New JivoChat Features: Statuses and Responsible Agents

updated November 3, 2023
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Ksenia Tatarintzeva
Ksenia Tatarintzeva
Marketing Manager

JivoChat — more than just a chat! Our application helps not only to communicate with customers but also to keep your client database in order. With the latest update, two new features have appeared in the application: Statuses and Responsible Agents.


How do you clean up your customer database and highlight your top customer contacts? May we introduce Statuses: a client labeling system that clarifies your relationship to each client profile.

By default, there are four statuses: "New", "Contact later", "Completed", and "Not our client". You can add any number of labels to client profiles. This is easy to do in the section, "Management — Work with clients."

Selecting the "Contact later" status when you exit the dialog will automatically create a reminder for you. Reminders can be enabled for any other status by checking the "Put a reminder" box in the settings panel.

All employees can set statuses, but only admins can create and edit them.

Responsible Agents

You can now assign a responsible agent to each dialogue in the dashboard on the right. This will help distribute tasks within your team and encourage more client transactions. How many more potential buyers can you email or notify about latest discounts?

Repeated client requests will be sent to the responsible agent assigned to each client. However, this does not mean that the responsible agent has to be online all the time. If there’s no agent response after 15 seconds, the notification will be sent to all other agents as usual.

You can find and check statuses and responsible agents that are assigned to clients in the Archive section on the Clients tab.

Now available: JivoChat Mobile Voice Services

Make and receive calls via the JivoChat mobile app.

Call directly from your smartphone! Sounds logical, doesn’t it? And now it works that way as well. Voice services features are now available in the JivoChat mobile app. Make yourself omnichannel- all communications with customers are literally at your fingertips.

App Features

  • Make and receive calls and get callbacks directly from the JivoChat app. This function works well when you get a reminder to call a client, but you’re not close by to your laptop. Don’t forget to enable the app notifications, otherwise, you won’t get notified.
  • Turn on the speakerphone or temporarily mute the microphone as well as transfer the call to another agent. The service also supports DTMF (tone dialing technology).
  • Switch to live chat and then seamlessly return to a call. You can even navigate to another application while maintaining a conversation.
  • Your current balance amount and the phone number you want to use as the outgoing call number (if you have several numbers connected) are also visible here.

On iPhones, we have implemented an integration with the system call log: you can see calls via the app in the call list in the standard dialer of your phone.

There’s another feature on Android phones: when you click on the phone number on the website, in a letter, or in another app, the phone will offer you a choice: make a regular phone call or call via JivoChat.

How To Get Started

If you’ve already connected Telephony/Voice Services, all the mobile functions are already immediately available in the app. If you’re just going to start using Voice Services, you’ll need to configure everything from the desktop app.

If this is the case, feel free to click on the handset icon in the upper right corner of the mobile app, we’ll send you an email with detailed setup instructions.

— Your JivoChat Team


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