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updated July 12, 2022
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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JivoChat newest partner, Envato is a company that specializes in providing digital solutions for creative projects. You will find multiple tools to develop websites, make posts for social media, and create logos, for example.

They offer a vast library of templates, photos, videos, audios, and website themes, which are going to help you in your creation process.

Explore Envato's assets

We highlighted all of Envato's main products and its features below. Be sure to check out their solutions and incorporate them in your own digital marketing strategies!

Envato Elements

Envato Elements Logo

Envato Elements is the perfect platform if you are looking for resources to develop design projects. When you become a subscriber, you will have access to unlimited downloads of more than 60 million creative assets. 

They provide you with video templates, fonts, royalty-free music, photos, WordPress themes, 3D designs, presentation templates, graphic templates, and much more. Just choose what you need, and enjoy.  You can use the images to create posts for Instagram, and the video templates to make reels, and stories, for instance, enhancing the quality of the content you publish.

Key features:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • More than 60 million assets
  • Simple licensing
  • Powered by a community of independent designers
  • Pre-built templates
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Fonts
  • Add-ons
  • Music 
  • Sound effects

Envato Market

Envato Market logo

With Envato Market, you can buy the assets you need to develop your website and other projects. All you need to do is create an account, which is for free, then search for what you want. 

For example, if you are building an online store and wish to use a pre-built template, there are multiple options in Envato Market, and you will pay only for the one you select. You can also buy videos, images, 3D files, graphic elements such as fonts, and music. 

The platform also offers resources for developers, with a huge variety of plugins, mobile app templates, PHP, and Bootstrap.

Key features:

  • Web themes and templates
  • Code
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Photos
  • 3D files

Envato Placeit

Envato Placeit logo

Envato Placeit is a design app where you can choose from several free templates to make mockups, logos, posters,  social media posts, videos, banners, and much more. With the drag-and-drop editor, it's very easy to design for different formats.

Choose the template that suits your purposes, for example, to develop a web page, then change the colors, and fonts, then position and resize the elements you wish to add. You can fully customize every piece without being an expert.

Key features:

  • Mockups
  • Logos
  • YouTube templates
  • Twitch templates
  • Slideshows
  • Social media posts
  • Easy-to-use editor


EnvatoTuts+ logo

With EnvatoTuts+, you will be able to take courses in different subjects, such as design and illustration, photo and video, code, business, 3D and motion graphics,  music and audio, and web design. You will also find several how-to tutorials, and guides to help you in the learning process.

Key features:

  • Online courses
  • Free how-to tutorials
  • Guides


MilkShake's logo

The MilkShake app enables you to build websites using your smartphone without the need to have any design or programming skills. First, you download the app, sign up, then pick the theme you prefer.

After it,  add your content and personalize the pages with images, gifs, videos, and much more. With just a few clicks, your website is ready to be published, and you can share it on your social media.

Key features:

  • Build your website
  • Pre-built templates
  • Easy-to-use
  • Personalize your content


Mixkit logo

The MixKit gives you multiple free assets to develop amazing videos. You can download video clips, music, sound effects, and templates. The library is divided into several categories such as cinematic, game, lifestyle, and technology.

The content available on the website is carefully curated and made by talented creators around the world. New assets are added to the platform every week. You don't need to create an account to use the items available, just choose what you want and download them.

Key features: 

  • Free video assets
  • No need to sign in
  • Stock music
  • Sound effects
  • Video templates
  • Stock videos


Reshot logo

Reshot is a design library where you can download photos, illustrations, and icons for free. Use the search bar to find what you need, and enjoy it. All the assets provided are licensed and can be used for commercial and non-commercial projects, and you don't have to sign up to make the download. 

Key Features:

  • SVG icons
  • Vector illustrations
  • Stock photos
  • Instant downloads
  • Free use

Enjoy Envato's Products and Start Creating

If you want to enhance your brand's digital marketing strategies, with Envato you will find the right assets to develop visually attractive content in multiple formats. Whether you want to invest in a long-term plan to have access to millions of images, videos, and music, or use free resources, Envato has a solution that suits you when it comes to design.

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