How to View a LinkedIn Profile Anonymously

updated March 21, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
Content Manager

Do you know how to view a LinkedIn profile anonymously? That's a common doubt for many people who want to keep their privacy when browsing to other people's profiles is this social media platform. 

Keeping yourself anonymous can be useful for talent acquisition professionals, for instance, who don't want candidates to know their profile is being evaluated by them. Another situation is if you want to analyze the profiles of your competitors.

By activating the private mode, they won't be able to know you have visited their pages. The only information available is how many people viewed a profile, but not who. Want to know more about this? Check out the article.

Why View Linkedin Profiles Anonymously?

Regarding how to view LinkedIn profiles anonymously, learning to use that feature can be helpful in different situations: 

  • You have just created a profile, need to improve it, and are looking for inspiration. But, you don't want people to see your profile as incomplete and poorly done.
  • Research the strategies competitors are implementing on their LinkedIn profiles,
  • You are a talent recruiter and don't want candidates to see you are checking their profiles,

5 Steps to How to View a LinkedIn Profile Anonymously

Follow these steps to be able to view LinkedIn profiles anonymously. You will see its very simple to activate the private mode. There is no secret the platform is very intuitive.

1. Access your account and click on the "me" button that stays on the top of your homepage;

LinkedIn home page

2.  Click on "settings and privacy"; 

LinkedIn home page profile menu

3. Select "Visibility"; 

LinkedIn settings page

4. Click on "Profile Viewing Options";

LinkedIn visibility menu

5. Select the "Private Mode". 

LinkedIn profile viewing page

What Changes When You Turn to Private Mode?

When it comes to how to view a LinkedIn profile anonymously, using private mode is the alternative. And, it won't change how you navigate through the platform, although, there is one important detail to notice before making this change. 

As people won't be able to see that you visited their LinkedIn profile, you won't be able to know who accessed yours either. This rule isn't valid only if you have a Premium account. In this case, even using the private mode, you will still be able to check who entered your LinkedIn page. 

Can I Deactivate de Private Mode?

So, you learned how to view LinkedIn profile anonymously and activate the private mode, but you want to turn it back on? That's totally possible. All you have to do is follow the same steps given above, and click, and instead of clicking on the private mode, select the first option where your profile picture, name, and headline appear. 

Make the Most of LinkedIn Features to Enhance Your Career

Learning how to view a LinkedIn profile anonymously is just one feature you can use to enjoy what this social media platform has to offer. Take time to know the tools it provides you, and how you can use them to make your profile stand out and achieve your professional goals. 

Whether you use private mode or not, remember to complete your LinkedIn profile, write an attractive and original summary about yourself, and start making connections. Keep your eyes on the direct messages to avoid missing opportunities, and focus on your niche.

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