9 signs that it’s time to upgrade to the professional version of JivoChat

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Clayton Quist
Clayton Quist
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It’s difficult to resist using a free tool, especially when your business is still getting off the ground and every penny counts. That’s why, here at Jivochat, we offer a free tool, as well as access to the features of a paid account for a 14 day test period. Although there are chats out there that offer all kinds of features for free, what seems to be free at first could end up costing you dear.

To help you identify when it’s the right moment to switch from the free version of Jivochat to the professional version, we have made a list of 9 signs, or nine paid features, which could help you to decide whether to make the move, from proactive chat invitations to the cost-benefit relationship. Check out the list below to find out more about the advantages of upgrading to the professional version!

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1. Low monthly cost

custo anual de um chat online

If you choose to pay annually, the monthly cost for each operator that deals with customers through Jivochat is only $10. Every company has a budget but one sale, in general, whether or not it is a direct result of customer service, will cover the cost of using the platform. When considering the annual model, remember that you’ll only have to pay once a year, leaving you free to use the tool however you think best for the rest of the year.

2. Proactive chat invitations

One of the most useful functions, that will help you transform your customer service into a selling machine, is sending proactive chat invitations. Rather than waiting for a visitor to contact your online customer service, you can configure your site to send a chat invite after a person has been on your site for a certain amount of time. With your customer service team sending proactive invites, the conversation rate of undecided clients could increase significantly.

3. Recording quick responses to increase productivity

Another of the features unlocked on the Jivochat professional plan is the possibility for setting up quick responses on the platform. This becomes especially useful when you start having a continuous flux of requests and open chats. If you notice that your operators are wasting time sending generic responses such as ‘welcome’ or ‘good bye’, it’s a good time to consider upgrading.

4. Complete information and visitor history

The popular saying goes that information is power and, for an ecommerce business, it could mean increased sales. JivoChat provides every visitor’s history for the operator to access, so that they can find out the client’s location or if there is anything pending, and even see the client’s past purchases. This feature, exclusive to the professional version, becomes essential once you’ve gained so many loyal customers that it’s impossible to remember them all.

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5. Creation of different areas

Depending on your business or the service you provide, it might be a good idea to divide your customer service into different areas. That way, your clients and visitors will have immediate access to more specialised customer service, and you will be able to transfer calls between operators. This has two advantages, both for the operator and consumer. It reduces the risk of someone giving out the wrong answer due to not being a specialist in the area, and makes the customer service quicker for the client.

6. Integration with mobile applications

aplicativo mobile do jivochat

Especially useful for those in the service sector, creating a mobile app has been useful for lots of businesses. Apps like Uber and iFood have revolutionised the transport and food industries and, even before Uber, taxi drivers were using other, similar apps. If you’re following in their footsteps, it’s time to upgrade. As well as having an app for Android and i0S, Jivochat offers an SDK code for those who want to integrate customer service through an online chat directly into their own applications for Android and i0S.

6. Integration with CRM

If you’re already using a CRM system as part of your business, we strongly recommend that, rather than starting with the free version, you go straight to the 14-day trial and use the professional version. This is because, in addition to the code for integrating the chat into applications mentioned above, we also offer an API code – in JavaScript and Webhooks – so that you can integrate JivoChat into your system, helping you to gather new contacts and access client histories.

8. Analytical tools

Although our free version lets you chat to your visitors and clients, analytical tools quickly become necessary. With the professional version, you can even combine reports from JivoChat with your reports from, for example, Google Analytics. This data is vital as it will allow you to find out which of your products are most popular and gain insight into what your business is doing right and what still needs to be improved on. When you’re starting out this may seem unnecessary, as you don’t have any data to analyse, but it won’t be long until you’ll need this kind of analysis.

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analytics do jivochat

9. Client feedback about operators

It’s important that your customer service team gets good feedback from clients. However, if your client can’t quickly evaluate the service provided, you’ll be dependent on feedback through other channels, such as email. Normally, a client won’t bother to send an email or complain about your company on social media unless things have already reached a stage which means they’re unlikely to deal with your company again. This is another feature that tends to be side-lined when you open your ecommerce business, but if it isn’t dealt with promptly, it can become a big problem.

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We understand that, especially for people who are just getting started with their businesses, a paid option might be inviable to begin with. That’s why we offer the free version for up to five operators. This lets you get to grips with the platform and try out its basic functions, but these are just a launch pad. To find out about all the features that Jivochat’s professional version offers, don’t forget to [check out our page] (https://www.jivochat.com/pricing/) and [register for your free trial] (https://www.jivochat.com/) to see what JivoChat has to offer.

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