How to create Messenger Ads on Facebook

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Clayton Quist
Clayton Quist
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Facebook has put a lot of work into innovating when it comes to its advertising options. Their latest new feature lets people create adverts which take customers directly to their page’s messenger, known as Messenger Ads. It’s really simple, a user merely clicks on your advert and your page’s chat is automatically opened. This lets you clear up any doubts clients have about your products through Facebook Messenger.

In this article, I’ll explain to you how you can easily create an advert and take advantage of Facebook’s new feature.

Step 1: Start creating your advert

The first step you need to take is creating a paid advert. To do this you need to go to the top right hand corner of your Facebook and click on the little arrow, as is shown in the image below. Then, select the ‘Create Adverts’ option:

criar anúncio Messenger Ads

Then, a screen will appear with various advertisement options. Select ‘Send to people or a destination within or outside Facebook’. This option could have a slightly different name in your advert creator as Facebook is always updating it, but choose the option which has a little arrow next to it. This is the only way you can currently create Messenger Ads.

criar anúncio Messenger Ads

The screen that you will now be seeing is the normal advertisement creation screen which displays all of configurations you can alter, like deciding on your target audience, segmentation, etc. To use Messenger Ads you need to go to the ‘Positioning’ section. Then, select the ‘Edit Positioning’ option, and then click on Messenger.

Editar posicionamentos Facebook

Then, click on continue and go to the part that says Media.

Midia Messenger

Here you’ll have the option to insert a message into Messenger. This message will be what appears when someone clicks on your advert and sends you their first message. Personalise it whilst keeping in mind what the customer is going to need in that particular moment.

Now you only need to place your order and your Messenger Ad will be ready to appear on Facebook! But don’t go away just yet, I’ve got another tip for you…

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Step 2: Integrating with JivoChat

A big advantage of integrating JivoChat with your Facebook page’s Messenger is that you can respond to people much more quickly and therefore increase your chances of making a sale! I’m here to show to you how…

The next step is integrating your Facebook Page with JivoChat. To do this, go to your administration panel and select the Facebook option.

Facebook JivoChat

After authorising Jivochat, choose the page that will be linked to your account. Make sure it’s the account that you’re going to use for making your advert.

From then on, all the messages that your page receives, and therefore all the messages that come through thanks to your Messenger Ads, can be responded to quickly through the Jivochat app! Here’s an example:

Facebook JivoChat

That’s it! Now you’ve combined the best of both worlds! You can use both the new advertisement feature from Facebook and the Jivochat app to get back to your potential clients more quickly

So, what do you reckon to the new feature?

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