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updated August 17, 2022
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Shoplazza is a shopping cart SaaS company that empowers you with several features, from marketing to analytics, so you can create an ecommerce that is customer-centric and provides a great user experience. The platform counts on advanced technology, which is scalable, and adaptable to your needs.

You don't need to know coding or design to create your store and start selling online. Shoplazza has an intuitive dashboard that makes the tasks much simpler for you and your team. Discover more about this platform. 

Shoplazza Store Set Up

The image show Shoplazza website screen where it's written "Free e-commerce themes".

The first step to building your online store with Shoplazza is to create your account on its website.

You can sign up for free and test the platform for 7 days, then, select the plan that suits your needs better. 

After it, you will have to add a domain from an international service provider and upload the products that are going to be available in your store. If you already have an ecommerce site on a different platform, it's possible to use the migration tool that will facilitate the process. 

It's time to customize your store. You can select among several free themes and make the adjustments to build an online store that is unique and represents your brand's identity. You will also have to select the payment and shipping methods. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Shoplazza allows you to insert multiple features to enhance your online store and boost sales. One of them is the abandoned cart recovery that enables you to put pop-up reminders for the customers, and also send coupons to encourage them to complete the purchase. 

Add to Cart Settings

Another feature to simplify the buying process is the add to cart button. Customers can click on the product and send it directly to the cart, and you have the option to set up a floating "add to cart" button on the product page as well. 

Checkout Customization

You can customize the checkout process so it fits your business needs, and also in a way that simplifies the buying process for your customers. Adjust it according to your target audience profile, enhancing customer experience. 

Buy Button

You have the option to add the "Buy Button" to any non-Shoplazza website or blog. You will just need to insert the codes of the page, then customers will be redirected, and can easily complete the purchase. This enables you to sell on different platforms, and still manage everything with your Shoplazza account. 

Management Tools

Shoplazza's website screen where it's written "Shoplazza inventory management".

With Shoplazza's management system, you can easily optimize the processes of controlling the orders and the inventory.  You will have an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage everything from a single dashboard.

You can ship and receive payments for orders in installments and track the shipping progress in real-time. It's also possible to bulk add and edit orders to update shipment status. Use your Shoplazza account to manage order disputes on PayPal as well. 

To understand better customer behavior and the buyer's journey on your ecommerce site, you can track the data source of each order including traffic, platform, and URL.Use conditional filters to customize customer recovery features and increase conversion rates. 

To avoid problems such as selling products out of stock, Shoplazza updates the inventory automatically, so your store is always up to date. Set a time limit for cancellation of incomplete orders, this way the product goes back into stock, and you can keep selling.

With the inventory bulk update, which allows you to upload up to 10MB at a time, you can add products much faster and use shortcuts for bulk editing and tracking items. 

Another important management feature that Shoplazza provides is staff account management. You can create up to 100 staff accounts so your team will work collaboratively on the platform. Configure access and permissions according to each employee's role in the company, and optimize the processes. 


In the image it's written PCI DSS certified

If you are worried about the payment settings of your online store, Shoplazza will also help you with that task. Security is the priority and to make sure your and your customers' data are protected, the platform has PCI DSS level 1 compliance, which means they follow the highest data security standard in the world. 

Shoplazza enables you to accept payments from more than 80% of the major payment services, including PayPal, Stripe, WorldPay, Affirm, and AsiaBill, for instance.

You can sell around the world offering a seamless experience to your clients since the platform has partnered with local payment services in several countries. 

Shoplazza supports multiple currencies. It automatically identifies customer IPs with precision, so they can check the prices converted to their currency, facilitating the buying process, and helping to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 


The image shows a woman holding a smartphone on the background, and in forn there is a shipping & delivery box showing the shipping rate.

Shoplazza is integrated with different shipping partners and covers more than 150 countries. Besides, it enables you to display calculated shipping rates in the checkout process, instead of flat rates.

It becomes much easier for customers to know how much they are going to pay for receiving the products you can manage all the shipping processes from the platform, to avoid any problems. 


The dropshipping ecommerce business model has been highly adopted for entrepreneurs who are starting their online business and looking for a solution that requires a reduced initial investment. 

Dropshipping doesn't require you to have a stock of your own. You will be in charge of managing the store and creating marketing strategies to sell, but the suppliers you partner with are going to be the ones responsible for packaging and delivering the items.  

Shoplazza can help you find dropshippers quickly, to import trendy products to sell, facilitating your starting process. 

Marketing Tools

Shoplazza also provides you with marketing tools to help you create campaigns on different social media platforms, and on Google too. You can sell on Facebook and Instagram and synchronize the products catalog by linking your Shoplazza account to the Facebook sales channel.

Through this, it becomes easier to create ads on both platforms, and you have the option to make shoppable posts as well. The customers don't need to leave Instagram or Facebook to buy, and you can manage everything from Shoplazza's dashboard. 

Another advantage is that you can embed your Shoplazza storefront with TikTok tracking codes. This way you will have user insights to know better how to make ads that will provide a high-performance on this platform. 

Besides, you can create user profiles for all the platforms, in order to make target ads for each one of them. Use different strategies according to who your potential customers are on every platform to obtain a higher return on investment. 

Shoplazza is also integrated with Google's marketing channels. When you install the Google sales channel, it's possible to connect it with your Shoplazza account too, having a synced inventory, and linking your store to Google Ads.

Enjoy the assistance provided by Shoplazza's team of professionals, who are highly experienced with Google, and can help you to optimize your Google ads, build a high-quality client base, and connect with consumers' data. 

Jivochat and Shoplazza Partnership

Shoplazza is the newest JivoChat partner. We have joined forces to streamline the resources for better serving the global eCommerce community.

So, together, we can offer you even more efficient solutions to create high-performance online stores that combine Shoplazza and JivoChat features with seamless integration to both platforms. 

Now, Shoplazza merchants can download JivoChat’s application directly from Shoplazza AppStore, and integrate the competitive global communication solutions into their online business. Enjoy this partnership to expand your business and enhance the customer experience.

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