72 Email Subject Lines For Sales

updated September 1, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Writing attractive email subject lines for sales can be the factor that makes someone open your email or not.  People receive thousands of emails per day, when they access their email box, how are they going to decide what to read, aside from the critical emails like from work and school? 

The subject line and the email address play an essential role in it. Just a few words need to be enough to show why your email is worth reading. You can do that by offering a benefit, instigating curiosity, or announcing exciting news, for instance. Check out the article to know more. 

How to Write a Good Email Subject Line For Sales

THe image shows a person typing on a laptop computer

Keep It Short

When writing the email subject line for sales, remember that it should look good whether the recipient is reading it on their desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. It's recommendable to write just one line, with a maximum of 60 characters. If you write more than it, the email provider may cut the phrase and the reader won't have the same experience. Be clear and direct.

Personalize the Subject Line

Your customers want to feel seen by you, and you can show that they matter to you by personalizing the email subject line for sales. For example, by adding the name of the person, or mentioning a product they were interested in

Besides, instead of sending the email from a generic email address, use a personal one, like from someone on the sales team in your company. It humanizes the message. It gives more credibility to your email since people tend to trust more on opening an email from a person than one sent by a random email address, which seems automatic. 

Be Interesting

The email subject line for sale should be interesting to read, otherwise, why would the person feel compelled to open it? Get to know your target audience, understand their demands and what calls their attention, and use it to write the subject lines. 

There are multiple ways for subject lines to be interesting, when you present new data, announce a special sale, and offer an exclusive benefit, for example. You need to find your way to start a conversation with your target audience. 

Provide Value 

How can your company benefit your target audience? What advantages can you offer to them? Use these to write compelling email subject lines for sales. To open an email, the reader needs to believe there is something in it, which is worth taking their time to read. 

 Create a Sense of Urgency

Subject lines that include terms like "last chance", " running out of stock soon", and "special coupon valid only for 24 hours", create a sense of urgency that catches the reader's attention. Because they feel that if they don't open the email and see what it's about, they may lose an opportunity. 

However, keep in mind that when writing this type of subject line, the information needs to be true. If you say the sale ends today and the following day the customer accesses your website and sees it continues, you lose credibility.

Avoid Clickbait

Tanking about maintaining credibility brings up a very important point in avoiding click baits. While they are very common on YouTube videos and other media, they aren't recommendable when it comes to subject lines for sales.

It's very frustrating to the customer when they open an email moved by the subject line, and find it was nothing about what they expected. It may even help you to increase the opening rate, but you will likely lose sales opportunities, which is the final goal. Remember the subject line needs to be aligned with the email's purpose, and help to achieve it. 

72 Best Email Subject Lines for Sales

The image shows two laptops in front of each other. From the one in the left there is a had going out of the screen and holding a dollar bill. In the laptop on the right there is a hand going out of the screen holding a shopping bag.

Cold Email Subject Lines For Sales

1- Feeling (insert emotion)? Let me help.

2- So nice to meet you, (name of the prospect).

3- We have (insert fact) in common. 

4- Tired of salespeople who never give up?

5- (Mutual Connection) suggested I reach out.

6- This is a sales email.

7- Don't open this email

8- The perfect opportunity for you and your team.

9 - (Insert topic) opportunity is too good to pass up.

10- Quick question about (insert the subject)

11- Congratulations on (insert the relevant event)

Follow-up Email Subject Lines For Sales

12 - Our next steps.

13 - You are not alone.

14 - (Prospect name) I thought you might like these (suggestion).

15 - Here is the info I promised you. 

16 -  (X) options to get started.

17 - It's been a while since we last talked.

18 - Do you have any questions?

19 - Before you decide …

20 - Do you have any questions about our service?

21 - (X) things you need to know before buying the (name of the product).

Curiosity-Driven Email Subject Lines

22 - They told us it was impossible. 

23 - You are invited!

24 - Can you keep a secret?

25 - Are you a part of the (insert a percentage)?

26 - Introducing our newest product!

27 - I've got a special offer for you.

28 - Not cool, guys.

Personalized Email Subject Lines For Sales

29 - Hi (person's name), I loved your blog post at (insert the name of the website).

30 - Hey (person's name), I noticed you have your eyes on our (name of the product).

31 - Only the best for you, (name of the person).

32 - A gift for your birthday.

33 - Hey (person's name), a special discount for you.

34 -  (Person's name), product selection made for you.

35 - As you wish.

36 - (Person's name), check out these hand-picked looks.

Pain Point Email Subject Lines

37 - Stop wasting money on (insert subject).

38 - Trend and affordable clothes.

39 - Optimize your work,

40 - Are you struggling with (pain point)? You are not alone. 

41 - Here is what we think about (pain point).

42 - Fix your (pain point) in (x) weeks.

43 - (Product's name) workaround for your (pain point).

44 - Long lasting foundation.

45 - Water resistant smartphone case.

46 - App to optimize your time.

47 - Easy-to-use CRM.

48 - We understand your (pain points).

Email Subject Lines That Promote a Sense of Urgency

49 - One day left to get in on (offer).

50 - Last hours to buy (name of the product) with (discount percentage).

51 - (X) hours until this offer expires.

52 - Only (quantity) left.

53 - One day more to cash in on (offer).

54 - Special price just for today,

55 - Just (X) days left to achieve (goal).

Referral Subject Lines

56 - (Referral name)  helped me find you.

57 - (Referral name) think you will love us too.

58 - (Referral name) send you a special coupon discount.

59 (Referral name) suggested we get in touch. 

60 (Referral name) think you and (brand's name) are a match. 

B2B Email Subject Lines For Sales

61 - Looking to outsource (service you can provide)?

62 - First steps to improving (a topic you can help with).

63 - Time to chat?

64 - Would love to work with you again.

65 - You know you are running a startup when…

66 - We'd love to help you grow your business

67 - Looking to improve your software sales?

68 - X ways your software can help your business.

69 - Large companies need (your service/product) too!

70 - A must-have update for (their company's name).

71 - Let's turn your ideas into reality!

72 - Need help with financial planning?

Test The Email Subject Lines For Sales

Now that you have seen some of the best email subject lines for sales, remember that each company needs to develop its own strategies. Considering this, it's recommended that you perform A/B tests with the subject line where you change one element of the subject line, and send the two versions for different groups of customers. 

Then, analyze which version delivers the best results. You can take different approaches for each campaign, diversifying the type of subject lines for sales you will use, depending on the goals and the target audience. Keep your eyes on the metrics and continuously analyze the key performance indicators to know when change is necessary.

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