6 Best Resume Templates and How to Write a Good Resume

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Creating a resume is a challenging task, the good news is that you can count on the best resume templates to download on the internet. A template that fits your needs will help you organize all the important information you need to add, including skills, previous experiences, and contact information.

Besides, resume templates were made to look professional and catch the reader's attention. Choosing a good one may increase your chances of standing out among the other candidates. It shows you build your resume carefully, which is a positive impression. 

How to Write a Good Resume

Using one of the best resume templates is very important, but it's only possible if you add good content to your resume. You must highlight your qualities and previous experiences to show the hiring manager that you are a perfect fit for the position. 

1 - Choose the Right Format and Layout

You can start by selecting the right format and layout for your resume. There isn't one perfect format that fits all. Each profession has its characteristics, for example, if you are applying for the position of creative director in a marketing agency. You have more freedom to use a less traditional resume format. 

The resume template can be colorful, and even the tone of voice doesn't need to be super formal. Different from a lawyer's resume, or a doctor's. In those cases, it's more interesting to choose a formal layout, with a more serious tone. 

2 - Be Concise and Clear

Your resume shouldn't have more than one page. It's important to know how to synthesize the information and be direct. You may feel compelled to list all the courses and places where you have worked and explain about each one. 

But, remember the HR team has lots of resumes to read, they probably won't have time to read too long texts. Try to focus on the achievements, work experiences, and skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for,

3 - Add Your Contact Information

In the resume header, add your name, address, and contact details. Pay attention to make sure you have written everything correctly. After all, a good resume won't do a thing if the company doesn't know how to contact you. Besides, forgetting important details like those give a bad impression.

4 - List Your Work Experience and Achievements

It's time to show how you can contribute to the company. Before writing anything, analyze what previous work experience should be mentioned. 

For example, if you are applying for a professor position in a renowned college, saying you have worked as a bartender may not be relevant, unless this work has taught you something very important that deserves to be mentioned. In this case, it would be more appropriate to talk about your academic experiences, including achievements.

5 - Talk About Your Soft and Hard Skills

Your skills must be mentioned in the resume as well. It includes hard skills which refer to technical skills related to your profession.

For example, knowing how to code in Java is a hard skill. While resiliency and responsibility are soft skills, which can be described as interaction skills. They are non-technical but still essential for a good professional.  

6- Review It and Ask For Feedback

After you finish your resume, it's indispensable to proofread it to make sure you didn't miss any information, and the text is grammatically correct. You can ask for a friend who works in the same area as you to read it for you and share their feedback too. 

How to Structure Your Resume

Chronological, functional, and combination are the most common ways to organize the content in a resume. It's important to know each one's characteristics to select the most suitable for you.

Chronological Resume

In the chronological resume, you will list your work experience starting from the most recent one, in reverse chronological order. It's one of the most popular types of resume because the reader can have a timeline of how your career has progressed. Usually, the order of information is:

  • Contact information
  • Objective or summary statement
  • Relevant skills
  • Professional experience
  • Education
  • Additional information (i.e., volunteer work and special interests—optional)

Functional Resume

In the function resume your skills are the main focus. That's why they are listed first, and only after you put in the work experience. If you don't have much work experience or some gaps between jobs, it's interesting to use this type of resume because you drive attention to what can make you stand out, your hard and soft skills.

The order of information in this case is: 

  • Contact information
  • Objective or summary statement
  • Summary of relevant skills
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Additional information (i.e., volunteer work and special interests)

Combination Resume

As the name suggests, the combination resume is a mix of the chronological and the functional one. It's a flexible format where you can put your skills or your work experience first as you prefer.

Because in this case, they are considered equally important. Take a look at what the job requires, and decide what should go first based on what favors you more. 

6 Best Resume Templates in 2023

Canva is the right place to find some of the best resume templates on the internet. With more than 7000 options, they offer different layouts, minimalist, modern, classic, colorful, and so on. You certainly will find one that suits you.

Besides, Canva has the benefit that you can use its tools to personalize the resume as you wish, for example by changing the color palette, font, and other graphic elements. 

1 - Black and White Minimalist CV

Mariana Anderson CV

This resume template is a classic one, a good choice if you are in doubt about which one to use. It's classical and professional. The graphic elements don't get in the way of sending the message you want, as it has a minimalist style. 

2 - Modern Resume

Juliana Silva resume

If you are looking for something modern yet elegant, without any exaggerations, this template is a great fit. The color palette is delicate and harmonic. Another interesting characteristic is how the content is organized, it's separated into two columns.

On the left side, you can see the contact information, education, areas of expertise, and language. While the work experience part is placed in the center, as the main focus. 

3 - Minimalist White and Grey Resume

Jonathan Patterson resume

In the templates above, there is a space to put your picture on the top of the resume, but this isn't always necessary, as you can see in this example.

It has a completely minimalist aesthetic. With a white and gray color palette, it's a layout suited for a lawyer or an engineer's resume.

4 - Brown Modern and Professional Resume

Resume example with a modern style

It's interesting to see how the way the content is structured and just a few graphic elements can change a whole layout. In this template, the information is organized in bullet points, and divided into two columns, which makes it easier for the reader to quickly identify the most important topics.

5 - Medical Nurse Resume

Medical resume

This resume template is perfect for those who work in the healthcare sector. The design was built considering elements that remember professions and spaces related to this area, such as the tones of blue in the details.

This is a resume that focuses on work experience, the list of skills is in the right corner, but inside a box with a different color to highlight it.  

6 - Blue Minimalist Digital Marketing Resume

Digital marketing resume template

The graphical elements in a geometric shape added to this template design make a huge difference in conveying a message of modernity. It's a good option for professionals who work in tech and digital marketing. 

Choose The Best Resume Template

After seeing some of the best resume templates available on Canva, select the one that fits your needs. Before you start customizing it, make a draft of what information you want to put in your resume, and what you want to focus on. You will see how a well-done resume can help you get more opportunities.

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