How to Screen Record on Android

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Knowing how to screen record on Android is advantageous if you want to record tutorials to explain how to use an app or any other feature on your device. You can do it to publish on social media, YouTube, or only to help a friend, for instance. 

Besides, there are many other uses for recording a screen, such as saving a Zoom meeting that you wish to watch later or making a fun video. Check out this article to learn more about it!

How to Take a Screenshot on Android

If you are going to take a screenshot on a smartphone that uses the Android system, all you have to do is follow these steps:

1 - Go to the screen you wish to capture

2 - Press the buttons "power" and "volume down" at the same time.

Samsung smartphone

Source: Samsung

3 - The screenshot will appear on the corner of the screen confirming the procedure was successfully completed.

4 - After it, you can go to the gallery to see the screenshot, and edit it.

Notice that in some devices the buttons you need to press may vary. In some cases, to take the screenshot it's necessary to press the power button for a few seconds, and then tap "screenshot". 

How to take a Scrolling Screenshot

Do you want to take a screenshot of a web page that doesn't have all the information on one screen, without taking multiple screenshots? That's possible and easy to accomplish. 

You will follow the same steps above, but, at the bottom of the screen, you will have to tap "capture more", then use the crop guideline to select everything you desire.

The image shows an smart phone screen and on the right side, it showa the "capture more" button.

Source: HTG

If you want to edit any screenshots, you can use the Google Photos to do that. 

How to Screen Record on Android

Learning how to screen record on Android has become a much easier task since the latest device models (Android 10 and up)  already come with a built-up screen recorder feature. In this case, all you have to do is swipe down twice from the top of your screen, and tap on the "screen record" button. 

Opt if you want to record the audio or only show the taps on the screen. After, select what you wish to record, and press the "start" button, which will be on the corner of the screen. After the countdown, the recording begins. 

The image shows the smartphone setting screen

Source: Samsung

When you are finished, press the record button to stop. You can check the video in the media flies, camera roll, or gallery, depending on how it's configured. 

If you didn't find the "screen record" button on your device, which is equipped with Android 10 or above, on the top of the smartphone screen click on the "more" menu icon, select "edit buttons", then look for the "screen record" icon, and tap on to it to add to the notification panel. 

Smart phone setting screen

Source: Samsung

How to Screen Record on Android with Apps

If your device doesn't have the screen record function built-in, don't worry. There are several apps available that you can download to screen record on Android. 

AZ Screen Recorder

Available for free, the AZ Screen Recorder enables you to take screenshots, screen record, and even make lives. To record the screen, open the app, then click on the orange camera button, and you are ready to start. 

AZ screen recorder app on the screen of an smartphone. Above it's written "just one tap to record everything".

The videos recorded and the screenshots are saved inside the app, where you can share and edit them as well. In the app settings, you will also find options to configure the video resolution, the device orientation, and select if you want to record the audio too.

Google Play Games

Google Play Games logo

Are you a gamer? If so, a great option to screen record your matches is Google Play Games. It gives you the option to record the game in 480P SD or 720P HD resolution, but with an advantage. You can add footage from your smartphone's front-face camera, showing your comments and reactions while playing. 

After installing Google Play Games, open it and select the game you want to record, then click on record, and choose the resolution you prefer. Once you tap launch to begin playing, the record starts, and you will see the settings to control some aspects such as the audio and the front-facing camera. 

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is also a free app, with easy-to-use features that allow you to record your screen. You will need to access your smartphone settings to give the app's permissions required to record, then enter ADV and tap the "plus" button to enable the recording feature. 

Once you exit the app, you will see that a camera button will remain on the side of the screen. Press it to start recording, set resolution, add the front-face camera, and even draw on the screen.

The image shows the smarphone screen with the ADV screen recorder button on the top

When you finish the video, it will be saved on the app where you can edit it. 

ADV app screen showing the videos saved

The camera icon remains on the screen even when you are not using the app, to remove it, keep pressing the buttons and drag it to the "X" that will appear on the bottom of the screen. 

Choose the Best Option that Will Help You on How to Screen Record on Android

As you can see, learning how to screen record on Android isn't a complicated task, on the contrary, all you have to do is follow some steps, and you can make thousands of videos. Choose the option that you find the best and enjoy it.

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