6 Things You Must Do While Starting An Ecommerce.

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Luciano Larrossa
Luciano Larrossa
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Starting an e-commerce is, in fact, a very easy task. Nowadays, in a few minutes it is possible to create your own e-commerce store and start selling your products. However, it is necessary to have some caution. If on the one hand the creation of online business is extremely simple, on the other hand, the profitability of the same is an arduous task and requires daily effort and dedication on the part of the entrepreneur. Throughout this article, I am going to share with you 7 things that you should analyze before starting your first e-commerce. In such a challenging business, being alert is the first step in ensuring success.

1. Your conversion rate is very relevant

One of the big concerns - and one of the biggest mistakes too - of who starts an e-commerce is to focus on traffic. They do this because they follow a simple logic:

More visits = More sales.

The problem is that this account is not so linear. Often, more visits do not necessarily represent more sales. My advice is to change your focus from visits to conversion rate.

But what is Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate is the number of visits divided by the number of people who have completed their goal, which in this case will be a sale. Let's say your site receives a thousand visits in one day. Of this thousand visits, 10 buy some product. Your site conversion rate is 1%. Your goal, from now on, should be to make that conversion rate ever greater.

Obviously the visits are important. If you manage to bring 3 visitors a day, it is very likely that you will not sell a single product at all. But at the same time, it's no use having more visitors if you're not able to have an interesting conversion rate.

2. Chats are indispensable

It would be perfect if you put your product online and it started selling by itself, did not it? Yes, but succeeding with an e-commerce is much more complex than that. One of the things that customers value most is the support that an online store provides. And to give this support, nothing better than having an online chat to talk to your customers. In this case, JivoChat is the best option for your case (start using it [click here] (/features).) With our application, you will respond to your customers through your smartphone, have reports of all your conversations and even add other team members to your account.

3. Sell benefits rather than features

Another very common mistake that beginning e-commerce owners make is selling characteristics rather than benefits. Let's take Apple as an example. In the image below, you are seeing the 2 possibilities of selling an iPod:


Notice how the first image is far less appealing than the second. The client's dream is not to have 1GB of music in your pocket. The client's dream is to have a thousand songs in his pocket. The focus of the ad is not on what the device will be able to do. The focus is on the user. When writing the summary of a particular product, focus on highlighting the benefits that the customer will receive when acquiring it. Obviously, make sure to highlight the features. But this should be seen as a background.

4. Offer security

When a customer buys a new online store, he has some fears, with security being one of the main ones. This means that many people will stop buying on your site because they are afraid that the order will not arrive, that more money will be withdrawn from the card, etc. As an entrepreneur, you must ensure that your customer has full security at the time of purchase.

The big question is: how to do this?

The first step might be to use https on your checkout page. Here's how Walmart does it:


Another step is to have testimonials from your clients and social proofs. Here's how Print4Me does it:



With simple gestures, you can increase confidence with great ease.

5. Most of your customers do not buy on the first visit

Most of your customers will not buy on the first visit. For this reason, there must be a constant concern to recover these people. Tools like Email Marketing or retargeting and retargeting ads can be a great help in the process.

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6. Your customers give up easily if they do not see the buy button

In the online business world, it is as easy to win as to lose a customer. The ease with which he visits your site is the same as he leaves you. And one of the reasons that most leads the visitor to leave the site is the fact that she ... does not see the buy button!

It seems to be something simple but the truth is that many e-commerces leave the buying button a little hidden or even barely noticeable. Make sure that throughout the sale, your customer has a button to buy the product.

I hope that with these 6 tips, you can start your e-commerce on the right foot and thus get the first sales!

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