14 Best Email Marketing Platforms in 2024

updated February 5, 2024
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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What marketing strategies does your company use? Creating email campaigns remains one of the most effective actions to turn leads into customers. Having the best email marketing platform will make it much easier and simpler to design templates, customize the message, and automate processes, such as sending your emails. 

These platforms allow you to add big email lists, segment them into smaller groups, according to your criteria. They also provide valuable data to improve your campaigns, you will be able to check, for example, open, click-through, and bounce rates. 

Email marketing is an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with your target audience, know even more about their behavior, build your company's credibility and authority, and increase your sales. 

What Is An Email Marketing Platform?

An email marketing plafform is a software that enables you to develop email campaigns, create and segment email lists, track all the interactions that happens via your company emails, and send emails automatically.

It ususally provides an email editor where you can use pre-built layout to create personalized messages. Other common tool is automating emails to be sent based on trigger actions taken by your target audience. For example, you can schedule an email to be sent when someone abandon a cart in your online store.

Email marketing platforms also provide personalization tools, so you can make every email unique by adding the contact's name, for instance.

How to choose the best email marketing platform

To choose an email marketing platform, it’s important to consider if you want more freedom to design your templates, for example, an HTML editor, the size of your email list, and the number of segments you want to create. 

Besides, you should consider your budget, and analyze which email marketing platform provides the features you need without having to expand the value you planned to spend with it. 

Before defining the best email marketing platform for you, build an email marketing plan. Include which are your long, and short-term goals, the types of campaigns to be developed, and your audience's profile. This way, you will already have an idea of what you need in a platform. 

The main aspects you should observe in an email marketing platform before choosing it are:

  • Usability: analyze if the email marketing platform is easy to use, you and your team must be able to quickly learn how to use it , and make the most of its features.
  • Send Volume: observe if the send limits are compatible with your needs, and if they worth the price you will pay.
  • Integration: you may need to integrate the email marketing platform with other software you use, such as a CRM tool and website builder. The platform of your choice must enable you to do that.
  • Edition Tools: pay attention to the features offered that allow you to create your emails, if the email marketing softwares offers an efficient email editor.
  • Personalization Tools: you should be able to personalize the emails, for example by addressing every contact by their names, adding your signature, and aligning the email layout with your brand's message.
  • Customer Support: a good email marketing platform has to offer excellent 24h customer support. Check customer reviews to know more about the quality of their services.
  • Cost: the price is a decisive aspect when it comes to choose an email marketing platform. Before starting your search for the best one to your company, set up a budget, and make a list of the essential features for your company.

Main Email Marketing Platform Features

Although each email marketing platform has its differences, there are some indispensable features they all should provide, which includes:

  • Email Editor: design and content editor that offer tools to personalize the email message, such as choosing a pre-build layout and changing its color, adding images and text.
  • Contact List Management: segment contact lists based on the criteria you choose.
  • Automation Tools: automate repetitive tasks, including sending emails according to trigger actions defined by you.
  • Analytics Tools: set of features that track key performance indicators such as number of emails sent, number of opened emails, and convertion rate.

14 Best Email Marketing Platforms in 2024

1. Brevo

Follow your leads and convert more with Brevo

Brevo email marketing platform was developed to help you promote and grow your brand, by offering several useful resources from creating to follow up each email campaign. Before signing up, you will be given many professional templates to choose from, to start building your message layout. 

You can customize every detail with the drag-and-drop builder, and personalize the email to enhance customer experience. For example, by adding your recipient’s name, and even create rules to display sections of content according to your contact database attributes, which means everyone can get an email built based on their preferences. 

To send your email with perfect timing, Brevo offers the "Send at the Best Time" algorithm, which has a machine learning model. Anonymously, the behavior from previous campaigns is analyzed, along with profiling information, to set the hour each contact is most likely to open the email and automatically sends it. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Professional templates
  • Personalize the content
  • Segment your email list according to your criteria
  • A/B testing
  • Unlimited space for contacts and attributes
  • "Send at the Best Time" feature

2. E-goi

E-goi logo

With an easy-to-use editor, E-goi allows you to create newsletters that are aligned with your brand's visual identity. You can add texts, columns, images, and videos, for example. The templates are mobile-friendly, and you are going to find unique options to send on special occasions, such as birthday celebrations or sales. 

You are going to count on advanced features to personalize the email marketing campaigns, by segmenting your email list. Also, the platform prevents your messages from going directly to the spam folder, by giving you analytical features. 

You can create an automatic sequence of emails, make automatic A/B testing, and send transactional emails such as account registration, order status, and abandoned cart recovery. It also sends you regular data reports. 

Highlighted features:

  • Free newsletter templates
  • A simple, professional editor
  • Avoid your emails going to the spam folder
  • Create automated email sequences
  • Automate A/B testing
  • Send campaign reports

3. Mailify

The image shows the Mailify logo, and it's' written below "Starting with Mailify. How to set up Mailify"

Do you need to create a mass email campaign? Mailify allows you to do that through its bulk mailer tool. This software also enables you to import as many contacts as you need, and it automatically takes care of bounces, opt-out, and complaints. 

The Mailify email builder makes it easy to create customized emails, with text, images, and your brand's logo. Insert everything you need, and check the preview version before sending. The platform ensures, as well, a high level of deliverability, with automatic address cleaning, an integrated anti-spam program, and time optimization. 

Access valuable data by integrating Google Analytics with Mailify, and track your email campaigns. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Bulk mailer tool
  • Import as many contacts as you want
  • High level of deliverability
  • Automatic address cleaning
  • Anti-spam program
  • Integrate with Google Analytics

4. GetResponse

GetResponse logo

With just a few clicks, you can build an amazing newsletter with GetResponse drag-and-drop email creator. You can select among several layouts, customize everything and have a preview version of how the message is going to appear on mobile devices. It's possible to add gifs and images too. 

To improve your subscribers' experience, the platform offers the option to segment your audience, and use dynamic content. If you already have an email list, you can import it from almost 20 sources.

GetResponse also has tools that make it easier to comply with GDPR, you can insert multiple consent fields, and send targeted emails based on them. Besides, user behavior is easily traceable through the platform, helping you to continuously improve your strategies. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Drag-and-drop email creator
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Build custom segment
  • Perfect timing tool
  • Track user behavior
  • Receive automated, customized reports

5. MailerLite

The image shows MailerLite Logo inside a laptop screen, and around it, there are several paper airplanes flying.

At the MailerLite email marketing platform, you can define the type of editor you prefer to use to develop your email: drag-and-drop, rich text, or custom HTML. You will count on pre-designed templates as well. 

The platform includes tools to do A/B testing, segment your contact list, and create surveys. It has email automation resources and can be integrated with several other web services, such as WordPress, Facebook, and PayPal. 

Highlighted features:

  • Use the type of editor you prefer
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Ease manage emails
  • Segment subscribers automatically
  • A/B testing
  • 24/7 support

6. Moosend

Moosend logo

Moosend provides an easy-to-use editor where you don't need coding skills to develop your email. You can add images, videos, gifs, and other interactive elements to make your content even more incredible, and appealing. 

You also can create personalized email marketing campaigns, by segmenting your audience, inserting the contact's name at the top, and use your leads and customers’ data to show content according to their profile. 

In each campaign, it’s possible, as well, to set the email to show the most relevant products to each contact. You can do A/B testing, and build more precise strategies by analyzing the reports provided on the platform too. 

Highlighted features:

  • Customizable templates
  • Personalized emails
  • Audience segmentation
  • Analytics reports
  • A/B testing

7. AWeber

AWeber Logo

To start creating your email marketing campaign, on AWeber you are going to find a library with pre-built templates ready to be customized. After building your messages, you can schedule them, and segment your audience to send personalized emails.

Aweber assures high deliverability because they follow your email path from the beginning to each contact, preventing your messages from going to the spam folder. They offer advanced reports, so you can keep improving your content, and make the necessary adjustments. 

Besides, you can use a free plan, adding no costs to your budget. And, if needed, expand to a paid plan in the future. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Pre-built templates
  • Automate email marketing campaigns
  • Segment your subscribers
  • High email deliverability rate
  • Automatically send recent blog posts
  • Advanced analytics reports

8. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus logo

EmailOctopus allows you to build your template or use a pre-designed one, personalize the content,  import your list of existing subscribers to the platform, and segment it.

When someone joins your list, you can set a sequence of automated emails, starting with a warm welcome. If you have any doubt, you can count on Email Octopus team support. Also, they follow GDPR compliance and provide several data about your email marketing campaigns’ performance. 

Highlighted features:

  • Customizable templates
  • Set campaigns on autopilot
  • Segment your subscribers
  • Keep track of your email marketing campaigns rates
  • Connect with your favorite apps
  • GDPR Compliance

9. Zoho

Zoho  logo

To build incredible email marketing strategies at Zoho, you can start by customizing everything in your email's message such as the text, images, gifs, and videos. It's possible to add surveys, buttons, and other features that better suit your needs. 

All of this is easily built by using Zoho editor, which provides different types of free email templates. Before pressing send, you can review all the details in the preview version. To send the emails, enjoy the automated features, segment your audience, use the send-time optimization and track each contact path. 

Highlighted features:

  • Dynamic personalization
  • A/B testing
  • Segment your audience
  • Contact path tracing
  • Autoresponders
  • Send-time optimization

10. Benchmark

Benchmark Logo

Benchmark is an email marketing platform prepared to offer solutions according to each brand's need, whether you are an HTML expert or someone who has no experience in this area. You can choose how you prefer to customize your email, using the drag-and-drop builder, HTML Editor, and also use RSS Emails. 

Besides, you are going to find pre-built templates to guide you with the layout. Do you want to know what functions best for your audience? Benchmark offers many A/B testing options. You will count as well with Litmus, a tool that enables you to check how your email is going to appear on different devices, and email platforms. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Diverse options to build emails
  • A/B testing
  • Inbox checker with Litmus
  • Automate email series
  • Import contacts
  • Segment lists
  • 24/7 support
  • Data reports

11. Mailchimp

Mailchimp logo

To engage your audience through your email marketing campaign, creating a layout that calls their attention is essential. Mailchimp provides a variety of email templates to be customized but also allows you to create your own by coding.

The platform offers the tool Subject Line Helper that will give you feedback to write more compelling subject lines. In the Customer Journey Builder, it's possible to automate email series, according to each customer's behavior and interactions. 

You will receive regular reports about your email marketing campaign performance, including click maps to know where people most clicked in your message. 

Highlighted features:

Pre-built email templates

Subject Line Helper

Customer Journey Builder 

A/B testing

Segment your audience

Regular email campaigns' reports

12.  HubSpot

HubSpot logo

Choosing from goal-based email templates will help you to give the first step towards creating an email marketing campaign using HubSpot. All the designs are mobile-friendly and you can use the drag-and-drop editor to customize the emails. 

You can segment your audience by several categories, such as the buyer's journey stages. It's also possible to add smart rules to your content, developing different versions of the same email, which will enable an even more personalized experience for your leads and customers. 

To optimize your email campaigns, you can create A/B tests, and analyze several types of data. HubSpot uses its CRM platform to manage the email marketing software too, which makes the campaigns even more effective because they use the customers' data from your website. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Goal-based email templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Personalized emails
  • Segment your audience
  • A/B testing
  • CRM platform

13. Constant Contact

The image shows Constant Contact webpage. It's written "Email marketing and more, made easy".

Constant Contact provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create incredible layouts for your email marketing campaigns. They also have several automation tools, so you are able to trigger email series, resend emails to non-openers and segment your lists.

You can upload your contact list from different platforms, track your results in real-time, personalize the segmented lists by basing them on the content the users click on your email and website. 

Highlighted features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Email marketing automation
  • Contact segmentation
  • Re-send emails to non-openers
  • Upload your contacts lists
  • Track results in real-time

14. ConvertKit

ConvertKit logo

Focus your time on developing engaging, well-written text, and not worrying about learning design skills to create your email marketing template: that's one of the ConvertKit advantages, an intuitive platform that will save you time. 

With a 98% delivery rate, its system can help you make sure your emails are getting to your subscribers. You can also automate email series, according to your segmented lists, and add tags based on your subscribers’ actions. Besides, the regular email campaign reports and A/B testing allow you to continuously improve. 

Highlighted features:

  • Email templates
  • 98% delivery rate
  • Automation tools
  • Create customizable segments
  • Stats on every email
  • A/B testing

The importance of having email marketing strategies

Now that you understand more about the best email marketing platforms and their main features, you may be wondering, is it worth using email campaigns as part of my marketing strategies?

Contrary to many people's beliefs, email is still one of the most important and effective tools when it comes to turning leads into customers. With high levels of return on investment (ROI), when someone gives their email address, usually, it means you have conquered a level of trust and interest in your brand. 

The person wants to receive your emails, learn about your products, and read your content. That's a huge opportunity to straighten the relationship and help them advance in the buyer’s journey. 

By implementing an email marketing plan, you will be able to know your prospects, leads, and customers better, humanize your brand, build authority, and sell more.  

FAQ: Best Email Marketing Platforms

How to start an email marketing campaign?

The first steps to begin your email marketing campaign are:

  • Create an email marketing  plan 
  • Choose the best email marketing platform for your company
  • Register your account
  • Build the layout
  • Create an automated welcome email to your subscribers
  • Develop automated email sequences
  • Optimize the time to send
  • Segment your audience
  • Do A/B testing
  • Analyze the metrics

How do I know the best time to send an email?

Analyze your audience's behavior, based on previous email marketing campaigns look for the time your leads and customers are most likely to open their mailbox. Some of the best email marketing platforms offer a send-time optimizer that detects the perfect timing automatically,  considering the time zone differences. 

How to know if people on my mailing list are receiving the emails? 

Check the bounce rate at your email marketing platform, also clean your mailing list regularly to exclude deactivated contacts. Another metric to watch out for is the open rate. The fact that someone didn't open the email doesn't mean they didn't receive it. Although, if the open rate is low, you should analyze ways to write more appealing subject lines. 

How to improve email marketing rates?

Many factors can influence your email campaign rates. To develop effective email marketing strategies, it's important to study your audience's behavior and preferences. From that, align what's the best content to achieve each one of your goals, and stimulate the subscribers to follow the CTAs (call to action). 

You will improve by testing, for example, adding more images, using gifs, and having a colorful template instead of a minimalist one. A/B testing will help you a lot to detect which elements increase your open rates, click-through rates, and sales conversion.

Select the Best Email marketing Platform and Become Closer to Your Audience

Now that you have learned more about the best email marketing platforms, their features, and their importance, it's time to get to work. Don't be afraid to commit mistakes in the beginning, as you develop your strategies the more accurate they become. Soon, you will see the results of your email campaigns, and build a strong relationship with your customers.

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