Set tasks and control the work of your employees

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JivoChat keeps developing. We have added some new features, which help you to control your employees’ work, set tasks, and keep track of their progression. But — first things first.

Task setting We launched a new feature titled “Tasks”. All tasks are stored here, filtered by date and importance.

The agents can add the task directly to the chat, select the date and time, and set the priority. At the appointed time, they will get a notification to clarify the details and close the deal.

The manager has access to all employees’ tasks. So you can set and follow the progression to the goal.

Set tasks

Controlling employees’ work Monitoring and evaluating the work of employees is the responsibility of the manager. Now it is even more convenient to control the work of agents in JivoChat.

The supervisor has access to clients’ chats and can estimate an employee’s performance. If something goes wrong, you can respond to the client yourself, or write a comment to the agent and tell them how to resolve the issue.

This feature is available only for JivoChat professional version users.

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