JivoChat Recognized as a Summer 2022 High Performer by G2

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Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia
Head of Content

We are thrilled to announce that JivoChat has received the High Performer badge given by the  Summer 2022 G2  Report. G2 is a company that specialized in software reviews, used by buyers from all over the world to make sure they are purchasing software that suits their needs.

The reviews are made by actual users, and it's a great satisfaction to all of our team to know that our customers are happy with the solution that JivoChat offers. We work continuously to guarantee that you can count on the best features to help enhance your business. 

How did JivoChat Achieve this?

Every single positive review, alongside JivoChat's team effort to deliver the highest-quality live chat in the market helped us get here!

The image shows JivoChat high performer badge, and its 5 star reviews

Best Live Chat for Websites

JivoChat has the best live chat for websites, which you can easily install on your website to improve customer relationships and give them a personalized experience. Our software is perfectly designed to fit on a side panel in your pages. 

It works on every modern browser and mobile device, and you can translate the live chat into 20 languages. Easy to use, your team will have no problem managing multiple conversations at the same time.  

The image shows JivoChat sign in box, behind it there are the logo os some social media platforms, like Facebook, and Instagram.

Built-in CRM

With JivoChat, you will have a built-in CRM, helping to develop a more effective workflow to keep track of leads and customers and avoid losing business opportunities. On a single platform, you are able to manage multiple sales channels like WhatsApp, and Instagram.

It takes only 10 minutes to install the JivoChat CRM, and you don't need to have any special training to use it. You can customize the pipeline according to your company's sales process, and check valuable data to increase productivity and sales, such as response time, working hours, and the number of unanswered messages.

Collect Feedback and Provide the Best Service

The JivoChat software allows you to understand customer behavior, identify what needs to be improved in your company, and find the best solutions. You will receive reports with key performance indicators such as response time, which allows you to make data-driven decisions. 

Instead of guessing, with tools like the live chat and the CRM, you can build a closer relationship with your customers and understand what solutions they are looking for. The live chat is an easy and quick way for your clients to send their feedback, offering you insight to improve.

API for Developers

If you are a developer, JivoChat offers rich customization options for our products, and a large set of tools to integrate with third-party business automation solutions. With the Widget API, for example, you can manage the chat window on your website. 

The Webhooks API allows you to receive notifications about the beginning or end of a chat on your server-side. The Chat API enables you to organize customer requests from multiple channels. 

The image shows JivoChat and other companies' logos

Dedicated Customer Success Team

One of the main JivoChat differentials is the dedicated customer success team that we have to ensure we can solve our clients' issues, and provide the best assistance to each one of you. Our platform is in constant evolution to be always up-to-date with the latest technologies.

We value our customers and want to help you to find great solutions for your business as well. That's why our team focuses on seeking knowledge and is always prompt to work together with our clients. 

Leverage JivoChat to Skyrocket Your Growth

If you are looking for ways to expand your business and sell more, we can provide you with the proper tools to help you convert leads into customers, increase brand loyalty, and develop a more engaged customer base. With just a few steps, you can install the JivoChat software, and start implementing strategies that will give you new opportunities, enjoy!

Already Using JivoChat? Review us on G2!

User reviews help us understand that we are on the right track and make the entire JivoChat team very happy.

If you’re already using JivoChat to help your business grow, consider leaving a review on G2 and let us know how can we make our solution even better for you!

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