How to use explainer videos to improve customer support

updated December 28, 2022
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Explainer videos can be a useful tool when you communicate with your customers. Visualizing something can make it easier for our brain to comprehend a question, so you will help your customers to solve problems in a simpler way. But, to do that, it's important to know how to create high-quality videos, which were well developed and edited.

What is an Explainer Video

An explainer video, as the name already suggests, is developed with the purpose of explaining a subject. It can be used to explain a concept, how to use a product, how to solve a problem, or to present a product, for instance. 

This type of video is informative and educational and can help you enhance the communication with your audience. If well-developed, you can use an explainer video to transform what would be considered a boring topic into eye-catching content that grabs the customers' attention. 

Types of Explainer Videos


Instead of using animation, a live-action explainer video has one person or more appearing on the footage to talk about the subject in focus. The video can be recorded in your company's office, a studio, or many other scenarios, depending on what you intend. 

Having a human being talking to the audience is beneficial because it helps to connect with the customers, they can relate, and create emotional bondage. It's a strategy to humanize a brand. 

You will have to edit the footage, make the necessary cut, add effects, sync with the audio, insert a soundtrack, and much more. The Videvo platform can help you to find the best templates, audio effects, and music to make your content incredible. 

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Live Stream on Social Media

You probably have already seen live streams on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which are videos that are exhibited at the same moment that they are being recorded. It enables you to answer questions that are sent by your customers during the streaming, and it's an opportunity to increase engagement. On the other hand, a live stream can be risky since you don't have the option to edit before publishing.

Animated Explainer Video

An animated explainer video offers you thousands of possibilities to use your creativity and develop a type of content that has everything to do with your brand. It's a perfect fit for brands that are selling digital products such as software. 

As it's a non-tangible product, the animation allows you to explain its functionalities and features better, besides it's easier to edit and make changes in the future, if necessary. The Videvo platform offers you several motion graphics and animated videos that will help in your creation. 

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Whiteboard Explainer Video

A whiteboard explainer video is a type of animation as well. A whiteboard is used to draw and write as the narrator explains the topic of the video. It's a simple format but helps to visualize the subject better, and it doesn't require you to spend a lot on production. 

How Explainer Videos Help with Customer Support

Demonstrate how to Use a Product and Its benefits

Explainer videos are frequently used to show products and there is a reason why it works. A visually appealing video can catch the customer's attention more than if the same content was presented in a text. 

You can use colors, music, and visual and sound effects to make your product stand out. If it's a physical item, the customer has the opportunity to check its details better than in a picture, and feel more confident to make a purchase.

If the product requires to be installed or assembled, in the video you have the opportunity to show, step-by-step, how to make it. This is much better than having to read a manual, isn't it? Also, the explainer videos can illustrate the benefits of a product.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Do your clients usually send the same questions to customer support?  You can make the FAQ section much more appealing and effective by using explainer videos. Some topics are better explained if you have visual help, instead of only written words.   

For example, if you own a software as a service (SaaS) company, a video is a useful tool to show your customers how to solve common issues when navigating through your platform. 

Offering explainer videos as a resource to solve the main questions that your customers present is a way to show them that your company is worried about helping them in the best way possible.   

Videos Can Make a Content Easier to Understand

According to the Kaltura research , 93% of teachers believe that educational videos can improve the learning experience. Have you ever heard of the term visual learning?

Many people may find it easy to understand what you are trying to explain by seeing a video. For example, instead of having someone from your customer support team trying to show where the person has to click on their screen, the client can see it in a video, and quickly identify what to do. 

You Can Connect More With Your Customers

The Wyzowl's State of Video Marketing Survey revealed that 86% of marketers have increased lead generation because of videos, in 2022. The survey also showed that 94% of the marketers believe the videos helped to increase user understanding of a product or service.

This happens because the video enables you to engage with your customers, and build a closer connection with them. A video with interesting content catches the attention of the viewers on the screen, and you can enjoy this opportunity to invite them to interact with your brand, comment, share the video, sign up for your newsletter, or buy a product, for example. 

How to Make an Explainer Video

Define a Goal

The first step to start making an explainer video is to define the purpose of the video. What message do you want to pass through it? Do you want to show the benefits of a product, explain its use, or answer customers' questions? Once you have the goal, it's easier to think about which is the best way to explain the topic and choose the type of explainer video you are going to make. 

Write a Script

The video script is fundamental for developing a high-quality explainer video, even if it's a live stream. The script must contain the lines of the speakers and the action that the person will do when talking a specific line. This will guide all your hostesses and recording team through each scene.

When writing the script keep in mind who you are talking to. Knowing your audience's profile is fundamental to developing a video that they will want to watch. Choose a tone of voice that is compatible with their characteristics and look for ways to align the video images and audio with your brand's identity. 

If you are going to make an animated video, then the script will focus on what needs to be designed to create the animation as well. You can already select a templateto help you make the design choices based on it. 

Record the Audio and Video

With the script ready, it's time to put your plan into practice. To ensure that you are going to have high-quality images and audio, the best is to record them separately, and sync them when you edit the footage.

To record the audio, choose a place that is quiet, where the background noise won't interfere, a studio is the best place to record. If you are going to make a live-action explainer video, remember that the scenario has to be aligned with the subject, and not be a distraction factor. 

Choose the Music and Sound Effects

When you choose the right music and sound effect to add to a video, it can make a huge difference in how the audience perceives it. They have the power to create sensation and set the tone of how people are going to feel during a determined moment of the video. 

There are some sounds that when added to a video make the audience immediately associate with fear or happiness, for example. Just think of horror or thriller movies, they wouldn't be as interesting without their sound effects. With Videvo, you will find the exact sound effect that you need to engage your audience. 

Videvo sound effects' page

Edit the Footage and the Audio

With every element of the video defined, it's time to put it together and edit the scenes. Watch every part carefully, and pay attention to the details whether it's a live-action or an animation. After you finish editing, review the video to make sure the edition is perfect. 

Count on Videvo to Make your Explainer Videos Even Better

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Videvo empowers creators worldwide by counting on a huge stock of footage, motion graphics, sound effects, and music, which you can use to make explainer videos without having to spend much. Enjoy all the opportunities that video marketing has to offer to grow your business, and start making your own videos.

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