3 Ways to Use the Call Back Tool on Your Website

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Luciano Larrossa
Luciano Larrossa
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Although common in some ecommerce sites, the call back tool may be considered unknown by a good part of the average user. Also called an instant connection, this is a kind of functionality to allow your customer to be contacted at a more convenient time for him. The function has several advantages and listed below 3 of the best ways to use the instant links on your site.

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What is the call back?

Instant calls are a way to integrate your online chat on Jivochat with your phone. With it, you can meet a visitor or customer by talking directly to him, which for some cases can be extremely useful because many people find it difficult to explain what they need through the text. In addition, a voice contact always ends up increasing the confidence of those who are buying.

Call Back

1. Products release

Often, when launching a new product - be it physical or digital - the number of online chat requests increases, whether affiliated, site visitors or customers. Questions about this new product are the most common reason why your online service will be most requested. You can take the call back to talk to your visitors, while you can send files and images in the chat to demonstrate the product.


2. Call Center Substitute

We already talked about [many times in our blog] (/blog/communication/key-features-for-online-chat-platform.html) that online chat is a more viable option and an excellent substitute for telephone exchanges. With the call back tools, this statement becomes truer, since it allows your [online attendance team] (/blog/jivo-tutorials/live-helper-chat.html) talk on the phone with your customers, but without them receiving inconvenient connections.

3. You can guide a customer to solve a problem

With instant calls, you can guide your customer and help you solve [questions and complaints] (/blog/communication/answers-to-most-common-questions-in-ecommerce.html). For example, if you sell some [email marketing tool] (/blog/tools/best-e-mail-marketing-tools.html), you can use callback to show the first steps a customer must take to import their email list and create email templates to send to their contact base. Of course, this example illustrates only one of the possibilities. If you have an ecommerce, you can also use the link to teach a visitor how to generate a ticket on your site or use a discount coupon.

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How to: activate the Jivochat callback tool

1. Access the Jivochat control panel;

2. Enter the settings from one of your sites;


3. Choose the Call Back option from the left menu;


4. Click Activate.


Use instant calls to leverage your online service

With the use of call back tools, your online chat system with Jivochat will offer you more opportunities to sell and serve your customers better. Whether it's to spread information about a new product, guide your customers to a purchase or even totally replace a call center, JivoChat is the ultimate service tool for your ecommerce.

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