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December 27, 2022
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
Content Manager

Knowing the TikTok trends that are making success in the platform is very important for marketing professionals and digital influencers who want to boost their profile or a brand profile. When you keep updated with trending videos and hashtags, it becomes easier to have ideas for your content as well.

Besides, when you record TilTok videos following up on trends, the chances of getting a bigger number of views are higher.  You can reach more people beyond your followers, increasing your visibility and building brand awareness. Check out the article to discover the latest TikTok trends. 

TikTok Trends are video themes that have become a success on the platform and many of them go viral. The trends come from tv shows, memes, interviews, music, and challenges, there are thousands of things that can inspire a trend.

For instance, a TV show becomes a success and people start lip-syncing to it, or recording videos with the music they used on a scene. Famous singers like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift release new albums, and people start recording dancing videos or using their songs as a soundtrack. Then, the music or the tv show ends up inspiring new trends.

Trends usually are organic, but knowing the power of going viral on TikTok, many artists and brands are starting to develop marketing strategies to introduce trends, to grow their visibility. Probably you have already seen singers and bands recording dancing videos and inviting their fans to post their versions. This is a way to promote their music. 

Brands from different sectors enjoy the success of the challenge format on TikTok to release their own challenges, for example. This is an interesting strategy to raise brand awareness and increase engagement. 

Don't fool yourself by thinking TikTok trends are meaningless and don't deserve your attention. On the contrary, if you are a marketing professional who wants to be up-to-date with the new ways to promote brands and products, it's fundamental to understand what is trending on TikTok and other social media platforms.

There are thousands of TikTok trends, they vary according to each niche. When you know them, you have a hint of the topics that are catching your target audience's attention. TikTok trends are an indicator of the music, tv shows, and other products that are a success at the moment.

TikTok trends have the power to increase sales of a product. For example, when several users record videos talking about the same item and recommending it, companies have watched the number of sales grow because of this. 

1. Haul

The haul is a type of video where the TikTok creator shows what they have bought or received as a gift. According to TikTok Trend Discovery page, the Haul hashtag had almost 25 thousand posts, and 138.1 million views. During Christmas, for example, many people post their Christmas shopping or gifts using the hashtag. 

If you want to promote a brand, you can invite the customers to record videos showing what they bought from your store. Hashtags like "ZaraHaul" have become very popular, and this helps to increase brand success. It's an organic promotion. 

Katie Feeney is seating on her bed, and it's written "Christmas Haul 2022" on the screen.

Source: Katie Feeney TikTok

2. Get Ready With Me

Get ready with me or GRWM is a video format that has become a success on TikTok. Creators from all around the world, mainly the ones who focus their content on fashion topics, post videos every day using this hashtag. 

In this video, the person shows what they are going to wear for a certain occasion, for example, to go to the movies, to a concert, or a restaurant. They usually show the accessories and clothes they are going to choose from and end the video with the final look, many of them ask the viewers to tell if they liked the outfit or not, which helps to boost engagement in those videos. 

This is a very interesting format for fashion brands when a piece of clothing features in several videos, it catches the viewers' attention, which raises brand awareness. Besides, when the clothing is worn by a famous digital influencer in a get ready with me video, it may increase the sales for the product. 

Madeleine White is showing a dress to the camera.

Source: Madeleine White TikTok

3. Unboxing

Digital influencers, as the name already suggests, can influence their followers on what to buy. When someone follows a content creator usually it's because they value their opinion, like their style, and relate with them. Therefore, when the creator recommends a product, it adds credibility to the item's quality, and many people may want to buy it.

Considering this, several brands started sending their products to digital influencers, and with this, a new video format became popular: unboxing. This type of video was already a success on YouTube, and it gained a shorter version with TikTok. 

In unboxing, people show the products they have received from multiple brands. Many of them don't open the boxes before the video, so they can show their genuine reaction when seeing the products to the public. Unboxing videos can also be made from items people purchased on the internet, recording their reaction when seeing the item for the first time, for example. 

Someone takin an apple product box from a bag.

Source: Parmis Najmi TikTok

4. Dancing Videos

One of the most successful types of videos on TikTok is the dancing one. People create choreographies or try to repeat the artists' choreography. That helps many bands and singers to promote their latest songs. Nowadays, many songs enter the top hits on Spotify because they have gone viral on TikTok. 

One example is the song "Bloody Mary" by Lady Gaga, which was released in 2011, and became a hit in 2022 because TikTok creators started using it to perform the dance scene from the Netflix TV show, Wednesday.  

Lady Gaga is wearing shorts, a shirt and a blazer and she is dancing.

Source: Lady Gaga TikTok

5. Lip Syncing

Lip sync videos have been a trend on TikTok for many years, and it continues to be a success. You can lip-sync popular songs, TV show quotes, movie lines, funny audio, and much more. Some creators even dress up in a costume and create a scenario to record an even more interesting video. 

A woman is lip-syncing and in front of her there is a laptop showing the scene from a movie.

Source: Carazozula TikTok

6. Glow-Up

Glow-up videos are before and after videos. In the first part, someone appears without makeup or dressed in pajamas, for example. Then, there is a cut in the scene and the same person appears all dressed up and with gorgeous makeup.  Another type of glow-up video is when the creator shows old pictures of themselves and how they look now as well. 

The image shows a woman's face with makeup

Source: Hannah Franco TikTok

If you are a marketing professional or want to be a digital influencer, TikTok trends offer great ideas for content, you should enjoy them. But, it's important to choose trends that are aligned with your brand's identity. You may even adapt them to fit better the type of content you produce. Being original and adding a personal touch to the videos will help your or your brand profile stand out from the others.

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