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updated June 13, 2024
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Even though it is one of the first options for online communication, email has never "gone out of style". Used extensively to this day, it is one of the key allies to leverage your marketing strategy. A survey conducted by research firm Thindata with digital marketing agencies revealed that 80% of the professionals interviewed reported that email is the medium that generates more sales for their business.

That is why it is essential that you adopt an email marketing tool and start by designing your strategy to grow and sell through your email list. Check out below 10 of the best email marketing platform options you can try out on your business.

1. SendinBlue


A tool that links email marketing and transactional emails, that is, emails used for transactions, such as an order confirmation email. SendinBlue is one of the few platforms that has both features. The service does not come to rely on any type of functionality unique to the email marketing services, offering the basics, but making it easy to unite both types of e-mail common in your business.Click here to know SendinBlue.

2. GetResponse

This platform can be used by small and medium businesses and is one of the most economical. One of the few, even with increasing value as your business grows, does not become extremely costly. GetResponse has an incredible range of 500 e-mail templates that you can take advantage of, which is your main advantage.

The tool has simple tools for beginners, but also features advanced features. However, the rules you can establish for automating your email marketing service are a bit more limited than other list options, not suitable for those who use this feature extensively. GetResponse can be evaluated for free for 30 days and registration can be done in their main page.


3. AWeber

Also aimed at small to medium businesses, AWeber is one of the most affordable email marketing tools on the market. Like MailChimp, it allows integrations with almost all applications and platforms like WordPress. The software provides users with emaill templates for use in their campaigns, email list management and automated responses, among others.

The program also has several online support options, such as chat, live webinars and, of course, email support. AWeber also allows 30 days of free trial and your subscription is in the $ 19 monthly range. Click here to know more about AWeber


4. Mailchimp

The best known among email marketing tools. Mailchimp is also one of the most complete, with a wide range of features. Among them, we can highlight ease of use and intuitive design, making learning simple. The main advantage of using MailChimp, however, is the possibility of having a totally free account, ideal for businesses that are starting now.


On the other hand, MailChimp is getting more and more costly as your business thrives. Various platforms are used as WordPress, it becomes extremely useful, since it has integration with almost all types of web applications. click on the link to access MailChimp.

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an appropriate choice for small businesses. In addition to a tool for email marketing, the platform can also be used as a CRM tool to manage your contacts. Your campaign automation tool - which allows you to create templates that will be sent automatically to the contact segments you created - is one of the easiest to use, in addition to the price range, with the basic subscription costing $ 9 a month.

Its weak point is the difficulty in understanding the reports offered by the platform and the impossibility of performing A / B tests. That is, it is not possible to create models for the same goal and establish a comparison natively, and manual work is necessary to find out which of the models worked. Click here to know it better.


6. Constant Contact

Another of the e-mail marketing tools for small businesses, Constant Contact stands out for its customer support. Serving by online chat, email and tutorials, in addition to online courses on its main features. That is, you can get any questions about using the platform in a few clicks.

Out of your service, the software allows you to manage your email list, create email marketing campaigns, and email templates for testing. It also features integrations for social networks and performance reports that are easy to understand.

Constant Contact

The value of your subscription, however, is more expensive than that of the above platforms, getting $ 20 monthly. On the other hand, your free trial lasts 60 days. Click here to find out more about Constant Contact.

7. ConvertKit

A relatively new application, ConvertKit is a tool aimed at content producers such as bloggers or online stores that work with online courses, for example. In addition to the features common to email marketing tools, ConvertKit has some unique features, one of which shows which articles or courses on your site are yielding the highest conversions of names to the email list.

ConvertKit also has specific email templates for promoting online courses or ebooks, but it does not have as many options for automated actions. Its setback is not to rely on free trials of the platform, whose most basic plan costs $ 29 monthly to the user. Access the ConvertKit page to learn more about the app.


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8. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is one of the e-mail marketing tools focused on ease of use. A good part of its editors - both modeling and marketing automation - work on the "drag-and-drop" scheme, ideal for beginners on the subject.

Campaign Monitor

One of its most advantageous functions is the custom email builder, built according to data obtained from previous campaigns. That is, depending on the results of a previous campaign, you can create a custom message for a certain behavior group automatically, without the need to segment them on your own. The Campaign Monitor also has one of the most affordable plans, costing $ 9 a month.Click here and get to know the features of the platform.

9. Infusionsoft

Unlike most of the platforms listed here, Infusionsoft does not just work as an email marketing software. Software is a complete marketing and sales tool, also featuring email marketing. Therefore, its subscription price is considerably higher compared to other software described in this text.

Infusionsoft specializes in marketing automation, allowing you to create multiple message sequences to your consumers, according to their behavior and targeting. You can even create a virtual assistant that sends messages to your consumers, helping and facilitating the sales process.

However, as we talked about earlier, acquiring Infusionsoft is a viable alternative only for large companies, as its subscription costs $ 190 monthly and a payment of $ 1,999 is required to start using it. Check everything about the tool going to their site.

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10. Mailify

Finishing our list of email marketing tools we have Mailify. With contact management, email sending automation and templates for creating messages, Mailify also integrates with WordPress and some of the 20 websites to start your ecommerce, among them Prestashop and Magento. Get to know the Mailify service accessing your page.

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Bonus: SalesHandy

Here at JivoChat we also try to overdeliver. That's why we couldn't finish this list without suggesting SalesHandy. SalesHandy is an all-in-one Email Productivity and Sales Engagement tool. The tool has multiple features like Email Tracking, Email Scheduling, Email Templates, Document Tracking, Mail merge with Automated Follow-ups with detailed analytics. It can be integrate with Gmail, Outlook or any other email service providers using SMTP.

SalesHandy is helpful to all type of business whether it is startups, SMBs or enterprise level. It provides a free trial of 14 days where you can experience all features of the tool. The basic plan is starting from as less as $7/month/user.

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