Now you can use JivoChat on your SITE123 eCommerce website!

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Clayton Quist
Clayton Quist
Customer Service Genie

Yes, that’s it. Now you can use Jivochat on your website with SITE123 , one of the best CRMs out there for starting your online business. This partnership will have many benefits for all of us and we’re very glad to announce it.

Here I’m going to show you the exact steps that you must take to install JivoChat and increase the conversion rates on your website, it’s very simple.

Sign up

After signing up at, go to and click on "START HERE" to sign up.


Now, choose the category of website you want to create.

Choose category

Enter the name of your website.

Name of website

Complete the signup process by entering your full name, email and password or by using Facebook or Google to log in.

Complete Signup Process

The system shows a message when it’s setting up your account.

System Message

JivoChat Affiliates Program: start earning up to 30% in recurring comissions!


On your JivoChat management panel, click on "INSTALL CODE", next to your website.

JivoChat Panel

Forget all this code. Copy only the sequence between the ‘ ‘ after widget id= as shown below. Keep the sequence in a file or write it down for the installation.

JivoChat Code

Now, go to SITE123. On the website builder, click on "SETTINGS". Click on "Plugins" and then on "Manage Plugins".


Look for "JivoChat". Click on "Add" to install.

Install JivoChat

Paste the sequence copied from the JivoChat website on the "Application id" field. Then, hit "Save" and the chat box will go straight into your website.

Application ID

A confirmation box will appear. Check if the chat is active and go back to make any changes necessary.

Confirmation Box

This process won’t take you more than 5 minutes, I promise you!

I hope you like our new integration, I’m sure you’ll make a lot of sales if you dedicate yourself. You’ll have all the tools that you need, a great website builder + the most powerful communication tool for online businesses.

May the force be with you!

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