Check-Plagiarism Review 2023: Is This Plagiarism Checker Worth It?

updated September 19, 2023
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Umair Nawaz
Umair Nawaz
SaaS visionary at Prepostseo

Check-plagiarism is a freemium plagiarism checker. Well technically, it is a platform with multiple tools, but today we are going to take a look at its plagiarism checker which is what it's known for. 

In this review, we will check whether this tool is accurate or not, how easy it is to use, and whether you should invest in its premium features or not. That’s it for the preamble, let’s check out what it has to offer.

Check-Plagiarism Review


As soon as you open the webpage of this tool, you are greeted with a simple and intuitive interface. There is a large textbox center screen and it is very apparent that it is for inputting your text. 

There are very clear instructions in the box that tell you how to input your content. The available options are:

  • Type/Copy-paste the content
  • Upload a text file with the content (DOC, DOCX, TXT, PDF supported)

At the bottom of the text box, other options can also be seen. We can see that there is an option for excluding a URL and an option for "Deep Search". Exclude URL is an option for removing a website from the plagiarism checking process. 

Which brings us to our next point: how does this tool check for plagiarism?

Plagiarism Detection Mechanism

Check-Plagiarism does not have a database of stored documents and academic literature. It checks for plagiarism by scraping the web and looking through billions of web pages and online documents to find if there is any matching content available.

If it does find a match, it means that the content being checked has plagiarism. Theoretically, this is a sound approach. Because everything has an online counterpart nowadays, it is safe to assume that publications and academic journals also have moved their libraries online.  Plus, the number of blogs and online magazines already present online are also considered sources. 

So, checking for plagiarism through web scraping should be very accurate. But there is a catch…practically, it is impossible. Many websites have pages that are not indexed. Content published on them cannot be scraped; therefore, if plagiarized, it cannot be caught. 

It remains to be seen whether Check-plagiarism suffers from this issue or not. But we will find out.

Testing the Accuracy of Check-Plagiarism

To test check-plagiarism we will use an article from Shopify, and some content from this very review. To be considered accurate, Check-plagiarism should detect the Shopify content as 100% plagiarized while our content should be more than 95% unique. 

The Shopify blog post in question is linked right here. We are just going to use a few passages for testing the tool, not the entire post. And the same is true for our review. So, let’s start the testing. We will try out the Shopify blog post first.

Test 1:

So, we inputted a few passages from the blog into the tool and started the checking process. We did not use the "deep search" option. By the way that is a premium-only option, and we are using the premium version of Check-Plagiarism for this review. Rest assured we will go over the differences between the premium and freemium versions, but for now, just know that their working and efficiency are the same.

So, here’s the result that we got.

Check-plagiarism tool, result of a text analyzed

Splendid! 100% plagiarized. This is the correct result. And the best thing is that the source is also identified correctly.

The image shows the results of two texts analyzed in the Check-plagiarism tool

There is a little bit of inaccuracy, but nothing too major. For all practical purposes, this tool works fine.

Test 2:

Now that we know that Check-Plagiarism does not have an issue with false negatives, let’s see how it does with false positives. We have used the introductory paragraphs of this review and checked them with this tool. The result should be 95% or higher uniqueness. Let’s see if we got it.

Text analyzed in the Check-Plagiarism platform

And look at that 98% uniqueness. You might be thinking why we didn’t specify 100% uniqueness. The reason for that is that all calculations have a 5% chance of error. So, the results are considered accurate if the error is less than 5%.

Check-plagiarism platform analysis of a link

When we checked the source that was "plagiarized" we saw that it was just a throwaway line from an unrelated source. So, we can consider this test to be a success. But let’s make doubly sure by using the deep search as well. 

Check-plagiarism platform analysis of a link

And even then, the results still fall under the margin of error. So, Check-plagiarism is a highly accurate tool for plagiarism detection. There is no doubt about it. This should already give you a good idea of whether this tool is worth it or not. But hold your horses, you still need to learn about its pricing and the differences between the free and paid versions.  So, let’s check it out.

Pricing Plans 

There are four pricing plans. Their details are given below.


  • 4.99 USD per week
  • Valid for 7 days
  • Deep Search available
  • No ads
  • API available
  • Can check 7,000 words per session


  • 15 USD per month
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Deep Search available
  • No ads
  • API available
  • Can check 20,000 words per session


  • 16.66 USD per month
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Deep Search available
  • No ads
  • API available
  • Can check 20,000 words per session


  • 11.25 USD per month
  • Valid for 365 days
  • Deep Search available
  • No ads
  • API available
  • Can check 20,000 words per session

If you use the free version only, you can only check 500 words per session, and you don’t get access to deep search, or APIs. You also have to contend with ads. 


So, is Check-plagiarism worth it? Absolutely! Our testing has shown that this tool is great at checking for plagiarism. The only downside of this tool is that its free version is too limited. Thankfully, cheap premium packages can solve that issue. For as little as five dollars, you can harness its full power and check your works for plagiarism easily.

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