9 WordPress plugins for your ecommerce

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WordPress is one of the best options for setting up a virtual shop, and is almost as good an option as opening your own site. Setting up a blog or site on WordPress requires less knowledge and work than setting up your own website. As well as being simple to use, the platform has various plugins, tools that can be used to add various features to pages on your website. In this post, we’ve listed 9 WordPress plugins for ecommerce sites that could make things easier for the visitors to your page and, obviously, increase your sales!

1. Jivochat

We just had to start with our own plugin, which is dedicated to online chat. The plugin has all of the characteristics essential to an online chat plugin for WordPress, as well as all of the features that standard versions of online chats for PCs and mobile devices have. Don’t forget to check out the complete list of our plugin’s features over on the page dedicated to the Jivochat plugin, where you can also download it to install on your ecommerce site.


2. WooCommerce

We talked about WooCommerce in our post that listed [20 sites to start your ecommerce] (/blog/ecommerce/websites-to-start-ecommerce.html). This is one of the best platforms you can use to set up your virtual shop, but it also has a WordPress plugin that you can use to set up your ecommerce. Amongst the main advantages of using WooCommerce are the huge variety of features you can choose from, the fact that it’s compatible with any kind of WordPress theme, and that it has a wide variety of optional functions that you can include on your site.

Find about more about WooCommerce on their WordPress page.

3. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads has a more specific target market than WooCommerce, focusing on helping the owners of shops that sell virtual items rather than physical ones, such as selling codes for downloading games, or offering services you can sign up to, like Netflix. It doesn’t have that many features or graphics to customise your shop with, but it lets you set it up quickly and efficiently, and it also has tools for analysing your sales performance.

What this WordPress plugin does have is almost 200 themes and extensions for creating your ecommerce. Click here to find out more about Easy Digital Downloads.

Easy Digital Downloads

4. WP eCommerce

Currently the most popular WordPress plugin in its category, with almost 1.5 million downloads, WP eCommerce is also highly compatible with almost all WordPress themes, and lets you use any template for your shop. Highly customisable, this tool also lets you accept various types of digital payment like PayPal, or one of these other [8 digital payment alternatives] (/blog/tools/alternatives-paypal-to-ecommerce.html). Click the link to find out more about WP eCommerce.

5. Ecwid

Despite the odd name, Ecwid is considered the best tool for transporting the content from your old site to a new template, rather than starting your site from scratch. It’s also possible to mirror your site on other systems, letting you expand into other types of virtual shop. This WordPress plugin also has a panel which lets you analyse information about all the locations where your shop operates, without needing to specifically visit each site to do so. Find out how Ecwid operates by checking out their WordPress page.

6. Jigoshop

This plugin promises its users that they will be able to set up their online shop in a matter of minutes. It allows you to offer different categories of the same item. For example, when you add a shirt to your shop, you can show different sizing options (small, medium, large and extra-large, amongst others), letting your visitors see the sizes for themselves. Click here to find out more about Jigoshop!


7. Marketpress

Marketpress is considered one of the best WordPress plugins for ecommerce. This program implements an efficient shopping cart system on your WordPress site. The plugin has a wide range of theme and feature options that you can use from the word go, meaning you don’t need to use lots of plugins on just one page.

Click the link to see Marketpress’ page.

8. Cart66 Lite

Focused on making things easier for the user, but not confusing them with too wide a range of options, Cart66 Lite is a WordPress plugin based on simplicity. What’s more, it’s more aimed towards blogs with shops, as there is space for ads and you can use affiliate marketing to generate extra profit. This is all without sacrificing the way the virtual shop operates, as it still gives you lots of different payment options. Find out more about Cart 66 Lite on their WordPress page.

Cart66 Lite

9. Shopify

Just like WooCommerce, Shopify is one of the main platforms you can use to set up an ecommerce site, and it also has a WordPress version. It is also one of the most highly recommended plugins for advertising, and for integration with social media. The plugin has a tool for inventory management, and it also has its own digital payment option. This would be a positive, if the platform didn’t charge you for using any other payment option. Find out more about Shopify here.

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Download Jivochat, along with a few other plugins from this list!

WordPress sites let you use multiple plugins on your ecommerce site, so you need to make sure you figure out which are the best options for creating your page. When it comes to your online chat, don’t forget to check out everything that [Jivochat] (/pricing/) has to offer!

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