your employees and being open about possible ideas and suggestions and make the scheduling a bit easier. The key is to make your employees feel like they have control over their own time.

Team-Building activities

These activities should always be fun and carefree. Organize something that will allow for proper bonding time between employees while promoting some fun. From bowling to picking or running a marathon, everything could work.

Empowerment and autonomy

Empowerment is usually followed by a feeling of having a task to finish and taking responsibility for it. In other words, a great strategy to boost morale in the workplace is simply giving out different tasks to your team.

Some can be personalized for specific employees, others might require team projects and appointing a leader. Either way, these sorts of tasks give the employees a sense of responsibility and therefore the feeling of empowerment.

Autonomy means giving your employees a chance to improvise if needed, to be creative, to make a mistake, and to think with their heads whenever there is a job to be done. What we are suggesting is simply to be less restrictive and more open to the idea of individuality and doing things differently.

Morale is a changing variable, and you can never get a hold of it. It sometimes can depend on the weather or day of the week but with these simple and easy tricks, you can make sure it always stays high.

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