JivoChat Is Featured On Facebook Solution Explorer

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Emma Longridge
Emma Longridge
Content Manager

JivoChat has an exciting announcement!

JivoChat is proud to announce that we’re part of a progressive time in social media-run advertising spaces: we’re recognized as a business messenger tool on The Facebook Solutions Explorer Directory.

The Facebook Solutions Explorer Directory is an interactive directory of marketing solution providers and partners that let advertisers search for their best marketing options to find advice and the best way to help build themselves.

Using the Facebook Solution Explorer Directory, you can find marketing technology companies that help you with every part of your online marketing strategy on Facebook.

JivoChat on Facebook Solution Explorer

Facebook selected JivoChat to be one of their recommended companies. Check out our link here: https://www.facebook.com/business/solutions-explorer/messaging/1289670804482738/JivoChat.

JivoChat is a business messenger that connects online businesses with their customers across all channels: live chat via website/mobile apps, on social networks and messengers, email, and voice services.

To reach out to JivoChat via Facebook Business, simply head over to Solution Explorer and search for "JivoChat" under the Messaging category.

JivoChat is trusted by more than 270,000 websites and empowers millions of chats every year.

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