Practical Social Media Strategies for Promoting Virtual Tours

updated November 29, 2023
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Paul Finch
Paul Finch
Guest writer

Virtual tours are not only fun and convenient, but also powerful marketing tools. They can help you showcase your properties, products, or services to a wider audience and generate more leads and conversions.

But how do you make your virtual tours more visible and appealing on social media? How do you attract and engage your potential customers with your virtual tours?

In this article, we will share some expert tips on how to use social media to promote your virtual tours effectively. This will reveal their secrets and strategies on how to create and share captivating content, choose the best platforms, optimize your posts, and measure your results. 

Whether you are a real estate agent, a business owner, or a marketer, you will find valuable insights and advice to take your virtual tour marketing to the next level.

Strategic Storytelling with Social Media

"Craft your virtual tour's story on social media with intention," advises Marcus Morgan, Digital Marketing Expert at Basic Life Support Training. "Think of each post as a plot point, and your platform as the stage. To grab attention, use compelling visuals, but also weave a narrative.

Take your audience on a journey, share the ‘why’ behind the scenes, and make them part of the story. In a world of endless scrolling, a well-told tale on social media is the secret sauce for turning virtual tours from mere content into unforgettable experiences."

The Hashtag Handbook for Virtual Tour Virality

"Hashtags are your virtual breadcrumbs in the social media jungle," shares Tiffy Cu, Travel Blogger at Asiatravelbug. "Don't just slap them on; curate a hashtag strategy. Research what's trending and align with the vibe of your virtual tour.

Create unique, memorable hashtags that invite participation. Think of it as building a community around your tour. The right hashtags not only boost discoverability but also foster a sense of belonging among your audience."

Engagement: Connect, Respond, Repeat

"Social media is a two-way street; make it a conversation, not a monologue," urges Mark Valderrama, CEO & Founder of Aquarium Store Depot. "Reply to comments, ask questions, and encourage your audience to share their virtual tour moments.

It's about building a digital connection that goes beyond the 'like' button. User-generated content is your goldmine — repost, celebrate, and make your audience feel heard. The more you engage, the more your virtual tour becomes a shared experience rather than just an observation."

Influencer Alchemy: Turning Views into Action

"In the virtual tours, influencers are the wizards of engagement," affirms Chase Hughes, Founder of ProAI. "Choose influencers who resonate with your tour's vibe, and let them work their magic.

It's about authenticity. Influencers bring credibility and trust. Collaborate, but don't control – let them infuse their personal touch. Their endorsement isn't just a shoutout; it's an invitation. When influencers blend seamlessly with your virtual tour, you're not just getting views; you're sparking a movement."

Beyond Views: Fostering Real Connections

"Numbers matter, but connections matter more," says Eran Mizrahi, CEO of Ingredient Brothers. "While likes and views are great, aim for real connections. Engage with your audience genuinely.

Think of it as making friends in a big playground; it's not just about waving from a distance, but about joining in the games and conversations. Responding to Direct Messages (DMs) is like saying, "Hey, I'm here, let's chat!" It's an open invitation for your audience to share their thoughts, creating a two-way street of communication.

Feedback becomes your compass. Just like when you ask friends which game they'd like to play next, asking for feedback on your virtual tour lets your audience know their opinions matter. Showing appreciation is like saying "thanks for playing with me!" When your audience feels heard and valued, they transition from being casual viewers to dedicated followers.

Social media becomes more than a platform; it becomes the bridge that connects people through the shared experience you've crafted. In this world of virtual tours and digital adventures, building real connections transforms your content into not just a one-time watch but a collective memory that people carry with them beyond the screen."

Metrics that Matter: Navigating the Social Analytics Seas

"Social media analytics isn't just a report card; it's your compass," said Sam McKay, CEO of Enterprise DNA. "Dive into the metrics that align with your goals. Track not only likes and shares but also audience demographics, peak engagement times, and conversion rates.

It's not about the quantity of views but the quality of engagement. Use analytics to refine your strategy — if a post is a hit, understand why. It's a journey of constant improvement, and the analytics compass guides you towards a social media map where every virtual tour finds its sweet spot."

Capturing Attention with Visual Finesse

"Visuals are the heart of virtual tours, but finesse is the soul," suggests Jeremy Ferguson, Owner of PixelPoynt SEO Agency. "When creating visuals for social media, aim for clarity and creativity. Use eye-catching thumbnails, vibrant colors, and clean compositions. Think of it as creating a movie poster — something that makes people stop scrolling and start exploring.

You want bright colors that catch your eye, like the cover of a superhero comic. Keep it all neat and tidy so it's easy to understand. Your pictures are like a sneak peek, something so cool that people stop scrolling to take a good look. Remember, it's not about making things complicated; it's about making them easy to enjoy.

So, think of your virtual tour as a visual adventure, where simple and clear pictures tell a story, like pages in the best storybook ever. In the visual realm, simplicity speaks volumes — making your virtual tour a visual feast in the cluttered landscape of social media."

Shaping Shareable Moments: A Social Media Scrapbook

"Transform your virtual tour into a shareable memory album," recommends Sumeer Kaur, Founder of Salwar Kameez.

"Create highlights – snippets that encapsulate the essence of your tour. Craft visuals or short videos that are inherently shareable. When your audience shares these snapshots, they're not just viewers; they become storytellers, contributing to a collective narrative on the social media shelf of experiences.

It's a collaborative journey where every share adds a chapter to the evolving story, creating a dynamic and shared memory album that strengthens your brand and connects with your audience on a personal level.

So, as you embark on your virtual tour adventure, remember the magic lies in crafting these shareable moments that echo in the minds and timelines of your audience."

Wrap Up

Virtual tours are a great way to showcase your brand or property online. Social media platforms can help you create an effective strategy for your virtual tours. To make your virtual tours more engaging, you need to tell a story that resonates with your audience.

You can use influencers, hashtags, and other engagement techniques to create a community around your virtual tours. 

Remember, it's not just about views; it's about creating a community, sparking conversations, and turning passive observers into active participants.

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