65 Twitter Username Ideas

updated January 5, 2024
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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If you are looking for Twitter username ideas to create a profile for yourself or your brand, there are some tips that can help you get inspired. You can use your own name or the name of your company, which will make it easier for people to find you on the platform.

However, if those names have already been used by other Twitter profiles, don't worry. Put your creativity to work, and create a username that is related to you or the topics you intend to approach in your Tweets. In the case of the profile of a company, it's important to choose something that your target audience can associate with the brand's image.

Choose a username that's easy to spell, and avoid including multiple special characters or numbers. Check out the article to discover some incredible Twitter username ideas.

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Why Your Twitter Username Matters

Having a good Twitter username is important because it is how people will find you on the platform. Besides, the name will be associated with your brand, and it must reflect its identity too to keep a cohesive image. 

If you are starting to build your business, remember to choose a username that won't require to be changed as your company grows. Your followers will get used to seeing your username, so it should be permanent to avoid confusion.

A good username can help to differentiate your profile from others and tell your target audience what you are going to talk about. Use it in your favor, to conquer more visibility, gain followers, and drive attention to your business. 

How to Choose a Twitter Username

Use Your Name or Your Company's Name

A Twitter username idea that is simple but effective is using your own name or your company's name. For obvious reasons, both of them are related to your or the brand's identity, and people will easily remind them and associate the profile with you.  

Another alternative to creating the perfect Twitter username is to include keywords related to the topics you will approach. You can combine it with the company's name or yours or play with the words to create fun sentences, for example. 

With the keywords, you may attract more people who are interested in your area, already showing them what your profile will focus on, and what your niche is. 

Choose a Username that Can Be Pronounced

If you use Twitter, you have probably already seen some usernames that can't be pronounced, for example, "@lllsssh". They aren't recommended because if someone asks for your username, they won't be able to know if you don't spell or write it, which makes it difficult to find your Twitter profile

Imagine you go to a podcast or a radio show and the interviewer asks what your Twitter username is. That is a huge opportunity to gain more followers, but if you have a hard-to-pronounce username, people may not find you. 

Avoid Using Too Many Underscores

Underscores can be included to differentiate your username from similar ones that have been used or to separate words to make a sentence. However, try not to use too many of them, which will make it harder for Twitter users to remember your username and find your profile. 

65 Twitter Username Ideas

The image shows a smartphone on a table. Its screen shows Twitter home page.

Good Twitter Username Ideas

1 - JustMyThoughts

2 - Fashionista

3 - 2Legit2Quit

4 - NerdyGirl

5 - ChocolateMuffins

6 - WanderlustGal

7 - FunnyAndFab

8 - InspirationalQuotes

9 - MagicalIdea

10 - RoseGarden

11 - JustMyThoughts

12 - SimplyMe

13 - BloomingLove

14 - Number1Gamer

15 - FashionableFridays

Cool Twitter Usernames

16 - LactoseTheIntolerant

17 - NapQueen

18 - PizzaObsessed

19 - FizzyDrinks

20 - TheLifeOf(Your name)

21 - SoOverThis

22 - RainbowGlowing

23 - Nostalgic90s

24 - (Your name)Galaxy

25 - CherryBlossoms

26 - EphemeralFeelings

27 - CatsOrDogs

28 - CrazyCatLady

29 - DoubleTrouble

30 - LetsCelebrate

Cute Twitter Usernames

31 - UnicornJournal

32 - FluffyCats

33 - JoySparkles

34 - ChocolateFlavored

35 - CupcakeHolder

36 - PuppyPaws

37 - CottonCandyCloud

38 - PinkMelody

39 - PrettyInPink

40 - BeautyAndTheBlogger

41 - InspiredByYou

42 - GlitterEverywhere

43 - JustAddCream

44 - OperaOfDreams

45 - LivingAndDreaming

Catchy Twitter Usernames

46 - TechNerd

47 - CaptainObvious

48 - RealDeal

49 - WhyNot

50 - PerfectlyImperfect

51 - WhatsThePoint

52 - YouGotThis

53 - InternetAunt

54 - WhayWouldYouDo

55 - Breakfast4Dinner

56 - TweetsFromMe

57 - LiveLaughLove

58 - TheFunOne

59 - OmgItsMe

60 - NotFound

61 - NotAverage

62 - WowHow

63 - HeyYouNotYou

64 - StudyBuddies

65 - GoneWithTheWin

Choose Your Twitter Username

Now that you have seen several Twitter username ideas, select the username that has more to do with you and create your profile. If necessary, you can include other words or add your name too. After that, it's time to start tweeting. This social media can be very useful to nurture relationships with your leads and customers and to conquer followers to build a career as a digital influencer too. Enjoy.

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