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Oleg Gumerov
Oleg Gumerov
Product Manager

A missed call is a lost customer. Considering acquisition costs, every missed call yields losses. Missed calls are still among the most popular reasons why businesses lose clients.

Remedy? Transparent processes. Meet the updated Statistics section. It now has two new tabs: Virtual ATS and Callbacks.

How It Works


Incoming and outgoing calls

The section keeps and shows all the data regarding your calls. The charts display the overall number of calls and ratio between answered and missed calls, as well as successful and no-answer outgoing calls. You can filter data by phone number, agent, and date. In particular, you can find out which agent has made most calls over the last week and which agent has missed more calls than all other operators.


This tab is designed in a pretty similar way. There, you can see the total number of calls and ratio between answered and missed calls. Using filters, you can cluster data by website, agent, or date. Thus, you can see on which website the clients have requested most calls and how many of them have been answered by your agents. Our data show that the callback function doubles the number of calls from a website. You can easily see this for yourself!


Aggregated Report

The data from the two tabs are shown in the aggregated report. You can select a period and export a report in XLS or CSV.

How to Use Data

Tracking telephony statistics, you can see agent load and timely reinforce your team or modify the agent schedule.

Performance analysis is just a few clicks away: the report will show you how swift each of your employees is in answering calls and how much time they spend on talking to a customer. These insights will help you make more informed decisions.

Check your stats Telephony Callback

May success and efficiency attend you when working with JivoSite!

— Your JivoChat Team


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