Unlocking Instagram Success: Insights on Hashtags, Filters, and Timing

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Standing out among the competitors is challenging on Instagram because this platform keeps on changing more frequently. Curious about the strategies and features that can help you bring the most reach, Instagram followers, and engagement?

Explore the power of Instagram filters, hashtags, and the best posting time to reap the most of this social media platform. In this post, you will get useful insights on Instagram timing, hashtags, and filters to unlock your profile success.

What are Instagram filters and how to use them?

An Instagram filter can change the whole mood of a photo or a video and take it to the next level. It can even bring you more likes, shares, and comments. An appealing and impressive filter can improve the overall look and feel of a post and create a visually appealing feed.

To use a filter, simply open the app and upload your photo or take a picture. Click next and click the required filter to apply. Click the filter again to adjust its strength. At last, tap done. You can also create your filter using a popular tool.

With numerous filter options, it can be tough to decide which one to choose. Be sure that the filter you are choosing resonates with your brand personality and appeals to the audience. You can also try using different filters to determine which ones attract more followers and drive higher engagement.

Mastering hashtag strategy

Hashtags play a pivotal role in expanding the reach on Instagram and gaining a broader audience. Mastering the hashtag strategy can help you with content discovery and categorization.

They are important keywords preceded by ‘#’ to enable users to search for and engage with content based on their interests. Using relevant hashtags that precisely reflect your content can improve the chances of reaching users interested in your offerings.

  • Find trending hashtags: To use hashtags strategically, it is important to stay tuned about the trending hashtags within your niche. This is where third-party apps or Instagram insights come into the picture to identify the popular hashtags that are related to your content. Once you find trending hashtags, add them to your posts to align with conversations and attract a wider audience.
  • Create branded hashtags: Generate your own branded hashtags to take a hashtag game to the next level. This will help you develop a community around your brand and persuade UGC (user-generated content). Moreover, it can build a unique identity for your content and increase user participation. To create a snowball effect of engagement, promote your branded hashtags across multiple channels.
  • Optimize your hashtags for search: To get the most out of hashtag strategy, optimize your hashtags for search effectively. Understand the search algorithm of Instagram and strategically add keywords and trending phrases. This can improve your content’s discoverability.
  • Hashtag placement and performance monitoring: Once you find relevant hashtags for your niche, you need to place them strategically as their placement can impact their effectiveness. Try incorporating hashtags in comments and post captions to identify what works effectively for your content. Track the performance of your hashtags using analytics tools to refine your hashtag strategy. This way, you can determine which hashtags are performing exceptionally and where you need to adjust your approach.

How to use hashtags effectively on Instagram?

Hashtags are among the top features that bring lots of Instagram likes and comments and contribute to Instagram’s overall success. Understand Instagram’s guidelines and avoid using banned hashtags as it can have negative effects on your visibility. Collaborate with influencers and other creators to enhance your hashtag campaign.

Combining geotagging with the right hashtags can help your local business to target a particular audience. Encourage your followers to generate content using your branded hashtags and feature that content on your Instagram profile.

It can be a great way to develop a sense of community and trust among your loyal followers. Don’t forget to add hashtags to your Instagram stories as it plays a crucial role in boosting visibility. You can even create highlights to represent the top-performing hashtags over time.

What is the best posting time on Instagram to bring more engagement?

Perfect timing is important to reach maximum eyeballs on Instagram. When more active users explore your posts, the engagement rates rise within the first hour of posting. The algorithm also decides how many more feeds your content can appear. Uploading frequently at peak times can help achieve Instagram marketing goals.

Generally, it is recommended to upload a post when most of the target audience is active in engaging with your content. The overall best posting time lies between 7 AM and 9 AM on weekdays. However, social media experts always recommend users find a customized timeframe for their business account rather than sticking to a fixed template.

Average perfect time to post content on Instagram.

If you are new on Instagram, you can start with a basic timeframe before experimenting with your personal best posting time. People mostly check their Instagram feed while traveling to work i.e. morning or after the end of their workday (6 AM to 9 AM and 5 PM to 6 PM).

People also tend to see their feeds during lunch hours i.e. 12 PM to 2 PM. Most people are likely to be busy with their work and lives during weekends. So, weekends are the least good time to post content on Instagram. However, you can post anything until 2 PM on weekends.


Gaining valuable insights on Instagram filters, hashtags, and perfect post timing can help you unlock the great success on the platform. By optimizing hashtags, using them strategically, and monitoring their performance, you can expand your reach on Instagram.

Adding the appropriate and appealing filters in your photos and videos and uploading posts at the right time can take your Instagram game to an elevated level. So, it is a good idea to start making the best of trending hashtags and filters.

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