12 Ebook Templates to Download and Personalize Your Project

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Jaqueline Corradi
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An essential part of any ebook is its design, which includes choosing among several ebook templates or creating your own. Several platforms provide you with pre-built templates that can be fully customized.

You don't need to be a designer to know how to edit the template and personalize it to fit your ebook's visual identity. On the contrary, platforms like Canva, also offer a drag-and-drop editor where you can choose the font style, set up the color palette, add images, and graphic elements, and structure the ebook as you wish.

What Is an Ebook Template?

The word ebook is short for electronic book, which means a book in a digital format. The most common ebook file formats are PDF, mobi, and epub. The ebook template is a predesigned structure where the content, which includes the text and image, is placed.

The ebook template serves as a basis for creating the ebook layout, structuring its content, and developing its visual identity. When you use a pre-made template, it becomes easier to organize the elements of each page and create an e-book that's visually appealing, and easy to read.

How to Choose the Right Ebook Template

Thousands of ebook templates are available online, including free and paid options. Among so many alternatives, it's common to get confused about which template is most appropriate for your ebook. But, considering some fundamental aspects will help you with that.

Define Your Ebook Objective

What is your main goal with your ebook? It can be offering informative content for your audience, to engage with them, selling a product or service, or teaching the readers about a specific topic, for instance.

The ebook goals and theme interfere directly with the type of template you will choose. An ebook designed for promoting a product may have more images. On the other hand, a minimalist template may be more suitable for an educational ebook, to drive attention to the text.

Consider Who Your Target Audience Is

The right template for your ebook must be aligned with your target audience profile. Try to answer how you can design the ebook to attract your audience's attention and compel; them not only to download the ebook but to read it completely.

Does your target audience prefer to consume content with many images, or do they like a clean layout with fewer visual elements? Keep these details in mind before choosing the template.

Analyze How the Template Aligns with Your Brand Visual Identity

Another fundamental aspect is having the template and all of the ebook design elements aligned with your brand's visual identity.

This is important to maintain cohesive communication, where your customers can identify your brand in different pieces of content, as they see the same elements applied, such as the color palette, font type, and logo.

12 Ebook Templates


1. Neutral Minimalist Aesthetic

Neutral minimalist aesthetic ebook template

This ebook template has a minimalist style, and the pages have a clean and classic design. The color palette is composed of black, white, off-white, and shades of gray, along with the font, it reminds of a physical book.

2. Blue Business Guide

Blue business guide ebook template

The Blue Business Guide template has a modern style, and as the name suggests, it's suited for business ebooks. The color palette is predominantly neutral, with touches of yellow and blue in the details, which helps to highlight important information and make the ebook a bit less formal.

3. Ocean Ebook

Ocean Ebook template

The Ocean ebook template is suited for fantasy and fiction novels. In the background of the ebook cover, the beautiful photo of a person contemplating the ocean helps to catch the reader's attention. The inside of the ebook has a minimalist design, with white pages and the text in black.

4. Blush and Brown Ebook

Blush and brown ebook template

This ebook template is modern and reminds the style design used for magazines with the text in a bigger font size and images to illustrate the pages. The cover highlights the ebook title by putting it in the center and inside a white box. The color palette is mostly composed of earthy tones, such as dark and light brown.

5. Minimal Modern Online Business Ebook

Minimal modern online business ebook template

Elegant and minimalist is how this ebook template can be described. The black cover with the title in white is a classical choice, but the geometrical shapes added on the sides make it more modern. The same shapes are used along the ebook pages, which creates a cohesive visual identity.

6. Typographic Neon Ebook Template

Typographic Neon Ebook template

The Typographic Neon Ebook template has a modern aesthetic and was designed for romance novels. With a black and white photo in the cover's background, the title is highlighted by the choice of color: a neon green. The color palette mainly comprises multiple tons of gray, and green.

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7. Minimal Ebook Template

Minimal ebook template

The Minimal Ebook Template has a simple and elegant design. Composed of just a few graphic elements, the pages are white and the text black, a classic choice, while the details on the corner of the page are brown. The template enables you to create a well-structured ebook with several illustrations in the text.

8. Corporate Business Project

Corporate Business Project template

If you want to create a business report in an ebook format, this template is ideal for that. It has a modern style with a color palette that mixes neutral colors such as gray and white, with a vibrant yellow. To make the ebook more appealing to the readers, you can add charts, and structure the content in tables or bullet points, for example.

9. Corporate Business Brochure

Corporate business brochure

The Corporate Business Brochure design uses circular geometric shapes in different colors to highlight important information in the ebook. That adds a modern style to it, and the details in orange help to catch the readers' attention.

10. Clean Ebook Design

Clean Ebook Design template

The Clean Ebook Design template keeps things simple. With a minimalist style, the color palette is black and white, but you can add your logo and your brand's visual identity to it.

11. Company Profile Brochure

Company Profile Brochure template

The use of different shades of purple and blue in the pages makes the Company Profile Brochure more attractive to the readers. It has a modern style and allows you to organize the content to enhance user experience.

12. Blogger Ebook Template

Blogger ebook template

The Blogger Ebook Template has a modern design with a color palette in yellow, black, and white. The yellows are used in the background of some pages where the titles and important information are put in black boxes with the font in white, which is a strategy to drive the reader's attention.

Choose Your Favorite Ebook Template

Now that you have seen various ebook templates, take your time to analyze the different design styles and select the one that suits your ebook. Remember the importance of adding your brand's identity to it. Use the template as a base to create something new and unique for your readers.

Once you choose the ebook template, and finish personalizing and adding the content, it's time to plan how to publish your ebook. There are multiple options, you can make the ebook available for free on your website, and use it to generate leads or sell it in marketplaces, for instance.

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