How to view Instagram stories anonymously

updated June 20, 2024
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Do you want to take a peek at what your competitors are posting on their Instagram stories, but without letting them see that it's you? Learn how to view Instagram stories anonymously and keep an eye on the competition, maintaining your discretion. 

There are several ways to avoid having your account seen when you visualize stories. You just need to choose what suits you better.

Remember, being updated to the latest trends regarding marketing strategies on stories is very important, don't keep yourself from checking it just because you don't want your profile to be seen by the accounts managers.

Create another profile on Instagram

A simple way to view Instagram stories anonymously is to create another account with a username that isn't related to you. That way you can follow your competitors, and use the profile to see their stories and posts on the feed. 

It's very simple to add another account on the Instagram app, it isn't necessary to log out from your primary account. But, you will have to be careful, remember to switch them when you visualize the stories from the profiles you want to remain anonymous. 

Use the airplane mode

Another alternative to viewing Instagram stories anonymously is to turn on airplane mode. What happens is that Instagram will automatically preload many stories to allow you to view them, even if you don't have access to a wifi connection at the moment you open them.

To do this, remember you need to be already connected to your Instagram account, select airplane mode, go back to the app and click on the stories you wish to see. But, this only works to see a few stories, if the user has posted a long sequence, Instagram won't preload all of them. 

Best apps to view Instagram stories anonymously

If you don't want to have the work of creating another account or activating airplane mode every time you are going to see the stories, there are other alternatives on the internet. You will find some apps that already enable you to keep your anonymity while navigating through the stories. 

1. InstaStories

InstaStories is a website that allows you to quickly see the stories of any profile you want. You just need to insert the username or the address using "", and press enter. 

The profile is going to appear to you, and you can select the stories you desire to see and check the feed publications as well. You don't need to have an Instagram account to do that or to log in on the InstaStories website. 

Your personal data, date, and time of your visits won't be saved, and the profile owner won't be able to know you saw the stories either. Besides, you can download posts and stories to your computer or mobile device.

InstaStories website

2. Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer also enables you to check stories remaining anonymous. Just go to the website, type the profile name you are looking for, select it, and you will be able to watch everything that has been posted in the latest 24h, besides checking the feed.

You don't even need to have the exact name of the profile, because the website will give you suggestions according to the words you have searched. Anon IG Viewer also doesn't require a login or an Instagram account to access the profiles of this social network. 

Anon IG Viewer website

3. StoriesDown

StoriesDown functionality is similar to the other ones listed above, you will enter the Instagram username, and you are ready to watch all the stories without being identified. You also have the option to save videos and photos in high resolution from the IG profiles you selected, on your computer or mobile devices.

There is no need to have an Instagram account or to log in to the website to do that. You can check the profiles you want to with no problem.

StoriesDown website

4. Dumpor

Dumpor enables you not only to watch stories without being seen by the profile owner but also to make searches on Instagram by inserting locations and hashtags. You can check feed images, reels, and videos without having to create an account on the social network.

Just type the username or the keyword you want to discover more about, and you are going to be able to see lots of content about it. Besides, the website gives you the possibility to download photos and videos, and even analyze Instagram profiles, for example, checking the number of likes, comments, and followers. 

Dumpor's website

5. InstaStories Watch

The InstaStories Watch is a website where you can easily view stories anonymously without having to install anything on your computer or smartphone. Insert the username or the URL of the profile, then click on search.

If the person has published stories within the latest 24 hours, which is how long a story remains available, you will be able to see it. The website also offers tools to download stories, reels, photos, and highlights from Instagram. 

InstaStorie home page

6. Stories IG

Stories IG is another anonymous Instagram story viewer that is easy-to-use, and effective. With just a few clicks, you can view the stories you wish and keep your privacy. Paste the Instagram profile name or its URL in Stories IG, and click "search. You can also download the stories or save Instagram photos from the feed if you want.

Stories IG home page

Why do people want to view Instagram stories anonymously?

People may wonder which are the reasons why someone would want to learn how to view Instagram stories anonymously.  Creepy stalking or keeping an eye on your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend shouldn't be motifs to do that, people's privacy must be respected.

However, there are situations in the business world where being able to watch stories without people seeing you can be a useful tool. As we have mentioned before, it's a way to observe the digital marketing strategies implemented by companies that are your competitors. 

It's always fundamental to follow up on what the brands around you are doing. For many marketing agencies, counting on that option is highly valuable as well, to study new trends, and see how consumers and brands are using the features that Instagram offers.

If an agency or a company wants to hire a digital influencer, they can view their Instagram stories anonymously to make sure the person has the characteristics they are looking for in a specific campaign. Then, after following their work, they can decide if it is worth sending a job proposal. 

Another situation is when a company or a person realizes their images and videos are being used without authorization on another Instagram profile. You can use one of the ways to check Instagram stories anonymously to collect proofs, save images and videos, and do something against plagiarism. 

The main point is, although there are ways to save stories and view them without the profile owner knowing, you must do that with responsibility.

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Can people see who viewed their Instagram profile? 

No, they can't. Whether you are using a third-party app or accessing someone's profile on Instagram to view theirs, the platform doesn't show who visited a profile. Users who have a business Instagram account have access to general data about their public, but not individually. You can see only who viewed your Instagram stories if they don't use any of those anonymous modes.

Can people know how many times someone viewed a story?

If you aren't viewing Instagram stories anonymously, using airplane mode or a third-party app, the profile owner will see your profile in the list of those who watched the stories. But, it isn't possible to tell how many times the same person watched a story. 

Can you block someone from seeing your stories?

Yes, if you don't want a user to see your stories, you have the option to block them. All you have to do is access your Instagram account, go to settings, privacy, story, click on "hide story from", and select the profiles you wish to block. However, if the person uses another account or a third-party app they will be able to see your stories unless your profile is a private one.

View Instagram stories anonymously and study your competitors

Now that you understand how to view Instagram stories anonymously, you can use it to improve your own marketing strategies. What are your competitors posting on stories? Which tools do they use most? How can you create content that distinguishes your account from theirs?

You can start by answering those questions, and planning ways to enjoy the stories as a space to promote engagement, create a conversation with your audience, and highlight your services and products from your competitors.

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