15 Instagram Story Backgrounds

updated February 7, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
Content Manager

Instagram story backgrounds are significant to help you develop a visual identity on your Instagram profile. In the case of a brand, it's even more necessary to choose backgrounds aligned with the company's identity but also thought to compel the viewer to continue reading and catch their attention. 

You can use a single color in the Instagram background, a pattern, or a picture, for instance, there are thousands of possibilities. You should consider, though, the type of the story, the message you wish to convey, and how the background can enhance the user experience.

For example, if it's a background that will take the attention out of the main message, it isn't the best option. We have separated amazing Instagram story backgrounds to help you choose the one that fits best your digital marketing strategies.  Check out!


1 - Dreamy

This Instagram story background has a young and modern design, and it's great to create stories with inspirational phrases. It's colorful and fun, but with soft tones, so they won't make it difficult to read the story. 

Insagram stories where it's written "Be your onw sunshine, baby."

2 -  Neutral Feminine

The minimalist design of this Instagram story template has a lot to do with fashion brands. It's cool and modern,  perfect for sharing photos from your feed. It can help to drive attention to the image. 

Instagram story showin a woman's picture.

3 - Catalogue Collage

This story template can be used by stores to promote their product catalog through the stories. Choose the best product images, and display them as shown in the example below. Enjoy inserting a link to your ecommerce website. 

The image shows an Instagram story where there are 9 pictures organized in 3 lines, and they show products. In the image it's also written "Discover the season's products available on our website".

4 -  Reminder

This template was built for stories where the focus is the written message. It has a design that reminds people when they open a smartphone and see a notification. 

The image shows an Instagram story that it's like a smartphone notification. In the image it's written " Reminder. Work for your dreams."

Envato Placeit

5 - Bingo Card

With this template, you can create funny stories to talk more about daily topics. Share the Instagram story background to allow your followers to answer the questions it contains, encouraging them to engage with you. 

In the image it's written "what was the last thing you", then there are several circles to complete "ate", "bought", "listened to", "searched online", "dance to:", "watched on TV".

6 - Gradient Aesthetic

Enjoy this story template to promote sales from your store. You can Include a photo, the website link, and explain the sales conditions. 

The image shows an Instagram story with a Girl picture and announcing the release of a new collection.

7 - Beauty Theme

This Instagram story template enables you to create a cover for a video you will post on the stories. You can customize the text, image, and colors on Envato Placeit. 

In the image it's written "How to do your eye makeup in 5 steps", in the middle of the image there is the picture of a girl.


8 - White and Gray Surface

This Instagram story background is great for promoting videos and images from your feed. The minimalist design, with neutral colors, helps to make the content stand out. 

The image shows a white and gray surface.

9 -  Leaves

If you are talking about natural/organic products, a nature Instagram story background can be ideal for posting written content on your stories. Be careful with the font color you choose, it needs to have good contrast with the background to make it easier to read. 

The image shows leaves from a close distance.

10 - Gray Sand Dunes

The texture of this background gives a more interesting touch to it without adding too many elements. The minimalist design is suited for sharing feed posts on your stories. 

Gray sand dunes

11 - Abstract

With bright colors, you can enjoy this background to post polls and quizzes in your stories, driving attention to the questions. 

The image shows a yellow abstract Instagram story background.

Raw Pixel

12 - Paper Flower

Use this cute background to post messages to your followers, such as reminders, and inspirational phrases. 

The image shows an Instagram story background where there is a piece of paper in the middle, and flowers on the left corner.

13 - Gold Abstract Frame

The details on the borders of this image work as a frame, which is great for posting pictures on your stories.

The image shows an Instagram story background with borders in gold, pink, blue, and white.

14 - Quote of The Day

Enjoy this Instagram story background to post inspirational phrases. Encourage your followers to share the story, this is a way to promote engagement. 

In the image it's written "Quote of the day".

15 - Blue Neon

This background can be used for multiple types of stories, whether it's written content, an image, or a video. 

The image shows an Instagram story background with blue neon frames.

Use Your Creativity to Create Stories

Now that you have seen several Instagram story backgrounds, what about choosing the ones that fit your profile best, and start publishing more stories? Plan the content according to your goals, and what your target audience demands are.

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